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  1. I have been working on this for sometime. It is a Taigen metal lower hull and top hull section with a scratched made top section and crane, I made some scratch made items for inside, the portable generator and storage cupboards. It is all RC. Si:)
  2. Okay Steve, will get the other up for you.
  3. Hi Steve, they are on Google photos. Has this worked Steve?...pic below.
  4. I posted the pic of them side by side to show the size of the thing lol. I thought about doing it in the usual Tiger camo style but decided that it was an early experiment so was in Panzer grey Well, that is my excuse and I'm sticking with it
  5. Hi Vince, I have had computer issues and things have been all over the place. Nope, non existed...well non that has been found I saw a P-III munitions carrier and a Hummel with the armoured sides but no gun and had been converted into a munitions carrier and thought I would marry the two and create a Tiger version.
  6. Here are some fancy shots Si:)
  7. PHOTOBUCKET WAS PLAYING UP, HOPEFULLY IT IS SORTED AND YOU CAN NOW SEE THE PICS I picked up this Hobby Engine RC truck for £5...yep, a fiver, cheapest this is still going for is £65!. It had a few problems so it was a complete strip down. Electrics sorted and the tipper now goes up and down, goes and turns and the lights work. While in bits I primed and repainted, did some chipping and then airbrushed some dirt and added some rust pigment to the tub. Si:)

    Photobucket have stopped me from downloading to third party sites and I will not pay the silly money they are after. Will find something else in time, sorry that you cannot see the pics.
  9. This is my Italeri 1/35 MTB 77 that has been converted to RC. Three brass prob shafts and props with three motors two 300 and one 400 for the central prop. Two speed controllers, a Robbe motor to turn the gun turret. The top is attached by magnets. Si:)
  10. Yep...they got me. I don't think so, will be looking elsewhere. Sorry about that guys.
  11. 1/24 RC MINING TRUCK

    Sorry Pete I can see the pics and the links worked...obviously FB have stopped them working.
  12. 1/24 RC MINING TRUCK

    PB was having issues, could not link properly, hopefully you can now see the pics Billy.
  13. 1/24 RC MINING TRUCK

    Blast, I am having issues in trying to get the images from PB. I can see the pics but obviously you cannot Will try and sort and then edit.
  14. Last Christmas my lad got me a second hand King Tiger. I have just got around to looking at it and sorting it. The electrics are a mess and need stripping and resorting, gearboxes kaput. The 2.4 system was dodgy-found a corroded and rusty terminal in the transmitter-sorted this and slapped into my lads Sherman, so something good from the tank. The hatches are all broken...etc. I was getting fed up and wondered weather to just pass on the shell when I thought I would use it as a test bed for colour schemes, camo etc. So, this is what we have now, some weathering and light rusting still to do, then it is decision time to shelve until I can afford the internals or pass on. Si:)

    Thanks Vince, this has been sold for £55, need the room and I won't slap the electronics in it.

    UPDATE ON THIS. Tracks painted/weathered. Hull and turret weathered more, numbers etc painted on. Around 90% finished. Si:)

    Cheers Vince, I have been working on it this morning, done the cables etc. Tracks are also weathered. Once finished it will sit in the work shed until I decide or need space
  18. Just completed my second 1/72 Falcon, this one is not as dirty and is in the flight configuration so need to make a stand for her. Hope you enjoy. Si:)
  19. Ta very much, pleased you like the hunk-of-junk I thought the DeAgostini version is already painted?
  20. great idea...know I was going wrong somewhere
  21. Cheers Badder, glad you like it. I have a black background somewhere but could I hell as find it. Figured some daylight shots might show the paintwork better, will try again and find the black cloth
  22. Star Wars Slave 1

    Nice, what are you using for weathering?
  23. Now this is a interesting little fellow, like him and the colour scheme you have done.
  24. Hiya Pat. Very nice indeed, mind you I like your vehicles very much-seen more on another site Lovely paintwork and finish.
  25. T-64 Fix X-wing Starfighter

    I love this, hand painted and totally superb! Lovely work on the whole fleet, great finishes.