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  1. Bloody Photobucket! My first and only WIP wiped out! To rub salt into the wound, my move to Hungary resulted in mine being broken into a few pieces. I've fixed most of it but have to steel myself to get it back to being complete Nice to see another being built, out of the box they make impressive models, great job Bruno! Cheers Les
  2. Su-35 cockpit colour

    Thanks. My other thought was to try and match the Eduard parts colour, but annoyingly nothing in my quite extensive range of paints matches. Of course, there will be a brief hiatus in my modelling due to me nearly amputating the tip of my little finger working with Amigo's lovely exhaust set, but I'll use the pause to work out what to do next Cheers Les
  3. Su-35 cockpit colour

    Guys, I need a bit of guidance here; I have KittyHawks Su-35 and it calls out Gunze 74 'air superiority blue' as the cockpit colour, yet the Eduard parts specifically for that kit are absolutely nothing like it. (As usual) the internet has left me more confused than before, so can I ask who has got it right? If it is KittyHawk then the Eduard parts are totally wrong and so useless, unless there are different interior schemes Cheers Les
  4. Taming Zotz decals

    Guys, I picked up some of Zotz's products a while back (a year and a half) in order to make some colourful subjects. I've used some on a P-47 cowl, which is probably one of the easiest surfaces to apply decals on, but I'm really having trouble getting them to lay tight against the part. The edges lift, they seem very thick and despite there not being much of a curve to conform to it doesn't seem to want to. I'm currently using the micro-sol and micro-set combination, with the base being future. Can anyone suggest anything to help with this? Cheers Les
  5. Fokker E.II -Eduard 1:48. Weekend Edition.

    I have a part built one on my shelf of shame, the upper fuselage join is not easy to do and getting rid of the seam a real pain. Not unbuildable, but this nice little kit ended up frustrating me! Anyway, not to put anyone off, just spend more time on that upper seam than I did when putting the fuselage halves together Cheers Les
  6. ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT

    Guys, I have received the Amigo exhausts for this kit (pictures further up the thread) All I can say is that while I did have to wait for the Hungarian post to deliver them, wow are they worth it! The pictures don't really do the parts justice, they are flawlessly printed and the level of detail is incredible - the rear of the turbine blades on the last stage before the afterburner flame holder are incredibly well moulded, and the flame holder itself will be a work of art once the inevitable pour stubs are removed. Dare I say they even make the venerable Eduard quality look second class..?! Based on this, I really hope Amigo expand their range beyond the Russian stuff, the thought of a turkey-featherless F-15 exhaust produced by these guys makes my mouth water! Cheers Les
  7. Marder II Early Production interior colours

    ok, thanks - so the lower cabin is white and the upper inside of the upper turret and gun area (I assume that's what a casemate is, I'm an aircraft guy!) area the exterior base colour Cheers Les
  8. Marder II Early Production interior colours

    Guys, my son's doing the Dragon Marder II in a what looks to be a desert scheme of green and brown blotches over a sandy dark yellow colour. From the box art and the painting guide it looks like all the undercarriage and running gear are painted the dark yellow base colour, but there is no callout for the basic interior colour. There is a rudimentary interior that also lacks painting guides, other than the engine and transmission but the seat, pedals and levers are not detailed. Would it be correct for it all to be painted in the dark yellow colour, or would they have used white or light grey on the interior? Cheers Les
  9. They look pretty good...! Real shots of plastic too, rather than 3D renders that can be misleading, something I always am wary about (Eduard are offenders here) Cheers Les
  10. Kitty Hawk 1/48 TF-9J Cougar

    Looks great, nice work! Did you apply the decals over the photo etch? From what I can see that definitely worked, if that's what you did. As for removing the seam on the canopy, I have to say I have had very variable success with that. My Su-35 canopy has a strange front windscreen shape as the result is an area I can't polish out, this looks easier to do but nonetheless you seem to have made a great job of it. A last question - how accurate was the instruction numbering callout? The couple of KittyHawk kits that I've tackled so far have got the numbering wrong quite a few times, and on the Su-17 actually make you assemble the main gear assembly incorrectly. The kits themselves were good, but not the accompanying instructions Cheers Les
  11. KittyHawk SU-35 build - advice on wing fit required

    great, thanks guys! Cheers Les
  12. KittyHawk SU-35 build - advice on wing fit required

    Ken, a further question if you will indulge me In front of the windscreen is a clear dome, which assume is an IR sensor or similar. KittyHawk have moulded this empty, and have also not provided any painting detail. What if anything is behind the clear dome, and what colours should they be? It's on a pretty visible part of the model so I want to at least prevent it from looking rubbish! Cheers Les
  13. KittyHawk SU-35 build - advice on wing fit required

    Yes, that looks like it! Good job I hadn't got around to cutting it off and filling it! However it is a little overscale on the model, but reduced a little it will look the part. Thanks for the feedback Ken! Cheers Les
  14. KittyHawk SU-35 build - advice on wing fit required

    Seems (or should that be seams...? ) that I have asked a question that no-one can answer quickly! Never mind, it is only modelling and frankly the people who look at my models wouldn't even be capable of spotting Trumpeter's grossest errors, so I'm just going to take the plunge and build it how I think it should be. In common with a lot of my builds recently I have decided to attach the upper wing surface to the upper fuselage before fitting the lower fuselage and then finally the lower wings. I've found this to almost always result in a good wing to fuselage seam, which is one of the most obvious ones on any build. So, the two upper halves are on, and the result is pretty good; there is virtually no seam to deal with and the step is almost invisible; where the 'reinforcement plate' is moulded on, there is a small but discernible step that matches the step on the inner side, so I do believe that it was the intent. Forward and aft of the plate are areas where the wing skins look like they should be flush and I've achieved that. Most of the resultant seam is filled with sytrene extruded from the join during the process of glueing, a whiff of Mr Surfacer will take care of the rest. However I do have to point out that while the kit is good, there are some minor issues to be aware of. The biggest issue is where the instructions say for example 'C5 (opposite C6)'. Do not assume these are correct, because a lot of the time it is not. For example the main gear leg oleo scissor parts are completely stuffed up. Test fit and trust the diagram not the writing. Other points are - there are cut-outs on the lower fuselage parts that are there to accept the left main gear door part 42 (they got these the wrong way round too), however they are missing on the right hand side. Sprue gate placement - Have KittyHawk been taking lessons from Kinetic and Revell? Some very strange choices, and worsened by the size of some of some of the sprue gates, requiring some very finicky tidying up On the upper fuselage inboard of the slat inner ends there is a moulded on square peg, one on each side. Similarly there is a moulded in square cutout immediately below it on the lower fuselage part. One goes into he other right? Nope. No idea what either are there for, but the upper one has to be cut off if you are to be able to fit the slats. Oh, and you have to fill the lower one. The left upper wing has a moulded in strip on the underside at the outer edge of where the lower wing fits. It's there to support the lower wing outer edge at the correct height, right? Nope, it holds it proud of the surface and also there is no similar feature on the other side. In flight refueling probe - do you want it deployed or deployed? No other choice Main gear legs - you have to glue parts C40 and C41 to the main gear legs first, and to have to make sure that you get the angle right. The problem is that the boxes C61 and C62 that you glued in four steps earlier foul the assembled legs, and also make it tricky to ensure correct alignment. I would recommend assembling the gear legs before fitting those boxes so that you can use the lower fuselage mounting points to ensure alignment. You may still have to trim the back of parts C40 and C41 so you can actually fit them later. The fit of the main gear legs in the mating hole is a bit on the slack side too, however if it wasn't I suspect that you'd struggle to get the gear legs in later once the intake assemblies have been installed. The general assembly sequence is also not particularly wonderful, although anyone with a modicum of modeling experience will be able to spot obvious sequencing flaws Lastly (for now!) is the slightly disappointing detailing colour callouts during assembly. Mine's going to have some creative work applied to make it look interesting I still heartily recommend it despite these niggles. I can't comment on accuracy, I don't know the subject in any detail. It also comes with a mind boggling array of weapons and stores, 6 schemes (three distinct colour schemes). I do wonder if a kit minus the weapons and stores would come in at a more friendly price though Hope this helps someone! Cheers Les
  15. Guys, doing KittyHawk's nice Su-35. There's a bit of flash here and there to remove plus some odd looking half cylinder pegs that obviously are the result of misaligned ejector pins but in general the fit is fantastic. The good fit is the reason that I am in some doubt as to the wing to fuselage join. The blended fuselage to wing shape I imagined would be a smooth step free one, however when I offer the wings up there is a small step running along the whole join. The rear 80% of the join on the fuselage side has a moulded in strip which looks like a double or reinforcement plate, or maybe even a cover for the wing to body join. I assume that the strip is supposed to be slightly proud where it exists. However it does not cover 100% of the join so I want to know whether the remaining small step needs to be eradicated. Photos on the web don't do the details I want in enough resolution for me to be able to decide, so any help from you guys is welcome as ever Cheers Les