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  1. Guys, I have my Jasmine F6F thread that I looked at again when someone asked me about it, but of course I couldn't get the pictures to work. I want to put the photos on a decent and more ethical site, then edit the thread to reinstate them. The 64 thousand dollar question is of course where to upload the pics instead of PB. Not being tech savvy, I'm not as up to speed as I should be so would welcome the latest picture host suggestions Cheers Les
  2. I'm sorry to say that unless this kit comes to the shelves for a lot less than the prices we were seeing for the original KH Su-22 kit, I won't be bothering. If I am going to spend that sort of money I expect to not have to deal with that absolutely farcical error of the the nose centrebody by having to to pay extra for a resin unit that is actually simpler in execution than the models effort. I can deal with the multi part fuselage and the other more esoteric errors, but I can't get past that nose at that price. Fix the nose or drop the price, KH Les
  3. Make your own panel washes?

    The other way to get powdered pastels to stay on is to use some diluted clear vatnish or future on the part using a brush, then dabbing on the pastels with another brush or cotton bud. It will stick to the varnish / future but stay matt. For rusted exhausts this gives the best texture, plus you can dab different colours to simulate the bloom you see with rusted parts. It's amazing but pink and white highlights make rust effects more realistic. Les
  4. Get Tamiya paint off plane canopy?

    Mr Color lacquer thinners is my go to. Despite smelling the same, Tamiyas lacquer thinners attacks the styrene slightly, whereas the Mr Color stuff never does, so even dried on enamels can be removed safely with it. I would obviously recommend testing on a bit of the sprue the parts came off first though just to be sure Les
  5. Make your own panel washes?

    Remember that you can also use acrylics with suitable thinners (alcohol, ammonia) as a means of reducing the opacity. The advantage is when you use them over enamels or lacquers if you stuff up you can use windex to take it off without risking the base coat. Of course, don't forget that windex removes Future..... You can also buy pastel sticks, and by using it on very fine wet or dry, you can add the fine powder to the wash, which for soot, dirt and crappy deposits looks a bit better too HTH Les
  6. Kitty Hawk Jaguar Canopy issue - fixed?

    Guys, considering getting one of the RAF Jaguars from Kitty Hawk, but reading Mike's build review from 2013 it makes repeated mention of the cracked canopy parts and missing parts off sprues etc. Is this something that is now cleared up, or are there still quality issues? Cheers Les
  7. Hows the kit for warped parts? I'd heard some horror stories of the wings being at different angles, that sort of thing, and it's made me hesitant about getting one Les
  8. Can't help you with the colour scheme, but can say that if you get caught out with no filler, use the CA and talc method. Cheap, reliable, fast and now is my go to method. It scribes well too, sands to a fine finish with a feather edge, can be mixed to different consistencies depending on what you want to do, and will cure completely without shrinkage in large gaps. Depending on the ratio of talc it sands super easy too HTH Les
  9. That's what I like - a positive attitude! Cheers Les
  10. 1/48 Kinetic Su-33 Flanker-D

    Guys, here are updated on line instructions, corrected as well http://www.kineticmodel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=64&search=48062, look for the .pdf instructions link Cheers Les
  11. Spray booths

    I made a good spraybooth using 6mm foam board and aluminium tape, a car panel type air filter and a cheapo vacuum cleaner. Basically a 5 sided box (although I made it with a roof that angles down at the back) with the panel filter taped in to the back wall leaving a space behind it and the vacuum cleaner hose connected behind it. By tapering the roof down I made it match the filter width. Later on I added some Ikea LED light strips on the walls and roof so that I can see what I'm doing. I can get a 1/32 tomcat into the booth, you are just limited by the size of foam board. If you need to be able to move it around I suggest 10mm foam board, 6mm is a bit wobbly for larger booths. With long vacuum tube extensions, I have the vacuum cleaner somewhere where the noise doesn't bother me. By the way, the car filter works a bit better if it is slightly wet, so I mist it if I'm going to be spraying a lot of paint, priming or lrge areas. Ive used gunze lacquers, humbrol's enamels, rattle can primers and paints, all without problems. Make sure the foam board is card faced, and for obvious reasons white is better! Hope this helps
  12. Just curious as to whether this is still active, seems a long time with no news Les
  13. Yes, I should do that for all the pictures, will have a go . I'll have to select a new photo host, time to trawl through the posts on alternatives. If you want pics quickly, pm me and I'll send you the pics Les
  14. 1/48 HobbyBoss MiG-17F Fresco-C

    Maybe a bit late, but did you put s***loads of lead in the front? Even without the engine installed and all the lead I could find places for, mine was balancing on the main gear Les
  15. Tanmodel announce a 1/48th Buccaneer.

    After a looooong search I have finally found an Airfix 1/48th S2B at a reasonable price, so if my usual luck holds, Tanmodel should now post something telling us that their Buccaneer will be relesed next month. Looking at the Airfix plastic, I won't be too hacked off if they do so...... Les