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  1. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    More pictures taken in June... IMG_5154 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr IMG_5155 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr O-1E instrument panel according to "O-1 in action" by Squadron/Signal. A great help was given by old Eduard PE #48040 IMG_5118 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr IMG_5165 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr Last but not least, the pilot lock lever... IMG_5166 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr More updates soon.... Alex
  2. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Hi there, after Photobucket downgrading, I like to repost my earlier pictures again. Hope you like my WiP.... Alex Starting point... IMG_5043 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flick New footboard by styrene to correct Kit and True Details part... IMG_5096 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr IMG_5098 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr IMG_5100 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr Rudder pedals by Reheat Models PE... IMG_5101 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr IMG_5102 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr IMG_5103 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr IMG_5111 by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr Bye for now A.
  3. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Thanks for support! Livery will be based on s/n 57-6273 by some interesting pictures found on the web
  4. Hi guys, Alex from Rome again, my collection of unusual aircraft during Vietnam war is going ahead, this time I'm getting a Cessna O-1E Bird Dog by Hasegawa (Model USA) on 1:48., I've collected a lot of pictures and articles about it so that details are not a problem like my previous O-2A... As you can see on photo, I will use AOA decals, True Details resin set TD48514, (very) old Eduard etched set ED48040, and various accessories to improve the kit. Kit and True Details floors do not convince me at all, a new one by styrene is ready... Punch&die on working for manholes. Airscale cockpit details PE48DET is used to get strut pedals. Pedals made by styrene and Reheat etched set for pedals. Something more... Bye for now, Alex
  5. We have the same passion for Vietnam War, after Cessna O-2A this is my next project! Well done, hope to see more from you in the future, Alex
  6. Ah-1G Cobra ; 1/72 Special Hobby

    Excellent weathering considering it's 1:72!
  7. Airco D.H.2 Stripdown

    Questions? I'm speachless
  8. First mission for Cessna shortly after roll-out. Gold medal at Midway Model Meeting 2017, in Perugia (Italy). Sunday, April 30th. Cheers! A.
  9. Thank you so much for your kind words!
  10. Grazie! Spero di non sfigurare col 'made in Italy'
  11. Thanks a lot, these words are an unexpected feedback!
  12. Thank you all for your kind words! Alex
  13. Thank you soooo much! All of you of course! Alex
  14. Hi all, following my previous articles about Vietnam era helicopters, this is time for a fixed-wing! In late ‘60s USAF introduced twin-powered Cessna O-2A to replace single engine Cessna O-1 (my next project). Testors/Italeri kit is acceptable but almost basic. It needed a lot of improvements that they absorbed me for 6 months and 293 hours of real work. Cockpit with avionics rack and rear junction box is fully self-made (... except for cloches). Continental IO-360 engine is coming by 2 sets of edited Lycoming taken from old Esci Cessna 172 kits to set up a 6 pistons propeller. Firewall bulkhead and front gear bay and plates are made by styrene. Rivets and panels were rescribed for the whole aircraft. Pilot is freely inspired by actor Danny Glover who played the role of Capt. Clark ‘Bird Dog’ in BAT21 movie. The real aircraft is now preserved at National Museum of USAF, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. WiP is here below.... Cheers, Alessandro Rome, Italy
  15. Cessna O-2A "Oscar Deuce", Vietnam war

    Very latest news before closing down... Pod improvements by very small nails & safety pins First check... I got a small strip of styrene to give the right range between pods and pylons before gluing... It's working! Safety pins in the last step... Details... Thanks, Alex