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  1. 1/48 SU-27

    Simply amazing!
  2. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Hi all, upgrading cabin ceiling... Clear parts all done properly, added courtesy light and wires... Armament panel as well, fitting well! Ready to close wing/fuselage
  3. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Little Cessna in progress! it was time for upper clear parts. Unfortunately they came into 2 blocks, quite unrealistic... I divided one each other, in the same time I got a new structure inside the cabin ceiling by styrene... Clear parts were not identical one each other. A dry fitting helped me to name them properly before an immersion on Future wax... Last update of the day: armament panel on cabin ceiling by styrene... Alex
  4. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Happy weekend from a sunny Rome! Work still in progress here. Although rather invisible from outside, in order to give more realism, I added steerage wires. Strange to haven't seen them in any other Bird Dog in scale... Closing fuselage after that... Alex
  5. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Hi there, interior final look after weathering and matt cote... Sorry for italian language. I usually make these indications for the attached brochure during competition (I hope so...) Cheers, Alex
  6. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Thanks all! Evert, M-16 rifle is coming from a Tarmac resin figure (hard hard to find now). P.S. After a new check about -1E version, a little detail is changed from previous pictures. Upper-rear aerator now is a green tube instead the original grey articulated one. Alex
  7. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Hi guys, work still in progress of course. I've added a photo camera on right side of cockpit as well. M-16 rifle on position... Weathering action. A coat of Future at first, then artistic oils of different shades to give more realism. Touches of Humbrol satin cote around... More to follow Alex
  8. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Hi again, work in progress is becoming more colorful, now through first weathering action by raw aluminium enamel on exposed parts... Helmet from True Details 'helmet set', weathering action on pillows as well... Not great interest to my Bird Dog till now, it hopes to attract more fans soon! Alex
  9. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Canvas covers were painted in Humbrol Green 88 then applied to interiors... More details were coming quickly later... Alex
  10. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Next updates are about seat belts and interior green... I used Extratech PE seat belts EX48026 dedicated to late WWII version. I noted on the instruction sheet the corresponding letter of each as memo... Starting interior painting now: I used Testors Chrome Green #1734E as base for all, like my previous O-2A with lovely result... Alex
  11. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Costruction was proceeding by canvas covers. I used Bare Metal foil and trasparent scotch tape as guide. Rather easy but accurate way to get them... A detail often missing in other Bird Dog models is the rear seat belts winding mechanism... Bye for now
  12. Ottimo! Saluti da Roma nord Alex
  13. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Hi again, the 'quilted' canvas covers of the kit don't appear so realistic as I found in photos of the era. So that I smoothed them by wet&dry sandpaper. True Details give us new strut and upper side instrument panels too... Although mainly invisible from outside, I decided to get the internal strut of the tail, much more realistic but strangely never done by famous (and winning) modellers who got the same airplane in the past. True Details left side intrument panels also visible...
  14. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    First pilot structure is made by styrene (track), metal and copper rods. It's rather different to kit or True Details set structures... Dry test of final result is working! On the floor
  15. One for the Viet Nam serie, nice tiny FAC O-1E

    Hi there! I'm getting the same plane in the same role http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235023049-cessna-o-1e-bird-dog-hasegawa-148/ Happy modelling and get a look to my thread for suggestion! Cheers from Rome Alex