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  1. Jari, thanks for sharing these two nice pics, I'm getting s/n 67-21331, almost in the same setting of diorama! Well done! Alex
  2. Antoine, I've collected a lot of pictures before starting so that I've noticed this problem! Starting point was a couple of Lycoming engines taken from two Esci Cessna C172 kit as shown at the end of page 1.
  3. Thanks guys! Antoine, you've said the right thing! Moreover, I can say cylinders are on "V" setting one each other but it's above my skill in 1:48 scale. Space available is really a tragedy....
  4. Thanks a lot guys! Just small news now, landing lights. Clear is coming from acetate. Cheers!
  5. Hi there! I'm getting the same aircraft but in 1:48 on WiP page! Well done!
  6. Hi there, WIP is going slowly due to the amount of details but with pleasure! Upper & lower IFF, TACAN and VHF com. antennas. ADF antenna connector is on the top of the first photo, over the left wing. VHF homing bar antenna is coming from O-2A Heller kit. Landing light deflector guards and stores pylons details...
  7. A new problem was coming... Main gear legs are made in a very soft stuff. So that which is the best solution? Getting a new one in white metal using the kit item as master or... ? After a lot of thoughts, I found an US forum and a modeller with the same question of mine. He suggested the thermic shock tecnique: first of all giving the right alignment by a strong metal wire. Then he immersed the legs in very hot water for 10 seconds, then suddenly in very cold water and..... it worked! Thanks Richard! Now the legs are absolutely strong! Then it was time to get more plates along the wings Alex
  8. Thanks a lot guys! This Cessna is not the best for UK fans but is an unusual subject for Vietnam SIG. Still moving ahead... Cheers, Alex
  9. These steps were coming at around early January. Panels & rivets... All details of fuselage and wings were removed and set again according photos taken on line. A very long and hard work for sure! Cheers!
  10. Mr.Danny Glover tribute section, CMK kit #F48280 gave me a figure quite close to BAT21 actor, so that I started with a black coat as primer, following an acrylic clear coat by Gunze in order to preserve my possible mistakes by enamel. Then I moved to the final colors themselves, remembering to cover an enamel paint by an acrylic clear coat... Flight suit by a mix of 80% Testors green 1710 FS34079 and 20% Testors light brown 1742 FS30219. To give depth, I got a mix darker and lighter of the same colors in the creases of suit. Final touch by artistic oil... Helmet by True Details.
  11. Folks, this unusual twin engines project was going ahead, next stop was to close fuselage as shown In order to show the whole engine, I decided to open both hoods, much more better! Then front engine bay in Testors green 1734E, details according photos taken on-line... When dried, I've sprayed a pair coats of Future then a weathering action by artistic oils Meantime I was eager to think about ambientation. A funny idea was to give a tribute to BAT21 and mr.Danny Glover by a CMK pilot quite close to him... To be continued.... Alex
  12. Thanks a lot guys, more unexpected upgrades are coming soon! Alex
  13. Good evening, following step was the the back engine hood. The inside was wrong, so that I used a cone (in yellow plastic) and a grille for the lower side.... Dry fitting was working properly!
  14. Hi there, new updates are about front gear bay and balance. The first of them was by styrene of course.... More details were requested as well In order to get a weight to the fuselage, I did it by a sheet of 20grams metal (1mm deep), it was working! Alex
  15. Hi again, in my last post I got some pics about propeller. This step is about dry fitting and painting. Enjoy.... Cylinder wires were a must, then bright silver as primer... Final colors... After weathering by artistic oils it had a very good result (no good pics instead, sorry)