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  1. Start painting... Not easy to get the right tone of grey by pictures taken many years ago. I chose Testors Model Master #1740 Dark Gull Grey. To be continued with weathering... Alex
  2. Thank you very much for your kind words! Alex
  3. Excellent search! I tell you the truth.... in blue color it wolud be amazing....
  4. I found the same infos about this c/n as ex US Army so that OD could be almost possible. Anyway last picture was scanned by Squadron Signal publication of Grasshoppers, really accurate all the times....
  5. Thanks @Otakar but.... see below! It's taken from another source, could it be wrong? Although in b/w picture, it seems to be too dark to be in O/D!
  6. Dear @Otakar I'm planning to get the same aircraft in USMC colors with code 43-30170 by recent decal sheet done in Czech Rep. I'm fairly sure decals producer saw photo below, probably the only one available on the net. According to you, color of interiors is quite close to the exterior one? Happy modelling, Alex
  7. Slowly ahead with this unusual aircraft.... Interior almost completed, now masking upper/front/side windows New front doors area according to @matti64 indications (thank you very much) I took the opportunity the get new doors by styrene 0,4mm as well Bye for now Alex
  8. Inner lining by Milliput & styrene Back and upper bulkheads Alex
  9. Hi all, going ahead by Collins R-390 radio... photo credit: http://www.dhc-2.com More items ready to be painted. Ceiling panels, extinguisher, front/back seats... Stay tuned Alex
  10. matti64, this is an interesting point of reflection.... Above all, dry fitting seems to be ok. Cockpit floor is at door level. According to you, which side of the front doors has to be widen? (photo credit: http://www.dhc-2.com)
  11. New IP by styrene and Airscale PE. Check the differences... Cockpit floor upgraded. Rudder pedals by Reheat PE They look quite close to real Alex
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