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  1. M7 priest in Normandy

    damn-and-blast.......just ain’t my week is it 🙁 Thanks for clearing that up anyway mate. mike
  2. M7 priest in Normandy

    Just a quick question if I may guys? Did the 7th armoured division use the M-7 priest in Normandy? And is so are there any colour photos or other illustrations that show the markings? mike
  3. Decals for 1/76 British armour

    Cheers for that graham.... looks like I’m stuck with a kit I can’t build 🙁 like I said I don’t know anything about armour modelling and I wouldn’t have a clue how to mod the Airfix Sherman to represent a later version if indeed it were possible...so I guess im at s dead end 🙁
  4. Decals for 1/76 British armour

    Hi guys, new to this part of Brit modeller as I haven’t built an armour subjects since the early 80s and I know very little about the subject. I have recently started building kits I built as a kid way back in the 70s especially those that I never got round to having a go at and all purely for nostalgia.. I got an old Airfix Sherman and LCM but both lack decals.. I’m not too fussed about the LCM as I can probably do some myself but not so for the Sherman, so can anyone advise me about what’s out there decal wise for 1/76 scale armour? I’m looking for some British markings for the ETO if possible.. I’ve also got the Airfix scorpion again without decals so does anyone know where I might find some after market examples
  5. 1/72 Hawk ejector seat

    I would be very interested in obtaining some of these seats but as said in the original post, there doesn’t seem to be any of the early seats anywhere.. I’ve tried building up the headrest with milliput but I can’t seem to get it right.
  6. Original panam 737 colours

    Dunno about that mate, I’m no airline expert, just like the look of this.. have a look on here http://www.findmodelkit.com/content/boeing-727-100-pan-american-1144-airfix it’s this scheme
  7. Original panam 737 colours

    I do now lol.. thanks for that mate....
  8. 1960s PanAm 727 paint scheme

    After making a pigs ear of my first post I thought it best to try again...I’m looking for details of the colour scheme for the pan am 727 as seen during the 60s with the blue cheatline and small PanAm titles. If anyone has any information or a painting / decal guide they could scan that would be fantastic. Cheers guys
  9. Original panam 737 colours

    Thanks for that stringbag, I hadn’t noticed that... god how I hate predictive text 🤨 sorry guys... to clarify, I’m looking for details of the colour scheme for the pan am 727 as seen during the 60s with the blue cheatline and small PanAm titles. If anyone has a painting / decal guide they could scan that would be fantastic.
  10. Original panam 737 colours

    Thanks a million stringbag, PM sent.
  11. Original panam 737 colours

    It’s the 1960s scheme with the blue cheat line and smal pan am titles..
  12. Original panam 737 colours

    Hi guys, hope someone in here can help. I have an airfix 727 and I’d like to finish it in the old Pan Am scheme. I have the decals but I’ve no idea of the colours or where they go. Looking at some photos I’ve found on tinterweb it’s hard to make out if the fuselage is light grey or natural metal.. anyone got a paint guid or something similar? Mike
  13. F-5 freedom fighter wing tanks

    Cheers for that mate,, I managed to get the hasegawa kit dirt cheap but it lacks the tanks. I’ve managed to track some down under and with postage they work out at just less than six quid so not too bad.
  14. F-5 freedom fighter wing tanks

    Cheers Tony, they’re just what I’m poking for.. thanks a bunch.
  15. F-5 freedom fighter wing tanks

    Hello chaps... I just got my mitts on a hasegawa F-5 freedom fighter for a pound! Trouble is it lacks wing tip tanks.. does anyone know of any after market replacements? mike