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  1. USAF grey in Vietnam

    I’m probably been a bit daft, but the picture of the O-2 on the Airfix packaging looks white are a very very light grey, much lighter than ADC grey.
  2. High Speed Siver

    I have no idea how to post pics so I can’t show my HSS finish.
  3. USAF grey in Vietnam

    Just a couple of quick questions guys if I may? Can anyone confirm that the Cessna O-2 was ADC grey with white upper wings? Also can anyone give me the FS number and name of the grey used on green/green/tan aircraft such as phantoms and corsairs? cheers
  4. High Speed Siver

    I’m given to understand that high speed silver weathered to an almost mat silver/aluminium. There is a fine example of a meteor T7 at the Newark air museum that’s kept outside and I’ve managed to just about match its colour. Ive found that spraying on a really bright shiny silver from a rattle can then, after a coat of clear and decals I spray on a Matt varnish.. it looks ok to me anyway 🤔
  5. Tornado F.2 F.3 Early Decal sheet. Who wants one?

    I’m in. It would be great and I’d have a couple or three sheets 😊
  6. Old Airfix A Bit o' Lace decals

    Cheers nowlh but I don’t have the revell kit and I’m not sure the decals are the same as the Airfix kit, I mean do they show the lady wearing a red robe as is correct or a white robe as Airfix interpreted it?
  7. Old Airfix A Bit o' Lace decals

    Hi guys. Has anyone got a good useable set of decals for the old Airfix A Bit o' Lace B-17G? I’ve got the old kit and would like to finish it right out of the box and unpainted as it would have been when I first built it in the early 70s. Of course I’m more than happy to pay a reasonable amount and postage... hope someone can help. cheers fellas
  8. Original Airfix jet provost T3

    You are right of course and the thought had crossed my mind. However it wouldn’t really fit in with my collection as they’re all ( apart from the TSR2) examples aircraft from operational or training units
  9. Original Airfix jet provost T3

    Thanks for all the help chaps... no point building the old Airfix kit then really if the RAF never used the provost with the leading edge fillets or the decals in the kit don’t represent an operational service aircraft. Pitty I quite fancied the wing fillets as they’re something different
  10. Original Airfix jet provost T3

    So presumably once It was handed over to the RAF just a few weeks after being built it would have had a repaint and the leading edge fillets removed?
  11. Original Airfix jet provost T3

    Does anyone know what unit the decals represent?
  12. Original Airfix jet provost T3

    Sooooo... are the decals in the kit authentic for a T2 and is it a reasonable representation of a T2?
  13. Original Airfix jet provost T3

    Hi guys. Does anyone know how accurate the original jet provos kit from Airfix was? It has leading edge wing fillets that were seen on early provosts and would the decals in the kit be relevant or are they fictitious? In other words can the kit and decals be used to represent an actual early RAF provost?
  14. 1/72 Canberra wheels

    Did the airwaves nose and engine front set have a set of wheels? Or is the memory failing again?
  15. So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    Earth quakes are quite common in the uk but most go unnoticed although there have been some that have caused major damage and even fatalities have a look here http://www.bgs.ac.uk/discoveringGeology