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  1. I have an old resin set of Hercules engines from a lancaster BII conversion.would it be just a case of attaching the cold straight into the MPM engine nacelles? Sorry for sounding stupid, I’m not a Wellington expert... thanks for the tip bill. I know the grumpy kit is miles better but I don’t want to go out and but it when I’ve got a few MPM kits in the stash.
  2. Soooo... could the engines be obtained from an after market manufacturer? I’m assuming of course that’s the only difference between a IV and an a III.
  3. Oh dear.... so basically a Mk III from the MK iv is a none starter?
  4. Blast!!! Are the Hercules engines and cowels in the IC or IX kit do you know? Failing that could I use the cowls/engines from a Halifax III or sterling?
  5. speedbird

    MPM Wellington

    Hi guys.. just a quick question if I may. Can the MPM wellington MK IV be built out of the box as a MkIII and if so what parts should I use? I know the MkIII had Hercules engines and I’m pretty sure they are included in the kit but I don’t know what parts number they are, all the engine parts look the same to me.. I also have the MPM Mk IX that may have some parts I could use....I know the kits are pants but I’ve got them so may as well use them...
  6. Thanks for all the help guys unfortunately the sale fell through.. shortly after paying and receiving a message to say the kit had been dispatched, I received another message to say the sale had been cancelled. It seems the kit was not complete.. strange, I would have though it would have been checked before being put up for sale. Never mind. Some yavwin, some ya lose..
  7. That’s very kind, thank you.. you can post or scan whichever is easier for you..let me know if you need my postal address or email address.. cheers
  8. Hi guys. This is not my usual field but I have just got hold of an old Matchbox kit of the jaguar SS/100. The kit is complete and unstarted but there are no instructions. Does anyone know where I might find a copy or better stil, does anyone have a set they can send, lend or scan? Cheers in advance fellas .
  9. Sorry guys, wasn’t been rude, I’ve been busy these last few days and not really had time to reply to all the posts.. I’ve managed to get hold af a spare set of decals from a BM member so all being well I’ll have another rack at it.. thanks for all the help and advice chaps, much appreciated.. I’ll upload a pic or two if it turns out ok.
  10. Thanks for that Steve, unfortunately my pc has gone belly up and I can only accessed the tinterweb on my phone...
  11. Cheers guys, just noticed it’s not quite finished as I have to find some serial numbers and ejection seat warning triangles.. I’m not sure how I can or even if I can get pics to show up on the forum when hosted by flicker
  12. Well here it is, my first post of a finished kit. It’s the old tool Airfix jet provost built OOB. Any comments or suggestions welcome. I just hope I’ve figured out how to post and the pics show up https://www.flickr.com/gp/164375585@N05/xnae2q https://www.flickr.com/gp/164375585@N05/8r89Xh https://flic.kr/p/26Pt4ZA https://www.flickr.com/gp/164375585@N05/69744x
  13. Stevehnz great minds think alike, that’s exactly what I did and managed to get most of them on but there were some that just wouldn’t play ball.
  14. Not sure my brush skills are upto that. What I might try is scanning the dayglo panels then printing them onto the reverse side of a piece of white decal paper that’s been sprayed with Halfords dayglo orange. I’m hoping that because the decal paper is quite thin it will sit on the curved wing ttanks a bit better.
  15. Just finished the Airfix JP and whilst the kit is absolutely lovely I can’t say the same for the dayglo decals, they were an absolute nightmare. The would not conform to anything that resembled a curve and were very brittle and broke if looked at for too long.theyre so bad I’ve actually given up on them and I now have a half finished kit on the work bench. What a mess
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