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  1. Beautiful plane!
  2. Total crap. Besides, too expensive for a so-flawed model. I´ll stick to my old Monogram/Lindbergh/Airfix/Hawk one.
  3. Hi BushBrit66, Just clarifying: I was referring to Airfix missing the opportunity to release a new tool version of their Bucc. I had it but eventually sold it, knowing I would never build it. Its fuselage parts were twisted like a corkscrew, and mine was not he only I one I saw that way. Maybe a bad batch? Anyway, I'm looking forward to get my ham-fisted paws on a new tool Buc... Cheers!
  4. Hmm - I think it is a VERY welcome future release. Also one of those Land of Lost Opportunities for Airfix (let's be clear: their Bucc isn't the easiest kit, fitwise, and could benefit from a new tooling). That said, I'll wait to see the kit in the plastic to say something. Cheers!
  5. Lovely model - I have their bubbletop ki-61 II, great kit also. Now my hopes of seeing a ki-87 II in 1/48 are up again! Cheers!
  6. Hi guys, A friend of mine draw my attention to a small square "window" (or panel) on the fuel cover of some Spitfires (likely Mk IIs of Sq. 54). I was trying to find its use but could find no good shots or references on what they are there for. Here it is, just below the armoured glass, below the air scoop: And below, barely visible in Hendon´s Spit: If anybody has a hint on its use, please - I´d like very much to know! Cheers!
  7. Great choice of subjects! I feel the chances of seeing a Bristol 138 in 1/48 grew up a little! I wish success to Dora! Cheers!
  8. Well played! Hmmm... Tanmodel announced quite a few interesting kits to release in the future. My fave is the new tool SR-71 in 1/48. Better still it it was a YF-12...! Cheers! Francisco
  9. Ermmm... The KH one is not good? Looks like a gorgeous model. I am curious to see what Kinetic will bring. Really, not a clue. Cheers!
  10. I´d have myself a bar on fire! AND I also want a violin! (that is, a Yak-28P Firebar AND a Tu-128 Fiddler!) Cheers!
  11. How is that old saying? "It never rains, but it pours..." Cheers!
  12. I guess this is one of their "simplified" models. I am not taking it on account as a "true" ("gourmet", if you will) release - like, for instance, Eduard´s Mk IX Spitfire. I see it more proper for the "entry level" modeller, who wants to quickly build a nice model, and don´t mind such small details (as the canopy). Cheers!
  13. Oh, those huge missiles under the wings! OK, this will be my first AMK kit, I´m sold! Cheers!