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  1. A test fit of the arms today has revealed a problem: The shoulder and arm on one side of the body is nearly 4mm wider than the other. I not sure exactly how I m going to remedy this. One idea is remove material from the arm and re-sculpt. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Thanks Will, the worst is yet to come.....the hair. All the laces have been removed. Holes drilled to take the replacements and a small aluminium loop (courtesy of a pie tin) at the back of the shoe put in so the laces can pass through. I spotted a little hobby shop not far from the office I am currently at, so I plan on stopping in and getting a spray primer to give the parts a coat to see how well they have or haven't cleaned up. The hair is next and in a nutshell, it is garbage. Front and rear sections don't fit together, or even line up for that matter. Couple of pieces are broken. The head doesn't fit into the back or front pieces properly. The plan: Chop and trim until the head fits, then rebuild as required. I am thinking of removing the long back and side pieces and sweeping them up to turn them into a pony tail. Just a thought at this stage.
  3. Watch done:
  4. The watch is this lump of off centred featureless resin, best description I can think of for it. As I don't have any of my punches with me, I used the end of my mechanical drafting pencil to trace a "roughly" 3.5mm circle onto some styrene scrap. Cut it out, filed and sanded to shape and have glued it in place, after sanding the kit part off. The U shape is to replace the moulded on band clasp made from a paper clip from some work documents I have. Heel laces removed and puttied: As I was removing the laces, sections snapped off, taking pieces of the leg with it, hence to very rough putty job. Belt buckle removed and replaced: I still need to do some work on the buckle, but it is done for the most part. That's it for today.
  5. So, I'm away from home....again. Seems for most of this year and the last, I have spent more time away from home because of work than I have been at home. I went prepared this time. I've had this figure sitting in the stash for probably about 15 years or so, one of those dodgy Thai recast jobs. The usual fair, broken parts, poor fit and detail so on and so forth. The kit has a few irksome details; the nipples that look like the poor girl is freezing and about to take someone's eye out if they get to close, so they are going to go. Same deal with the chin, weirdly pointy, although after a google search, seems to be the style for this series. So that is going to get changed too. Not a huge fan of the hair style, going to PROBABLY change it. The straps for the heels are going to take more time to clean up and fix than to remove them, so I'm going to sand them flat and replace them with wire. Putty session and body mod. (sorry for the crappy photo, working late) Chin surgery: That's about it for now.
  6. My general approach is to fit the hands to the weapons and then make the arms work with the pose I am after. To get the hands to fit, I find it a simple case and test fitting to see where if any problems exist and then slowly trim the plastic/resin from the inside of the hand until the weapon sits naturally. Any minor gaps can be fixed with putty and any fingers that are to open/closed griped can be adjusted with heat. Once the fit of the hands has been completed, I then start on the arms. If the alignment is really bad, I will sculpt a new arm. If the alignment isn't to far out, I will generally razor saw the arm into pieces and pin it back together with aluminium/copper wire, using the wire to make minor adjustments to the arms angle. Set with super glue, putty the joints and then file/sand to finish off. Make sure any sanding/filing matches the flow and folds of the fabric. On other thing to keep in mind is the position of the shoulders, these need to match the expected angle of the arm, otherwise it will end up looking unnatural. For example, if figure A is throwing a grenade, the shoulder needs to be rolled back slightly to match the mechanical action of the arm, if figure B is firing a rifle, the shoulder needs to be rolled slightly forward and up. Hope this helps.
  7. Photo of the rear armour plate and roof of the Alan BA-20 kit I have: From vague memory, there is/was a Dragon/Alan reboxing. They may have corrected the rear plate at that stage.
  8. One of the few things they got right. The rear plate is the worst. For whatever strange reason, Alan have moulded it as an angled plate instead of a curved plate.
  9. Excellent work. Both the WIP and the completed model. I have the Alan kit of the BA-20 in my stash, and from what I can gather it suffers much of the same problems as the Hobby Boss kit plus a few extras. But your build has given me hope that it wont end up in the bin.
  10. Finally got some time to work on this. A few modifications to the building, namely the upper section of brickwork was cut off after I realised that I had attached the building pieces in the wrong order thus making the roof near impossible to build. Started work on the inside of the building. I had originally intended to use the decorative styrene wall trim I had made, but after several unsuccessful attempts to paint a half way decent wood finish/pattern, I gave up on the idea and binned them. Roof framing started and currently deciding whether to use pantiles or something like slate tiles.
  11. The "tool" in the instruction diagram is nothing more than a flat head nail hammered into a piece of wood that you then heat and use to flatten the pins to join the tracks. Some Tamiya instructions suggest the use of a blade screwdriver heated in the same manner.
  12. Great dio and amazing photography.
  13. My online shopping choice for about 95% of my modelling needs. Never had any issues with them in all the years I have been dealing with them.
  14. According to the all wise and knowing Google, something to this effect: "But comrade, you say , paint it , you did not say , to clean it."
  15. Home again. Started work on two of the figures while I was away. Volkssturm (set number 3621) from Zvezda. The figures in the set are quite good overall with the exception of the heads, they are rubbish. Using replacements from the Hornet range. There is one more Volkssturm figure to go, but I am awaiting additional parts to arrive. Bit of tweaking to get them to hold the weapons properly, but got there in the end.