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  1. Bloodcrushers of Khorne

    Looking really good Will. I especially like the paint effect on the armour. For me, the arcing on the runes kind of distorts them, neat effect, but it makes it hard to figure out what it is exactly.
  2. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    That didn't go as well as I had hoped. The putty did in fact eat through the plastic wrap in some sections, and I'm not sure if the tube was old and getting close to its best before date, but the putty cured to a nice buttery consistency, however, as I cut, filed and sanded the hair to shape, the stuff just crumbled away. AND as I was "carefully" removing the front section of the hair after the putty had cured, a section of the rear hair piece snapped off, so I had to sort that out. The next plan, is to buy another tube of the polyester putty, this time though, I'm going to glue the head and hair sections together then apply the putty. Shouldn't affect the ease of painting, but will allow me to do away with the plastic wrap. Which may or may not have caused the putty to crumble. Away from home for about another two weeks, so I am also going to start work on the Akane figure. The surface of the Naru Narusegawa figure looks like the surface of the moon and is going to take several airbrushed coats of Mr. Surfacer 1000 before I even start work on it.
  3. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    The first attempt at sculpting the new hair sections using Tamiya Epoxy Putty was a total failure. So, I'm going to try something different: I've never used this stuff before, but from what I have read online, it handles much like automotive filler. I just hope it doesn't dissolve the plastic wrap and bond to the back hair section.
  4. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    So.....the hair didn't survive: Re-sculpt time. Still trying to decide on the next figure. Suggestions anyone?
  5. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    Best laid plans of mice and men. Other than forming the hair to fit and puttying the remaining front sections, not much was achieved. But I can say it will not be getting painted until I get home again. I have however, taken an addition two figures with me: Not sure which one I will start after the hair for the current figure is finished.
  6. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    Worked out well. Still a little bit more work to do on getting the hair to lay against the arm properly.
  7. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    Started puttying the hair, pinned and glued the broken section back in place: The plan is to use a heat gun to soften the resin and contour it to match the outline of the figure.
  8. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    This is where this kit is at: The base I picked up from the little hobby shop, about the only thing that I thought was worth. Was more for RC car buffs than anything else. OAH is 270mm. I'm going to clean the base kit hair up and see how that goes before I make a final decision about it. I've got a few days at home, so hopefully I can get this either finished or at the paint stage. Will was right about the shoulders, I used some epoxy putty to balance them out and with the addition of the hair, they don't look so out of whack. The front hair section is going to give me the most grief, the casting is just terrible. But you get that. That's it for now.
  9. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    Heading home tonight for a few days before I fly back out. Taking the figure with me and will post some updates.
  10. Mephisto!

    Back to the topic though....being a former cavalry man, I would be very happy to see it back in Queensland.
  11. Mephisto!

    Well, when you poke a bayonet at manure, it will grow things, even in this desert,
  12. Mephisto!

    I guess you sent us all your rubbish in the first place, think it might time to return the favour.
  13. Mephisto!

    Very grand of you.
  14. Mephisto!

    14600km to visit something that belongs here? Tempting, but no thanks.
  15. Mephisto!

    I have to agree with Mick. If it was capture by mostly Queenslanders, then it is their war prize to display, treasure and be proud of.