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  1. Looking good so far. With regard to the ambush scheme, I also finished my recent Tiger II build that way. I was hesitant to try it initially but I bit the bullet and painted it as such. IMHO, it came out looking not to shabby. Mark
  2. Spotted in the Aces High Hind Special magazine. Product number corresponds to their 1/35 kit though. Mark
  3. More new CADs. Mark
  4. Much thanks for the kind comments everyone! I must admit that I am more well versed with the differences between the various F-16 block numbers than the nuances of WWII armour vehicles and did not do much with regard to research for this project. I guess this is the armour equivalent of building an F-16C with an F-16A tail, big mouth intake and PW exhaust. Lol. This is only my fourth armoured vehicle. I will definitely put more research into my armour builds down the line. Mark
  5. Here's my rendition of the venerable Dragon King Tiger. This build represents a Tiger II assigned to SS-PzAbt 501 during the Ardennes Offensive of 1944/45. It was painted with Gunze lacquers and weathered with enamels and pigments from AK Interactive as well as artists' oil paints. Decals came from Echelon Fine Details. The mud in the lower hull was done with AK Interactive's Diorama texture paste and was applied to the model with the help of some water. The wet look of the mud is simply Future floor polish. Hope you enjoy the photos! Critique and feedback are most welcome. Mark
  6. Have you seen the size of the box? Mark
  7. I have a copy of the kit and can confirm that there is no provision for the flaps to be extended before drooping. Mark
  8. Well, it depends on where you can get the kit from. For me in Singapore, I can get the HB Fullback for about £54. Recently I helped a friend in the US purchase and ship him 6 kits. The total he paid was only £82 per kit. So it looks like it is the distributors who are the reason for the inflated prices that you are paying. Mark
  9. If their previous releases are anything to go by, then it is unlikely that they will only have one option in the box. Mark
  10. It has already begun. Mark
  11. It is to make sure the panel lines and rivets remain nice and crisp even on the bottom/top of the fuselage. If you don't use a slide mold, you end up with vague detail around those areas like that in the Kinetic E-2 kit. Mark
  12. That is correct. The spaces are there because they used a slide mold to ensure that there would be good detail all around the fuselage tubes. One down side is that there are mold seams around the tubes. But thankfully they are very fine and easy to remove with a bit of sanding. Mark
  13. The single Maverick launcher is known as the LAU-117. Wolfpack Designs does them in resin. They are also included in the Kinetic F-16 and HobbyBoss A-10 kits. Mark