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  1. Sadly, I checked Amazon and it says unavailable. And getting it from other sources is quite expensive (not even including delivery fee). Oh well. Thank you! Currently? The X-Wing of course After this, the Hawk.
  2. Thank you sir :) Oooh, that sounds like a good replacement for Pledge since I can't find it here. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Sounds pretty good. If only I didn't coat the scratched canopy with clear gloss Thanks, that scheme looks sick!
  4. Haha, I got a bit too happy with oil paints. I started my X-Wing a month or two ago, and I'm halfway through it. I'll post pics in another topic soon, and I have tried lots of new techniques on it so far:)
  5. Free handed. I just covered the entire wheel in black, used a fine brush to paint the middle white and dry brushed a bit. Yeah, I totally did. It had some weird fitting parts like the intakes and the landing gear (cement didn't help, poured a whole river of PVA and superglue with lots of stuffed Blu tack) but I enjoyed making it. Btw, are those aftermarket decals? Seems a bit costly, especially for a young dude like me, but I'll look into it, aye. Thanks! Thank you all for your kind comments, I appreciate them a lot.
  6. Hello there, Henrik here A few months ago (3 to be specific), I finished my first painted model, a a Revell 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet after more than 6 months, as I started work on it in November last year. I got it as a gift, and I chose a Hornet because (unpopular opinion(?) ahead) it's one of my favourite fighter jets, as it looks so sleek. I agree that the Hornet will never replace the Tomcat, but I consider it a worthy successor. It does the job well, and it kinda looks sick (with the Super Hornet being chonkier, a fat Hornet ) In case you're wondering why it took me so long, it's due to school, time constraints and procrastination. Sometimes I want to start work on it but then remember that I have to do other stuff later and then put the modelling work off When I do start work on it, it's hard to stop though, hahaha . And also, I was planning for my second painted model to either be a plane or a car (either Revell and Tamiya planes, or Tamiya cars, specifically a Supra :D). But a few months ago, I saw a cool Bandai X-wing kit at a department store and couldn't stop myself. I'm currently using it to practice my skills, especially in painting and weathering. I have also tried many new techniques like masking canopies. Oh, and I got myself a Revell BAe Hawk 1/72 for my second painted model, I can't wait to start on it (once I finish the x wing of course) Here are pictures of the Super Hornet, enjoy~ Also entirely brush painted of course, don't have an airbrush (yet). ^ The left wing, which looks wrong, came like that in the box probably due to a defect. I know I should have got a replacement from Revell but I was too excited to build the model ^The foggy canopy was because I tried to remove the seamline by sanding and polishing but I can't get any polishing compound so I had to leave it foggy. ^Cockpit, which was the first part I painted and looks the worst. Constructive criticism and critique welcome! Overall, I enjoyed the process and loved every part of the build. I made lots of mistakes, some of which are pretty obvious, some not so, but I too learned a lot and look forward to proceeding ahead in my journey of starting this hobby and look forward to build more models. Thank you for reading, and be sure to comment your thoughts
  7. Haha, thanks for the comment on my workspace! The table where I do model stuff is also my study table, so the picture I posted is just all the stuff neatly stashed, you should see my table when I start to do model stuff:)
  8. Thanks! All I can say is that a lot has changed here according to my grandparents and parents, but those two places still exist Also, just asking but is there a dedicated topic somewhere in this forum to share pictures of one's workspace?
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