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  1. Sea Fury VW234 low EDSG camo with Korean stripes - whats the gen?

    Looks like exercise markings similar to ones I have seen on Firefly V’s. Can’t remember the name but it took place in the North Atlantic. Firefly ones were blue/white/blue.
  2. Great pic. Still wondering what color it was - dark blue?
  3. Special Hobby future releases

    It is Planet. Look at the stock number.
  4. PLEASE, the “world absolute speed record holder” markings, the purplish one.
  5. Is the Airfix Avro Vulcan really that bad?

    Built the Contrails vacuform back in the 1970’s. Came out pretty nice but I ended up in the hospital emergency room with chest pains.. thought it might be heart trouble. Ticker was fine. Turns out the problem was the weeks worth of contortions involved in cutting , filling and sanding that big delta. Strained my sternum. Happened again years later when I finished brass railing a 1/350 battleship New Jersey. Was able to skip the emergency room that time. I have stuck to smaller planes ever since, better for the health. Ticker’s still fine.
  6. Is the any sign of a MH.1521 Broussard in 1/72?

    Model Art did a very nice resin one. Very hard to come by now.
  7. It is just that Trumpeter has let us down on shapes soooo many times, but hope springs eternal.
  8. Zvezda 2018 catalogue

    That’s a truly horrible and mis-shapened kit. Deserves a decent burial, not a re-issue.
  9. I guess it sometimes pays to moan a bit. Now I have the peace of mind to of knowing that my 1/72 S-51 dream will come true one day. Thanks Micro-Mir!
  10. What a shame this kit is 1/48. Strictly personal point of view, been hoping for a 1/72 version since I decided that nothing could be done with the Mach kit due to the irredeemable canopies.
  11. Still no newer F5-E kit than the Italeri in 1/72?

    Wolfpack-D from Korea, they of the excellent T-2 Buckeye in 1/72 and T-38 in 1/48, promised a new tool F-5E/F a couple of years ago. Havn’t heard much about them since. Wolfpack does really excellent resin but seem slow the bring their proposed injection kits to market. They may be undercapitalized, which is a shame since the few kits they have brought to market are really good.
  12. BLOCH 152 Heller Musée 1/72 new boxart ?

    Looks very much like the boxing I bought at the Warbirds Hobby Shop, Detroit, Michigan in 1966. First time I ever saw Heller kits. What a wonder!
  13. The one being offered on E-Bay is promising delivery in the second half of February. Looks more like a pre-order than slow post. Doubt that the kit is out yet, perhaps late January. The trouble with pre-orders not clearly identified as such is that ( with PayPal payment) they get your money upon order rather than upon dispatch. Works if you want it as soon as possible and don't mind the investment.