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  1. Azur / MPM Kits To Be Discontinued!

    Saw it also. An "announcement" that raises more questions than it answers. What about the planned AZUR Potez 25? Much needed and long awaited, now what.
  2. Sure looks like it from the sprue shots.
  3. Truly superb rendition. One question. Did AZ change their mold for latter issues. I bought a couple early on but was very disappointed with the nose. AZ had failed to capture the distinctive downward break just forward of the upper cowling centerline hinge. Yours, however looks just right. Your work or AZ's?
  4. 1/144 Scale AW Argosy

    I certainly hope not. As I recall, the pre-production sprue shots posted on this forum included RAF parts. Can the sales of the civil version have been so poor that Micro-Mir cannot now justify the cost of a decal sheet so that the RAF version (surely the one everyone wants) can be brought to market. How about it Micro-Mir. What's the story?
  5. IT'S HERE! Courtesy of Mega Hobby and the US Postal Service Priority Mail, and, of course, AMK. It is every thing it appeared to be and more. Those slidemolded weapons are a real innovation. Thanks AMK.
  6. More on Airfix 2017

    Hoping for a B-17G with upper wing halves. My 2016 release doesn't have any. Does have 4 lower wing halves so it looks like it can be landed up side down. I'm not sure which mark of B-17 had that capability, but I'm sure it wasn't the G.
  7. It's OUT!!! Just ordered the first of mine from the US distributor Mega Hobby who has them in stock. Now I can't wait for those Scaleworx South American conversions. Will we ever be satisfied?
  8. Insignia Blue is very dark. I suspect something lighter such as True Blue.
  9. Recommend me a good acrylic gloss varnish

    In my experience, Klear hand brushes very well. I never spray it. I find that just two coats will do the job on Gunze Model Color flats. For me, the issue with it's thinness is pooling. You have to be careful not to apply too much. If you are not, it will run to the lowest point, I.e., the belly of an aircraft drying upright on it's landing gear. It can be removed with alcohol or alcohol based solutions. Beware, however, when using alcohol based decal setting solutions, too much will dissolve the Klear. Another virtue is that Klear, when applied over natural metal finishes, does not diminish the metallic feel and sheen of them nearly as much as some other products.
  10. Erj 195

    To the best of my recollection, the Revell E-195 did not exist when the E-175 conversion was issued; or am I recalling the BraZ conversion which was produced in connection with Draw Decals that I carefully put away in the Hasegawa E-170 box for which it was intended. Wasn't aware of the extensive differences between the E-170/175 and the E-90/195. Seems like the BraZ conversion and Hasegawa E-170 are the way to go for an E-175. The bonus is that you get to build Hasegawa's only 1/144 kit and you have the choice of several nice schemes from Draw Decal. Mine will be Royal Jordanian.
  11. 1/72 Potez XXV from Azur-Frrom

    At last!
  12. The fact that they are both supposed to look like a P-36 might account for the similarity. I still have several of the Monogram kits. The parts breakdown is different. Can't tell if the fuselage is a bit wider, but the canopy view suggests it might be. It is a shame about the noses of the otherwise rather good AZ Bf-109's.
  13. UH-1 Vietnam Dust Off

    Booty, Sorry for the long delay, been asleep at the switch. Two high. The UH-1 cabin wasn't very tall either. Can you tell I spent a fair amount of time in them during that wonderful year, 1968.
  14. The differences mainly revolve around the engines. The A-37 had larger and more powerful engines. The result was lager intakes on the A-37. The intake area was enlarged and some what differently shaped ( more squarish) and the splitter plate of the T-37 was left off. The jet exhaust pipes of the T-37 were considerably smaller in diameter with a knock-on effect on the shape of the wing root around the effulxes. I have never been able to nail down specifics but I believe that the entire wing root area (in which the engines are buried) is slimmer on the T-37. Difficult to be precise about because it is primarily a rather subtle shape issue, but you can see it in some photos. the rest is mostly leaving things off, such as the A-37's refueling probe, underwing weapons pylons, wing tip tanks and some antennas (antennae?). This would suggest an entirly new wing root, or for simplicity's sake, a new wing and root and wing. Can you tell I have been planning this conversion for a long time? Was next after the DB-7 currently on the bench ( MPM A-20B with engine nacelles and vertical stabilizer by Hi-Planes ---- not for the faint hearted. Think I'll now be waiting for the Kiwi parts, several sets.
  15. UH-1 Vietnam Dust Off

    Pictures are consistent with my recollection. Left to right across the back of the cabin. UH-1 wasn't long enough in the other direction.