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  1. From someone who considers himself as an assembler rather than a modeller, i am currently building the Sword low back XIV and have had no issues whatsoever. Not even had to use much filler. Although 100% accuracy does not matter to me, i have never even considered the Fujimi and Academy kits as they just dont look the part when finished, but the Sword for me is on the money. Stay safe, Geoff.
  2. Apologizes to Procopius as i had totally forgot about that one! Im only 12 years ahead of him as well! Stay safe, Geoff.
  3. I mentioned above that i didnt get on that well with the SH one. As long as AZ keep up their standards, this should knock spots off the SH one.
  4. Now that is one to look forward to! I wrestled with the SH one as well, but seeing how much i enjoy the AZ Spitfire IXs, i wait with baited breath to see where this one goes. Need someone to plug another gap in my collection with the Westland Whirlwind! Stay safe, Geoff.
  5. Dont know why i did it, but thanks to this thread, i took the plunge and my backorder has just been raised to on its way! Wooksta, if they do turn up as straight reboxings, the spare Mk.III wings were on their way to a spare AZ mk.IX fuselage, but i may have to utilize the info you have posted. Just need to get the mojo back for my Spitfire project as i am just about to record a blank year for completed kits! Arabest, Geoff.
  6. Wondering how much more you would have to do to set up a wee side line selling your own decals? TonyO Decals has a bit of a ring to it! Arabest, Geoff.
  7. Jazzie

    Airfix 2020

    I think that with this reply that my quoting you was taken too seriously! Arabest, Geoff.
  8. Jazzie

    Airfix 2020

    Believing that a less restrictive member of management has returned to the fold, i wonder if this "like to do but can't" is still a thing. My reasoning for this thinking surrounds the Hellcat, where i believe all the development, and maybe the tooling was in place, new manager comes in and pretty soon after, its in the case at Telford. As to the Manchester, i see mention that the fuselage was carried over to the Lanc, but apart from tail configurations, i thought the only other difference was the inner section of the wing extended to take the 4 Merlins? How much difference is there with the outer wings? Going through this thread proves there are many worthwhile subjects to be covered, and i hope the kit designers have been given a wee bit of freedom to create what they would like to do. For me, i hope they are going as far as they can to cover as many allied WWII subjects as they can LIDAR, then see if they can finish off the Cold War British subjects. I would also hope that 1/144 is being considered again as i think there are many UK transport subjects that should be covered. What i think will be released for BoB, 1/72 Spitfire Ia 1/72 Hurricane I 1/72 Defiant others 1/72 Buccaneer S2B New tools, 1/48 Hurricane IIc 1/72 Liberator And at long last, a 1/72 Battle. Arabest, Geoff.
  9. Cheers for that Dave, Probably put fuel in all the AL1s they had bar ZG994 and never once noticed the lighter shade underneath. Should have my own photos of them as well so will have a dig around see what i can find. Arabest, Geoff.
  10. Dave, We handled some of the Aldergrove Defender AL1 on a regular basis at Dundee. Although that was a few years ago, i cant remember the lower surfaces being a lighter shade. We were also visited by the AL2s for a while and i cant remember them being different. Also wondering what you mean with "Later Army" has the AL2 had the longer fuselage, maybe same as a Trilander. Arabest, Geoff.
  11. Dont know about that Jordi. We got the Phantom out of that mishap! But then, things were not that bad for me as a youngster in the 80s with Phantoms at Leuchars and F-111s regular low level behind Dundee. Arabest, Geoff.
  12. I have been waiting patiently for the Cessna 152 to become available and i promise to start off with 15 to cover the ones i worked on. After that i would love some Piper Warriors to cover the way the fleet is now, not that i get to work on them! I see the Mooney M20 gets a mention, but i dont see the market for them. It is a fantastic looking aircraft, especially the Ovation, but i dont see many of them around. Then someone mentioned a Piper Tomahawk, but i have to say the best place for one of them is on a trailer in our fire-ground! Arabest, Geoff.
  13. If there is one era or subject that i think should be covered as far as practicable by a company like Airfix, as well as being what i would think is a popular choice area in the market, then its WWII RAF. I would hope that research has been done to see what that list would contain, who already provides some of the lesser types, the ones that would be the only game in town, and the ones that should make some money for Airfix. If they have made the Whitley, then surely the Manchester, Beaufort and Lysander have a place in the market. Wonder if Airfix could see their way to using their Workbench to expand a bit more on what people are asking for, maybe taking that even further to say yes, no or maybe and if only we had..... There is also "You asked for xxxxx, which we gave you and it flew, but more of you asked for xxxxx and we had to off-load them in the end!"
  14. Love these Sabrejet! Did quite well in my day at Air Cadets and not been tested for a good few years! Cant say more to what has been identified before other than possibly what i think is the Cessna 172 and 206/210. Wondering if the aircraft in the hangar a Skywarrior? Arabest, Geoff.
  15. On the first pic, what is on the stand that is behind the UH-1s? I see at least 2 prop blades and have something in mind but cant for the life of me correctly remember what it is. It could just be a C-133 engine/prop set. Pic 2 i think contains B-29, Skyraiders, B-47, Skyhawks(A-4B/C, E, TA-4F), F-9 Panther and maybe the F-111B from the previous picture. Arabest, Geoff.
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