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  1. If there is one era or subject that i think should be covered as far as practicable by a company like Airfix, as well as being what i would think is a popular choice area in the market, then its WWII RAF. I would hope that research has been done to see what that list would contain, who already provides some of the lesser types, the ones that would be the only game in town, and the ones that should make some money for Airfix. If they have made the Whitley, then surely the Manchester, Beaufort and Lysander have a place in the market. Wonder if Airfix could see their way to using their Workbench to expand a bit more on what people are asking for, maybe taking that even further to say yes, no or maybe and if only we had..... There is also "You asked for xxxxx, which we gave you and it flew, but more of you asked for xxxxx and we had to off-load them in the end!"
  2. Jazzie

    Another recognition test

    Love these Sabrejet! Did quite well in my day at Air Cadets and not been tested for a good few years! Cant say more to what has been identified before other than possibly what i think is the Cessna 172 and 206/210. Wondering if the aircraft in the hangar a Skywarrior? Arabest, Geoff.
  3. Jazzie

    Recognition Test for a Rainy Day

    On the first pic, what is on the stand that is behind the UH-1s? I see at least 2 prop blades and have something in mind but cant for the life of me correctly remember what it is. It could just be a C-133 engine/prop set. Pic 2 i think contains B-29, Skyraiders, B-47, Skyhawks(A-4B/C, E, TA-4F), F-9 Panther and maybe the F-111B from the previous picture. Arabest, Geoff.
  4. Dave, I know its easily done, but im confused! According to your attachment, RPM is illegal, but following a manufacturers RRP is not? Arabest, Geoff.
  5. As the retailer are obliged to sell at the RRP as set by Italeri, they cannot be blamed. However, there are questions to be asked as to why they are stocking kits at inflated prices that they surely realize will not sell? My opinion might be tainted by the fact i am not in the market for much of what Italeri produce these days, and certainly not at the price recommended, but i just dont see the business sense. Arabest, Geoff.
  6. Hello Gabor, I was not questioning your credentials when asking about the seats as you already prove your knowledge with what you have written. What i no doubt didnt get across was, is the seat actually wrong? From what i can make out from your description is the headrest is missing? You say that it is just as easy to get something right as it is to get it wrong, but we all start somewhere and at the start of my career in aviation, i certainly made plenty mistakes. I also had some tasks where things were missing and i wonder if all the original parts were in place. To that end, did the LIDAR subject have its correct seat with all the correct parts? Arabest, Geoff.
  7. Gabor, I think you may be reading too much into the provided CAD rendition of the model. You also may not be taking into account some financial restrictions in designing and manufacturing the tooling to produce this kit. Remember, for the Hornby group just now, the accountant is probably as involved in decision making as the head of the design team when submitting their future release requests. For the tooling, there may have been the Chinese equivalent of sucking through teeth while the toolmakers considered putting another zero on the end of the quote just to get sharp wing root leading edges! There may also be some input from the moulding company where they dont have the ability to mould such a sharp LE in such an area. Penny pinching may be hurting us, but im looking at my 1/48 Airfix Spitfire XII from about 12 feet away and it looks mighty fine! I dont understand your point about the original MiG-15 seat in the down position though? Could you expand please? Arabest, Geoff.
  8. Jazzie

    What's your day-job?

    Reading through what some of you have had to endure makes me realize how lucky i have been so far! I left school at 16 and walked into my working life 6 days later. Dream job was aircraft engineer in the RAF, but i have to say i enjoyed most of my time as an aircraft engineer at the local airport. After 10 years i was moved 20 miles up the road, and although i really did enjoy that, including the added excitement of low CAT aviation fire fighting, the draw of a return to my "home" became too much and just over 19 years later, i am a fire fighter at the local airport, where my career in aviation started nearly 31 years ago! Sadly though, a few issues, mainly with my fitness to work through back, shoulder and more recently knee problems may see me looking for a way out sooner rather than later. Might manage another 5-10 years but surely there is something else out there? Arabest, Geoff.
  9. Jazzie

    Airfix for 2019

    Sorry bud, when i tried to imagine the box artwork, i think the Hudson circling over its U-boat prey is defeated by an 8 guns blazing P-61 Black Widow ripping some bombers a new one! On the Hellcat, i think its an assault on the US market to maximize the return on development and tooling with the UK sales being the cream for the profits. I do wonder if US sales of the 48th P-51D had any bearing on the Hellcat getting its place in the catalogue? Arabest, Geoff.
  10. Jazzie

    Airfix 2020

    Denford, I expect that most people realize that, for new tools at least, Airfix know what they are working to release for next year already. What is wrong with a wee bit of fun in second guessing what is coming out along with a bit of wish listing along with it? Sniper has helped beef out the facts a wee bit when he mentioned Nov 17 for the Buccs LIDAR visit and Feb 18 for the tooling visit. However, the Hellcat from what i remember was put back a couple of times but there seems to be a bit of a change in tact that i think will be successful. For that reason, i think the development guys have re-scale projects ready to go, 2 year projects they know people want, and background projects that some of us dream about! Not sure what you are getting at with no other variants. I dont see the Sea Fury and Walrus as having enough of a worldwide variety of users, but the Walrus must have been a first run success as they put out another run quite quickly. The Tiggie on the other hand, i just wonder why it took so long. My 2 1/72 kits will now be OOB with the 48th built as one i have had the pleasure of working on! Back on track, we have had the Sea Vixen, so why not a Scimitar, or Attacker for that matter? We have had a Walrus, so why no Battle? We have had a Javelin, so why no P-61? And what is wrong with Airfix trying to get in amongst the supposed top echelon of kit producers? I might be wrong, but isnt the 1/48th P-51D up there with the best? Next up for the Airfix treatment for me is the P-47 in 1/48th, even though i mainly build 1/72nd. The ones you cite, well i have my Boston on the shelf, dont know what the Venom or Vampire have been missed and i have very little interest in the Beaufort. To that end, i only see a Hunter FGA9 and a rebox of the Bucc with RAF marks. Arabest, Geoff.
  11. Jazzie

    Airfix for 2019

    Denford, Despite wanting to agree with you, i think the P-61 is up there with the Sea Vixen and Javelin as being one of those aircraft that are a bit left field, but would sell, especially if the Hellcat makes enough of a financial return in the US to invest in kits like the P-61. Depending on what the production run is, if they sell all of the Classic P-61s, would that not be encouragement to produce a new state of the art one at some point in the next 5-10 years. As to the sacrifice, with the wee mistake by Airfix last year, i think the Spit was put back a year because they knew so few new tools were appearing this year. I also wonder if any other new tools were delayed to get something else in this year in the hope to get money in sooner rather than later. In that vein, i wonder if the apparent success of the P-51Ds will provide B and C models, along with P-47s. After that i think P-38, 39, later 40s, 63, might be lined up along with a top notch P-61 mostly for an American market. Over here, the Tiggie, Buccaneer, and Hunters could lead to Tempest, Mosquito and a whole line of the missing bombers. A whole line of Meteors, Vampire and Venoms would not be too far behind that either. If people didnt get what they wanted, i dont think we are gonna have to wait for too long. Arabest, Geoff.
  12. Jazzie

    Airfix 2020

    Im wondering if this applies to 1/72nd as well? I have the Merlin in the stash and see why it would not be as popular as hoped, but i also have several Lynx and would have thought similar sized helicopters would be ideal to be considered in 1/48th. Arabest, Geoff.
  13. Jazzie

    Airfix for 2019

    Wondering if the F-15/16/18 starter sets might be someone elses mould seen as there is a possible tie up with Academy for the 1/35th stuff? Arabest, Geoff.
  14. Jazzie

    Airfix for 2019

    With all the stories of financial woes, I expected to be underwhelmed. However, it seems i may just have to buy a fair enough share of kits to help them out of their dilemma! Maybe even get one a month starting with the Typhoon, JP and Skyhawk, then the Spit XIV, Tiger Moth and Hellcat and wait for some of the vintage and the Bucc to show up. Really hope that they get plenty profits to plough into a bumper New Tool bonanza in 2 or 3 years time! The 48th P-51 must be a real money spinner if they are onto what i think is the 4th and 5th boxing! Arabest, Geoff.
  15. Jazzie

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    Hope you have some left over from Telford as i need 2 of these! Will they be on the website soon? Arabest, Geoff.