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  1. F-15B Chase Plane

    Well! Another total failure to complete. Luckily this is perfectly timed for KUTA... Alan
  2. Stratospheric priced kits, or Holy Grails?

    Ridiculous is right! I built both of these, from these same packages, when they were new kits. If I had known then.... I do like the e-Bay credit/HP deals to buy kits originally, probable 2/6! Alan
  3. F-15B Chase Plane

    Thanks for that. I though you might like to see this. Had it been available earlier I would probably have made it in this group build. I have a copy of "X-planes at Edwards" which is a picture book of various prototypes at Edwards Air Force Base amongst which is the F-15 Active/IFCS. I have always thought this would make a great conversion. I understand that the canards are F-18 tailplanes, so it wouldn't be to difficult a change. However Hasegawa have clearly also thought it would be a good conversion: I just got this from HLJ where it is about half the price at which its listed as a future release by a certain on line seller here. The canards are moulded in resin with a bit of fairing attached and there are a couple of resin small fairings and a white metal pitot/instrument boom. The decals only provide the blue wedges and one would have to paint the red wedges (shades of Paul Weller and Billy Bragg). This is just the sort of distraction that makes it so difficult to finish anything! I look in vain for a suitable GB for this in next year's selection. I thought you might like to see it, Alan
  4. F-15B Chase Plane

    Hello. A little update: I've just been preparing bit and pieces but should start getting some of them painted tomorrow. The fit seems to be good in spite of the complexity of bits where the cockpit meets up with the rear fuselage. Its nice to make a normal kit! It does have some annoying features: ejector pins and sink marks on the inlets (top) and spacers needed on the wings for them to not be floppy (bottom). Alan
  5. 1980's Front Line Asia, we are 32!!

    Craig, I'd go for this. JASDF F-4, or F-15, or F-1... Thanks, Alan
  6. **60s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    I'm on for this. So, 5 now, Alan
  7. ** The MTO GB II for 2018

    Please put me down for one. Probably British armour. What is the period? Alan
  8. F-15B Chase Plane

    'Evening. Having completed the blitzbuild group build last week I'm feeling positively cocky and would like to add this to this GB: I think there are plenty of other builds of versions of this kit here, so I haven't photographed all the contents. The only specifics to this boxing is the colour scheme and decals. So, here they are: I'm hoping I can finish this on time because the colour scheme is pretty straightforward, there aren't any external stores, and I understand the kit builds pretty well. It's going to be OOTB, Alan
  9. Airfix Jet Provost T3

    Dave, Very impressed with this result. The decaling is brilliant. That would take me forever. What paint do you use? Alan
  10. Blitzbuild Gallery and Poll

    Lockheed X-7. Edwards AFB 1951.
  11. X-7 +/- X-8

    Made it! I took a couple of nice photos for the gallery and forgot to include the wristwatch. So, according to this, I finished with 2" spare, but in fact it was a fairly comfortable 7"! Thanks for the word and the spheroidal compliment. The X-7 needs a bit of love still: washes and glossiness and there are a couple of logos for the tail, but I'm pretty happy. I have enjoyed this a lot and would certainly want to repeat next year. I think the 2 x 12 hours option sounds more promising for me as it means sleeping only in company time, which has got to be better. I was so bushed last night that I took the whole 7 hours of kip so then there's only 17 hours of modelling time. I'm sorry Adrian didn't get his phantom done, and I'm interested in his post-mortem. For me I think: 1. Make sure its something with good fit, whether its resin or injected: there isn't enough time for lots of gap filling, even with superglue and accelerator. 2. Stick with one or two colours only. 3. Don't waste so much time sleeping! Thanks for looking. Alan
  12. X-7 +/- X-8

    'Morning. Right! I have modified an old Hasegawa base to hold the X-7, sprayed the X-7, and eaten this grapefruit: I did indeed enjoy the Grand Prix and sandwich, Mrs.PlasTix. Thank goodness for Channel 4 +1. Two hours to go. Alan
  13. X-7 +/- X-8

    'Morning again. I cant get over quite how exhausted I am by this. Now (11 hours in), I've got the airframe ready for paint. I'm just going to wash it and get some sleep before primer, gloss white, decals, burnt metal on ramjet and stick on ramjet: The stand isn't even started and I may well resort to a bit of wire in the ramjet for a base but I can see how that goes in the morning. The X-8 is back in the box. It is a mystery to me how anyone can manage a cockpit and canopy in one of these builds, let alone an undercarriage too. On the other hand I'm not so sure about a resin kit. Next year I think the recent Platz Tomahawk is going to be my ideal subject. Also eaten: Slice of bread and half a mushroom omelette courtesy of Mrs.Tura. maƱana, Alan.
  14. As the proud owner of one completed Unicraft model, which took me about six months, I'd say that that is pretty challenging! But also very neat. Are you planning on mottling it? Alan
  15. X-7 +/- X-8

    ...not as shortly as I'd hoped. After a bit of Dad-taxiing I finally got started at 1.15pm: I had thought a resin kit would be ideal for this as there's so few parts. I had forgotten the joys of resin. The bubble! There's one on the ramjet intake of the X-7 that I couldn't live with. After that was filled with zapped superglue, and the ramjet all cleaned up, that's an hour and a half gone, for crying out loud. Tomato and chilli sandwich. Alan