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  1. IJN Kaga aircraft carrier 1/700

    Thanks Guys It's funny, but after you work in 1/700 for a while your mind-set and eyes do to a certain extent adapt. Main thing is to not be in a hurry otherwise things can go disastrously wrong in a hurry! Hope you are enjoying that warm Pacific sun? Andrew
  2. Dear Colleagues After 3 years work off and on I finally finished the beast. You are looking at the 1/700 Fujimi kit of Kaga from late 1941 with Fujimi’s own PE and wood planking extra. Then it is dressed with Veteran models 12.7 cm AA guns, Lion Roar 25 mm AA guns, davits, Nanodread life boats and searchlights, Rainbow launches (I could go on). The sponson supports are largely scratch built. I am particularly proud of the Zeros waiting to take off. Rather than use decals these were spray painted using my own home-made masks. She was originally designed to be a battleship but following the limits of the Washington Treaty was converted to an aircraft carrier in 1933 initially with 2 flying off decks but this was then changed to having two enclosed hanger decks in 1935. In line with the doctrine of the time she retained a battery of 8" guns for self defence. With Akagi she formed the 1st Carrier Division which struck at Pearl Harbour. She was sunk at Midway in 1942. Hope you like it? Andrew
  3. T-55 mod. 1963 test-build (MiniArt)

    I saw your model at Telford Dmytro and was very impressed, great stand by the Miniart guys! Please can you ask Miniart to do some Russian cold war tankers for us too? Andrew
  4. T-44 in construction comrade!

    I'm glad you all seem to like the workshop! The work benches are balsa but the drill and lathe are resin from Plus Model. I think much of the other tools were Italeri? Regards Andrew
  5. T-44 in construction comrade!

    Thanks Guys As many of you know, cats are a law unto themselves. I hope to finish the turret and paint it tonight! Andrew
  6. Dear Colleagues You don't build one of these full interior Miniart kits, you go on a journey! From the chasis to the turret Then Sergei takes a look Is anyone else making one of these insane Miniart tank kits? They have extraordinary finesse but patience is essential Andrew
  7. 1/35 M1-A1 (Trumpeter)

    Excellent, love the weathering on those side skirts! Andrew
  8. Great looking model, let us see more? Have got a GAZ-66 in my stash so curious to hear how you got on? Andrew
  9. Keep on trucking with CA-30!

    Thanks PanZair! These trucks are not so glamorous but they have a rugged character. Andrew
  10. Dear Fellow Modellers Here is the Chinese CA-30 truck which is a clone of the Soviet Zil-151. The design owes much to the lend-lease Studebacker trucks from WWII. It was in service in China from 1960s to 1980s and I believe some still serve in the Bangladesh army. In the Vietnam war they chugged down the Ho chi Minh trail and so made a major part in the eventual victory of the Communists. It is dressed up with Miniarm resin wheels and SKP lamps and lenses. Trumpeter provide a canvas tilt but omit the cover on the front so this was added from tissue. Hope you like it? Andrew
  11. Cold war T-64 on the prowl

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm glad you're not too bored with my background scene - yet? Dear Badder, I bought a tree making kit from 'Treemendous' at the Nationals. I guess the leaves are like chopped herbs that you pour on the brush and branches Andrew
  12. Dear Fellow Modellers A few photos of my Trumpeter T-64. Whilst we in the UK were fighting to get the opposed piston 2 stroke L60 to work in the Chieftain, ironically the Russians were having awful trouble getting their similar engine to work in the T-64. In the case of the 5TD engine the cylinders are horizontal so helping the ultra-low profile of the tank. These tanks were amongst the main protagonists in the terrible Ukrainian conflict. Hope you like? Andrew
  13. T-60 No. 264 Factory Stalingrad (MiniArt;1:35)

    Seems like an unusual camouflage to me? Where in Russia was this vehicle seen Dmytro? Feel sorry for the crew going off to fight the Wehrmacht in the T-60 Andrew
  14. Modern Russian camoflage jackets??

    Dear Friends I am planning to paint a resin 1/35 figure of a modern (post-1980) Russian tanker. He should be wearing a camo jacket. Could anyone guide me on photos of Russian camo jackets from the 1980-90s period, like for the Grozny operation? Thanks in advance Andrew
  15. German cavalry

    Thanks Billy D, getting them properly on those saddles was important to me. I suppose if the horses were trotting they would lift up, but then the riders leg would go straight and Dragon gave them bent knees! Andrew