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  1. Dear Friends I am planning to paint a resin 1/35 figure of a modern (post-1980) Russian tanker. He should be wearing a camo jacket. Could anyone guide me on photos of Russian camo jackets from the 1980-90s period, like for the Grozny operation? Thanks in advance Andrew
  2. Thanks Billy D, getting them properly on those saddles was important to me. I suppose if the horses were trotting they would lift up, but then the riders leg would go straight and Dragon gave them bent knees! Andrew
  3. Dear Blaubar, oops you can tell I don't ride horses! The background is just a sky railway poster stuck to some board and then some scenery stuck on top of that, quite simple really! Andrew
  4. Thanks John My daughter thought the second rider had his reins too slack, but maybe the second horse knows to follow the feldwebel ahead? Andrew
  5. Dear Friends I had a go at this old set from Dragon 2007 to see whether I could make a go at painting horse flesh Most fun was getting the reins to look realistic - micro masking tape! Hope you like them? Andrew
  6. Brilliant model Olexandr, I particularly liked the weathering on the rubber skirts. T-64 is a very radical vehicle , a gigantic gun on a small sports car of a tank Andrew
  7. Yes, they are brilliant and inspiring books! Andrew
  8. Thank you Das Abteilung Very helpful information. They are such good figures it's a shame they don't have wider distribution Andrew
  9. Evening Guys Am really taken by the resin figures from the manufacturer 'Tank'. Does anyone know of a UK supplier? Thanks Andrew
  10. The best book on T-54/55 details comes from our Czech friends at WWP Not sure if it is still in print though :0( Andrew
  11. Best tarpaulin ever - period (with apologies to Sean Spicer), how did you do it? Andrew
  12. Dear Aeronut You know me too well! I need to do some more photos to get a different backdrop Andrew
  13. Dear Lloyd Thank you for your explanation on the canvas. I still can't believe its fine texture. Do you have a picture of the original product? I was wondering if it was something special for gift shops? Regards Andrew
  14. Thanks everyone, very pleased that this round seems to have hit home! I made the trees from a special kit, see http://www.treemendus-scenics.co.uk/tree-kit-order/ Which works well Regards Andrew
  15. Dear Colleagues Thanks for your support. There is a great book on Breaking the Panzers on the defence of the Rauray Spur by the Tyneside Scottish in 49th Polar Bears Div. They took on Panther tanks from 2nd and 9th SS Panzer Division with their 6 pdrs and held their position. The new sabot ammunition being particularly effective. So that is kind of an inspiration Andrew