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  1. Hi, having a go at my fits diorama, simple grass to begin with for WWII fighters but also one with some runway on. My questions is are these suitable for a base?
  2. A nice kit and my favourite build to date. Added the CMK extra detail cockpit the first time I had used extra bits for a kit. I have to say it was a nightmare, bits broke while taking them off the blocks, so I ended up with a mixture of the extra kit and the box original kit. Once it was together the cockpit did look nice, but it would not fit in the air frame so it took a lot of cutting, sanding and eventually I got it to fit, but I will probably not bother with a kit like that again! I tried doing an oil wash all over before I painted it, although I am not sure it made much difference to be
  3. This is the most difficult model I have attempted so far, I have bought the Quickboost ejection seats which will be a challenge on their own! Any advice and guidance is gratefully received.
  4. Most recent finish, nice kit but was a challenge for me, but wanted to build it to go with my Spitfire and Hurricane.
  5. This was a challenge as it is not the best kit, didn't go together well and needed a lot of filling. Bought the extra detail cockpit kit, not that you can see it.
  6. Joined the lock down trend of getting back into a hobby I had not done for 20+ years, started small and learnt as I went, bought a nice airbrush and still learning but here are the first two I built.
  7. Looks fantastic, I am about to start on my own Spitfire and I am curious about the wash you did at the start, was this before you painted? Did you wash direct onto the model before you painted it, was it varnished first? Sorry just not seen it before and wondered if it is better than pre-shading.
  8. Thanks for all the comments guys all really helpful but I came to conclusion that the cheap set was causing the problems, and no matter what needle/nozzle I used I was having the same issues. So I bought a whole new kit from everythingairbrush, arrived today. £120 which I thought was a great price. Hope I have it set up correctly, and hopefully will get some happy airbrushing and not be frustrated anymore. Thanks.
  9. Ok, so I ordered some new needles and nozzles, put the 0.2 in today and cleaned it with Vallejo Model Air cleaner, and tried to use again and this was the result: This splatter happens when I press the trigger, before I even pull back Once I pull back this is what it looks like Clearly this is not right and seems to me that the airbrush has had it. I am not sure what to do now, having read all your great advice, do I bite the bullet and spend 150-200 quid a better system or just buy a new airbrush?
  10. Thanks for the really helpful replies. I have given up with that set up as nothing seems to be working. I have seen the Sparmax kit with an Arism compressor which looks good and isn't massively expensive, is this worth it? Would it be an upgrade?
  11. Hi, I am new to using an airbrush, giving it a go after returning to modelling after a long break. Please don't judge me but I decided on a cheaper model off Amazon, so I could see if it was for me without spending a fortune, this is the one i got: Sometimes it seems to work fine and I have done 4/5 models with it, but recently it has started to play up. I get paint splatting out when I press the trigger down, without pulling back. And it will paint ok then it will just splat a load of paint out all over the place, I have shown it as best i can on paper here:
  12. Hello fellow modellers, After a very long break from building models, 40+ years, my partner bought me the Revell 1/32 Gulf War Tornado for Christmas (challenge!), so I thought why not. Since then I have equipped the spare room with all the items needed to make a good job of making planes again. Will post some finished smaller projects I have done, too early to make a start on the tonka, so I have 5/6 smaller ones to do first. Love the forum, lots of help for someone returning like me.
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