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  1. Its brilliant!! Really enjoying this one
  2. Thanks Tony, but you are only seeing it warts and all cause I post every bit of the build. Next time I'll post the kit on the spruces and jump straight to the finished article!!! Whatever you do, DONT BUY THAT PAINT!!!!! At the point I'd dropped it in the Detol, it still hadnt gone off/cured. It really is piddle poor. I can not believe people are saying they are spraying OK with it.
  3. Thanks fella - that's very kind of you, although if I'd not taken a lifetime over this and made a proper dogs breakfast out of it, it would have been posted in 10 pages!! The Chinook is a fine helicopter, and the model is a crap kit!!!!! I'll be finished by Christmas...... Stick with it!
  4. Hello mate. Its a great kit though. Honest!! I hope I've not put people off tackling one. I'm pretty OCD over it - I reckon if I'd just stuck it together and not done a lot of scratch work on the interior, it could have been knocked out of 3-4 months with a bit of focus. The big time consuming pieces have been sorting the engine mounts out and making the sand filters. I still cant believe noone else (in the half dozen or so builds there are out there on the hinterweb) apart from me and Ian has hit the problems with the airframe being so out of shape/badly molded on the model. Either we were unlucky or the other builders have not mentioned what a crock it is on their builds. What ever you do, don't buy that paint!!!!
  5. Right. I'm not mentioning the paint again, other than its not gone off. Its got to go. Last mention. Honest. Time for some surgery which gives you that, which will sit here Still a bit to do on these.......................... so its probably a good job that sh*te paint is coming off. You know - that paint. The sh*te stuff and Hmm. If I was going to put a winch on, I know what I'd be considering. This Wokka is however pre Kajaki, so no winch.
  6. I'd best clarify just for the avoidance of doubt then. It's shi*te. A complete and utter waste of money. It's rubbish. Total crap. It's so unbelievably rubbish, it makes Jeremy Corbyn look good. It makes Tony Blair look honest. That's how crap it is. I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy even for a laugh. It's crud Erm look closely
  7. It gives the appearance of thinning when you mix it with thinners, but it doesn't actually thin. It remains gloopy. If a paint doesn't thin with the manufacturers own bran of thinner then there is something very seriously wrong with the paint. That's what I found anyway
  8. just in case anyone is in any doubt - I dont think this paint is very good.
  9. its gone on with the consistency of PVA glue. Really hacked off. I'm 99.99999999999999999999999999999 percent this is heading for a tub of detol to be stripped back to the plastic. unbelievable
  10. quick paint alert. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER use Hataka paint AS LONG AS I LIVE. Iwata can cope with anything. This paint is absolute sh*te. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. I've used their thinners and ever tried cramming the mix with stacks of flow enhancer. this paint IMHO is officially sh*te. I've managed to knack my regulator for the airbrush trying to get it out. Its blocked my airbrush completely. thoroughly hacked off. I've managed to get the sand filters done as I refused to be beaten by the stuff. Its complete crap. How I would describe the experience is like trying to spray milk of magnisia I'm really peeved having bought the Falklands conflict paint set which has everything you could want paint wise.
  11. Thanks lads. Another correction to make on the kit These come out at 90 degrees from the tower on the kit. A little bit of sanding to do, but not too bad. Been on with these last night They protrude from an access panel Bit to do yet, like etch in the access panel! Spot anything wrong? Yup - these are from the kit and the r/h panel has been done with the grill upside down. I'm toying with spraying the grill covers on the sand filters and the sand filters as I'm desperate to get any colour on this what so ever!
  12. well after weeks of fannying around I'm done with them. Ready for some rivets!
  13. It's looking really nice. What other have you got? I've always been tempted I have to say!!