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  1. Managed to grab a quick hour tonight and That's an Alu tube, and If I secure it in position, all I need to do is extend the bucket and cowling by 5mm and job's a good un. Just need to have a think about how to do that. One option is my 23mm brass tube which is due any day. That will wrap around the Alu inner tube. It may need a bit of effort to have a nice smooth surface
  2. That gun looks like an interesting thing to have a crack at. I look forward to seeing that when you complete it. Cheers fella
  3. Its a monster!!!!! You must be well popular with your mrs
  4. I've just had to invest in Serpia, Steel and Gloss Black Base, so this is getting very expensive. It looks like I'm becoming a committed flyee thing builder with all these materials to use up....
  5. Not much progress at the weekend mainly due to family commitments, but at least these are under way finally. They bear very little resemblance to the T55 engine that sits in the Chinook but you wont see much of them at all. I will probably wire them up, that said. The variations of colour on the exhaust outlet can only be described as stunning. You name it, its there. Should be quite entertaining doing these!! The only good news is the inside looks to be pretty much burnt metal, so nothing too challenging hopefully. I've not used Alclad paint before so I am sort of looking forward to having a crack. I've picked up Gold Titanium, Chrome, Polished Brass and Paul Burnt Metal for the exhaust outlets. The rest looks like a combination of various steel and iron, with a bit of burnt metal for good measure. I'm assuming the surface this stuff gets sprayed on needs to be as smooth as a baby's bottom. Not the first thought that came to mind when I was thinking about a comparison
  6. Thank you for the compliment Tony. Its appreciated - I've come a long way on the back of this monster. First coat of Mr Surface on the inside of the exhaust outlets. Need to geta bit of filler in there by the looks of things
  7. Thank you very much lads. I'm sorry i've made such a dogs breakfast of them, but I got there in the end! Onto the exhaust outlets next. I've also worked out how to do that cowling and basket without major surgery, which is a result. I just need my 23mm brass tube to turn up from Poland now........
  8. Done. I can crack on with the exhaust outlets now
  9. Ta there fella - they have been a long time in the crafting......................... Finally finished
  10. yet another two tubes turned up today. That's about 7,000 in the last 4 days..... but the final ring is done. Now just waiting for a 23mm brass tube to turn up from Poland so I can extend that bloody cowling and bucket for the engine. I've worked out how to do it without hacking the thing to bits. Needless to say the solution was so obvious I didn't see it!
  11. So what's next Hendie?? We are all waiting!!!
  12. Thank you for the compliment Tony - its much appreciated. I've deffo been a tad OCD on these!! The brass works as well, although it was a proper pain cutting them off the tube. Here is the latest dilemma Cowling is too short. I've had a good look at some piccies just to see where the issue is and as you can see, there are 4 problems. 2mm too short on the left, and I need to make 3 cuts and extend it by 1mm at each cut. What a total pain. This bit is easy to do thank god, but not too sure what to do about the engine bucket as that has already been hacked around by me and re-stuck. Its got to come off sadly, but I reckon that's next weekend now. I really am cheesed off. I thought this bit would fly together
  13. So this is the point where I should be feeling pretty chuffed with my measurements Completely spot on. Now for the Wokka....................................................... great. Not
  14. So that's both Bass bits in. Next is some Mr Surface on the inside of the exhausts, which means I', one step nearer painting them. Woo hoo