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  1. Well this is the first plane I've build since I was about 11. Its supposed to get me back into the Wokka. Its Pacific Fleet, and they got hammered by the elements. Cant decide if I overdid it, but here you go
  2. simmerit

    1/32 Trumpeter SDB-5 Dauntless

    I must say I found the sheer amount of blue surface area quite intimidating where weathering is concerned. 1/32 is mahoosive
  3. Dan has persuaded me to stick this up here. Its on another forum, but he's a mate and here goes. Its an absolute monster. It sat on a shelf for three years whilst I located bits for it should give you an idea of the size of the thing make a mental note of those seats....................... I picked up the Trumpeter kit for the little lads and cracked on with them. I started this when we were deployed in Afghan, so that's the period I decided to model. Dont know if I'd do that now, but we are where we are still got a lot to do on these lads including mics I searched high and low for these and even spoke to the lad who did the originals. I finally located bits in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. I think they are still out of production sadly as they are good This is the Cobra panel. Its nice These are Septics from the Trumpeter kit. A lot to do when I looked at this Two choices. The panel shipped with the kit or the Cobra Edwood etch which looks lovely you can see the dilemma The detail in the loading bay area is pants Big Ed etch improves it a bit but its not the whole answer soundproof lining is not good also It had to go Cobra seats erm real soundproof lining so you can see the problem 90 individual hangers to do and some scratch building straps loose for access to the windows
  4. well here we are in September and what's happened? Well I had to find something to kick start me after two years off. Just on with weathering it, so hopefully it will be done soon. The plan however is to nick the rotors from this having had the mrs' lad snap one off the build and knack it. I'm hoping to make a resin copy so I can keep this kit (the MERT) intact. Reckon I'll be back on it in about 3 weeks lads.
  5. simmerit

    Kamikaze ' Divine Wind' Pegaso Bust

    For a kamikaze, he looks mostly 'armless to me
  6. I think that lad at shapeways is knocking them out but when I looked at the 1/35 ones they were pretty US to be honest. after a brief interlude I’ve started modelling again. I’m just banging out a Douglas dauntless in a group build with some of the lads on ARRSE, and I plan to finish this thing after that. Honest..... it’s still sat there looking at me every day in the living room. Waiting
  7. Im older than you so you'll have to cut me some slack You young uns. I dunno
  8. Falklands smock if I'm not mistaken?
  9. simmerit

    Big As MAZ - DONE

    I used to live in Rickleton and I'm a Makem and I stayed in the W hotel opposite the Whitehouse the other week, so beat that!!
  10. The worky thing has completely taken over. Its the mrs big birthday next week also, so I'm off to SA for a week. I'll be back on it when I get back. Honest. Anywa, I've missed catching up on the builds on here
  11. I meant November. I dont know if I'm coming or going at the minute as the worky thing is manic!!
  12. Erm no. I always put the models down in the summer months and pick em up when the clocks go back, which is the end of this month. I should be back on it in September. Its a labour of love......................
  13. simmerit

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    I'm still here fella. Its the summer and I always close down the modelling in the summer. Dark nights soon, so I will be back on the bloody Wokka
  14. All I got done was the filling on the doplar - she made me build a deck yesterday
  15. So the other side is done. That last snag on the snag list that's preventing me priming is this The dreaded doplar. Should be done tomoz. Quick hound update. She's mahoosive now and a total pain in the arrse
  16. well that was a dismal failure!! BUT This works! One down, one to go!
  17. This is the problem with the hinterweb - one of the lads on ARRSE provided some input The steel ballistic panels used to be a **** as they were so heavy, one on the inside of the bottom of each cockpit "door", two smaller ones on the floor either side of the cyclic stick, the companionway floor (turned it into an ice rink when wet), the door plug externally armoured (you've done) and three panels across the floor between station 120 and 160 (between the escape hatch LH and the door RH); these were half inch ish armour plate with cut outs for the cargo tie downs and bolted down in each corner.And the door panels were painted black on both sides, so they don't show up well in pictures (as the whole cockpit is black), as were the cockpit floor panels and the companionway. I can't recall off the top of my head what colour the cabin floor ones were - kind of rusty looking I seem to remember so might have been a red oxide like primer colour. This is what an armour package for a Chinook looks like, and bang goes some of that lovely detail of my air crews lovely Oakley desert boots that I spent so much time on................ see lower door for ballistic plate. Another one for the snag list, but it wont stop me priming it!!
  18. There is - I've got it, but I'm not sure if it goes all the way round. I hadnt spotted that by the way! I've also got the back of that plastic strip to trim off . I' not sure how much I can do on this as I'v got hardly any piccies - that's the best one I've got really. Someone. Somewhere, will be reading this saying 'that's wrong'.........
  19. maybe it does. I think I'll stick with that
  20. There is is from another angle. Any views? Does that work?
  21. I did..................... its the Peroni. That's my excuse anyway........ hahahaha (as they say). Hello Terry mate - yep I'm good, and close!! Just struggling with this at the minute. Not convinced. Views???????? and got these on just by the armour plate So apart from the Doplar and where the other sand filter where it is attached to the fuel feedline covers, I'm REAL close. I am
  22. Its a bit scary I have to say.......... and thank you by the way. On the finishing touches now before I prime it
  23. managed to crack on a teeny bit. Its the little bits that make the difference InAccurate Armour carbon aerial comes in useful, does it not
  24. Well I suppose they do call them Rockapes