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  1. Dragon 6395 Sd. Kfz. 251/17C

    Great work! I did a halftrack like that once. I thought there was some mistake with the angulation of the steering wheel. It seems the most uncomfortale position to steer a vehicle?
  2. HMS Belfast 1/350

    Fantastic! Where did the figures come from?
  3. Tomy RSO/01 (1:35)

    Great painting and weathering!
  4. Great work. I would be very proud of the result!
  5. Tamiya 1/35 Willy's Jeep

    Great work. I can almost hear the engine running!
  6. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    LOve the rigging. Always worth the effort!
  7. Z 39, Dragon, 1:350

    Great result! Love the painting.
  8. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Looking good. I wonder if pulley blocks could be made available by a company specialising in 3D printer products?
  9. Hunter Wooden decks

    Wooden decks are great. To apply you need to ensure any fittings on the ships deck are removed if they are going to interfere with the fit of the wooden deck. The fittings may have photoetch replacements. The deck needs to be clean and dry. I apply the deck by very carefully removing only a portion of one end of the backing and aligning the adhesive backed sheet over an obvious structure of the deck such as the foremost gun turret base. This helps to line up the wooden deck correctly. This way you are more likely to the align the sheet evenly over the whole deck. Once you've placed the intial portion of the wooden deck on the ship's deck, you can then proceed to peel more of the protective backing sheet off, and carefully adhere the rest of the wooden deck down. The adhesive can be very strong and once the deck is laid down can be very difficult to remove without causing damage. Be aware you need to ensure the wooden deck is burnished and pressed well down. I've got one ship with a wooden deck that has infortunately bubbled a little in places! However a Prontos wooden deck I've used recently seems to be holding well. I think some modellers will seal the wooden deck along the edges with superglue. I hope this helps.
  10. Go on write the book. I'm sure it would be a hit!
  11. Cannotsee photos either!
  12. Love your work! If you dont mind me asking could you show a photo of the tank in a setting with a plain background? It would help me appreciate the 'lines' of the tank better.
  13. Great work. Love the painting.