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  1. The old tool Yamato and Musashi are different. the ayamato is depicted how they thought she looked on the final voyage at Okinawa the Musashi likewise but at Leyte Gulf. The Yamato had extra 25mm mounts added after the demise of the Musashi. There are other differences but dont think the info was out when Tamiya tooled the kits. Still quite respectable but neither hold a candle to the new Yamato from Tamiya on any front.
  2. Kinetic

    Easily the best 48th Hornet by quite some margin..we done Kinetic!
  3. In 72nd i wouldnt touch anything other than Italeri. The Hasegawa/Academy kit is over a scale meter to narrow on the front chine and the Monogram kit has a spine which makes the entire kit front end look like a different aircraft. Hopefully the Habu sees some love one day until then Italeri is all we have. Even the Dragon 1/144th kit front chine is narrow by 4 scale feet. Sad state of affairs..
  4. Irrespective of the cost overruns, its inability to fullfil its contracted performance requirements, its delays that are almost as bad as the 787, its pure inability to provide what it promised its just plain ugly and not ugly in a cool way like an A380 or A-10.. At least Italeri are improving kit to kit it seems.
  5. There a quite a few changes for the Max like longer gear legs as well and figure a whole new boxing would be the way to go. Scimitars are taking over in the US with the bigger airlines retrofitting as fast as they can get them plus all there new aircraft 800 and 900's coming with them..
  6. Other than those above Brian Schul released two utterly beautiful books of photos taken by him the only Bkackbird driver approved to take photos. Hus book Sled Driver us legendary from a photography and aviation viewpoint. Expensive but worth every cent and then some. He also gives a wonderful talk on YouTube at a French conference on his story after being badly burnt in a crash in Vietnam his recovery and getting into the Sled. If you are into SR's it's a great insight. One of the greatest selfies ever. Richard Graham has given several excellent YouTube talks on the Sled as well from a technical viewpoint which really shows how incredible this aircraft was. A new 48th SR is coming along slowly I believe from Hypersonic which will be incredible looking at his previous work and hopefully do justice to this incredible aircraft and the guys who flew her!
  7. The last attempt by Revell to outdo a Tamiya 48th kit the Mosquito went down in flames just wondering what will be different here? Tamiya has a huge distribution network and the kit is never out of production..price outside Europe outstanding. Revell decent distribution yet kits can be hard to find and fade from production quickly. Price outside Europe climbing quickly and in most cases already more expensive than competition. Revells 32nd 190's in Asia are over 50% more expensive and in the home of modelling Japan triple the price of Hasegawa 190's. Good luck to Revell I'm more interested in the Neo 320/321 than retooling of nice kits I already own like the 262 and 48th Beau. At least our British cousins won't be gouged by insane import prices which I still can never understand.
  8. Seriously if the box art disturbs you maybe collecting Robert Taylors should be more your thing. But then again I'm sure people will and can find fault with the worlds most renowned aviation artists work as well. Just a tad more expensive than the Firebar however. Definitely on the list. Really happy we are finally getting the cool Russian Cold War stuff. Ok Trumpeter upscale that 128 to 1/48 please!
  9. Got my pair yesterday in Osaka. Typical Tamiya very clean and sharp. Nice cockpit and well worth the 2500 Yen..
  10. Be interested to know who exactly measured the Esci kit and the Italeri kits...oh that's right nobody did. Like most "old" kits like say the Monogram F-105 people "think" they are good and couldn't be further from the truth. None of these old kits have had rulers put up to them to anywhere near the degree ANY Trumpeter kit has. yet the good old Monogram F-105 is about as bad as you can get..the Trumpeter F-84 showed up the Monogram one and even now the Trumpeter Stuka has shown up the Hasegawa one. Why? Because someone said someone said this was a good kit 25 years ago before we all found our verniers. i wouldn't put faith in anything anyone said about an old kit because they are mostly wrong and because the canopy on a Trump kit does not fit an old unmeasured untested Esci kit in no way shape or form means the Trumpeter kit is dimensionally wrong. you want dimensionally wrong go measure a Monogram F-105 supposedly a great kit..we if the canopy was in the right place, had some semblance of correct shape and was the right profile maybe. Dont trust old wives tales about old kits they are generally wrong.
  11. Hobby Boss

    It seems everything always becomes a contest these days. To me it's a win win we now have early and late Mig-31's. No complaints here so I have gotten both.
  12. Hobby Boss

    Thank god we finally have a decent 48th Flanker. Picked a few up and very happy finally. other than the lack of washout on the wing it's very nice in my eye especially that the captured the distinctive shape of the front end. Very happy.
  13. Kittyhawk

    Grabbed one of these as i cant see anything which is so bad as so ruin the "look" of the real aircraft. Subtle errors yes but far from soul destroying like the Eduard 109 and its mutant wing which looked perverse when sat next to another 48th 109. nice build at modelling news of the Banshee.
  14. Out in Australia have one en route from Melbourne.
  15. Feel sorry for Wingsy with Fine Mlds releasing two new tool Caudes which are two of the most beautiful examples of the injected kit ever. Hopefully the have better luck next time as this thing might sell in Russia or places where people can't get the beautiful FM kits but anywhere else it won't. anyone familiar with the Bandai Star Wars kits will know what I mean when I say the FM one is better than them.