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Air New Zealand BAe 146 decal sheet


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Air New Zealand BAe 146 decal sheet.

1:144 decals from Old models Decals.


Air New Zealand was founded in 1940 as Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL)and gradually expanded its routes and network, until 1965 when it was re-named Air New Zealand Ltd. In the same year the first jet airliners arrived in the shape of the DC-8, and today Air New Zealand operates a mixed fleet of long and short haul aircraft, including jets and turbo props.

Air New Zealand had a fleet of 8 BAE 146s, 1 was a 200srs with the remaining 7 being the longer 300srs, these where inherited following the collapse of AnsettNZ/QantasNZ, this decal will allow you to build one of 4 these aircraft. The BAe 146 is a British 4 engine medium size jet airliner; it was produced between 1983 and 2002 and is noted for its quiet operation. The BAe 146 was built with 3 fuselage lengths, the shortest 100srs, medium length 200srs, and the longest 300srs. These decals are for the longer 300srs, and are designed to fit onto a modified Revell kit, or the Welsh Models kit.


This sheet is inkjet printed onto a constant clear, and some instructions on their use is supplied, and is shown at the bottom of the review. The review sheet is very nicely printed, and the colours and details are sharp with the fading effect on the tail logo, and fuselage logo being very nicely done, and some of the writing is less than a millimetre high but clear and readable.


This is a nice sheet for the BAe146, this set is very nicely printed, sharp and with good colours. I would recommend this set is for the more experienced modeller.


Review sample from, oldmodels%20logo.jpg

A view of the detailed instructions on the use of the decals


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Ok, I had an hour this morning so I made a start!


I have decaled one side, I found the decals very easy to use. I used micro sol, and micro set on the decals to get them to stick, but i must say they have gone on very easy. Some are a little thick, but thats down to me, I put 4 coats of varnish on the decals!



I have used the door, windows, and airframe stencils off the donar flybe kit. I will give it a day or so to dry and crack on with the other side!

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The finished build.




the decals settled down very well, but some are a bit thin as you can see on the tail, but remember the picture is almost twice as big as the model! some of the windows, all the doors and the airframe detail decals are from the newer Revell decal sheet for the finer details.

I would recomend these decals!

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