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Hi Everyone, well after a long time away from modelling, approx 2yrs, im now back and after some probs with my pasword im now on the forum. My qestion is , i want to build both the Mig29 and the SU27, haveing looked at the avaliable ones in 1/72 these seem to offer a good buy, has anyone built any of these kits and if so how good are they, im certainly up for aftermarket bits if required, but not major kitbashing. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks Dave

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ICM Su-27 out of the box is the most inaccurate kit. It's a joke

This kit became an object for various petitions and open letters to ICM especially after their advertising the kit as the most accurate prior release. The management of ICM was even forced to apologize for the model.

Just have a look on what NeOmega offers to correct the ICM kit. And you will understand what the problems are.



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