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A 1904 Tram conversion.


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Atlas have released some vehicle collections (I think that they has been available under a different name in Europe) They usually have something localy interesting cheap to make you start collecting. I found a Swedish tram that i found interesting so I bought it.


When I unpacked it I found this even though the box was intact.


I contacted them and they sent me another one.


Now I had two trams. Sadly from Gothenburg while I'm in Stockholm.


As the base was broken I could just as well rip everything else apart.


The model fit in size with a tram from Stockholm.


But there are some differences. The top of the windows are rounded so some work there was needed.


The fronts are open and need to be rebuilt. The end of the roof had to be shortened down and reshaped. 


I added a new floor with a finer pattern. Guess it is time for some paint.

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