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Base Visit: Nellis AFB 422TES

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Aircraft of the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, Tactical Fighter Weapons Center, Nellis AFB, April 1989.


A-10A 79-0172

79-0172 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 12cr


F-16B 82-1028

82-1028 422tes WA 19890429 01cr


F-16B 82-1033

82-1033 422tes WA 19890429 10cr


82-1033 422tes WA 19890429 24cr


F-16D 86-0039

86-0039 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 19cr


F-16D 86-0041

86-0041 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 12cr


F-16C 87-0309

87-0309 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 25cr


F-16C 87-0311

87-0311 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 32cr


F-16C 87-0313

87-0313 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 05cr


F-16C 87-0315

87-0315 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 37cr


F-16C 87-0333

87-0333 422tes WA KLSV 19890429 22cr


Thanks for looking,


Old Viper Tester

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I now see how appropriate your 'call sign' is.


Back in '89 I was obsessed with F16s. I  was also obsessed with Nellis AFB but I  lived in Dublin so it was a long long way away.


It's nostalgia but, in my mind it's like yesterday.


Great photos.

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Those are fantastic images.


The A-10 reminds me of how much I miss the old Euro 1 wraparound camo, one of my favorite USAF paint schemes. It could make just about anything look menacing.

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On 5/31/2023 at 4:19 PM, noelh said:

I now see how appropriate your 'call sign' is.

Actually, when I was stationed at Nellis, I worked F-4 and F-15 operational test programs. It was later, at Edwards AFB, where I worked the F-16XL development test program and a second tour at Edwards on F-16 upgrades where I got most of my F-16 experience.

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