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1941 Carolina Maneuvers P-38D

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Sorry to be mysterious- I feel honor-bound to speak up, but as of this moment have NO idea what kit or subject I've got in mind.  Maybe, just maybe, an early model in Army Maneuvers temporary markings?  48th, unless I foolishly decide to throw my 32nd Revell into the ring...

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Arrr Bob, haven't seen you in one of my GB's for a while, nice to have you along.


An early model would fit in just nicely as I don't think we have one in the build yet.


Look forward to seeing what you show up with.

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An update of sorts...


First of all, I hope I didn't sound arrogant with my comment about "what I didn't know"- it is just that, even though I would usually list the P-38 as one of my all time faves, in particular the "rugged, manly chin" late models, I haven't paid microscopically close attention to them for quite a long time.


I've got a week and a half before the (regular) boat run shuts down for the season.  Since May I've been working 7 days a week, between that and two other jobs.  Needless to say, not a lot of time to even think about models.


I'm still hoping to attempt a P-38D conversion, using the 48th Academy kit (possibly with some Hasegawa cross-pollination).


These are the "obvious" modifications required to back-date:

  • Modified nose gear, and longer door (sticks out a bit further forward)
  • "Scoop" over the front of the familiar turbo-supercharger ducting
  • (for my subject) Cylindrical "faux-guns" in place of actual 50 cal barrels- and the arrangement is slightly different, which may influence things like ejection ports, if they aren't just blanked anyway- which technically would still involve a wee bit of modification
  • Perhaps some minor details in the cockpit/ under the glass, though I don't tend to get too fussed about such things
  • (Edit) Oh yeah, remembered another: delete wing root cuffs.  That could take some delicacy...


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Hi all,


What happened to Bob?  Well, the biggest problem is that the Meteor STGB started up not long after the Lightning, and rather shoved the poor old P-38 aside in those dodgy areas of my mind, but I've also had some trouble forming a "clever plan" to make the big airscoops that this version of the P-38 features atop the turbo-supercharger area.


I know I could ditch the P-38D idea and just do a "standard" Lightning, and may yet put up a last-ditch attempt to do so, but no obvious back-up subject has stealthily taken up residence in those aforementioned brain cells...


Incidentally, I have both Lightning and Meteor kit boxes on my "stairway of doom", and I keep pausing as I go by and think naughty thoughts involving Meteor fuselage, Lightning wing, and god knows what else to form a sort-of "Super Whirlwind"...

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