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Green cast


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Did not have it previously. A slight green cast Seems to be more distinct after depositing pictures on Imageshack Not happened before.


Use an Olympus E510. All lights are daylight LED.. Photos taken on either mid grey or white sheet which is plastic came with photo booth. No hint of green in the sides of the booth.


All pictures are taken on fixed aperture. F11. No flash. Camera set to vivid. auto white balance.




Any help much appreciated.





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AWB can be a bit confusing to cameras, and it's a good idea to set a custom white balance with the grey card routine if your camera has that facility.  You take a picture of the card (or material) and point the camera at it from the Custom White Balance menu item.  I bought a round material white balance card from eBay for a few quid, and they're useful to have around, as any changing in lighting, time of day, or even the season if you've got ambient light is involved.


Also, try Natural for your scene style :)

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Think I may have solved it.


Have a twin Olympus. should have thought to have used this to see if the original is working properley.


Seems not as it now playing daft tricks. So factory reset.


Plus changed to ordinary paper from the plastic background papers & that makes a distance. so happy is happy & I am happy.  Phew.


Thanks Mike.



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