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Safanov I-16, right side

Eduardo Soler

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the  member for this is @Massimo Tessitori, and there maybe be something on his Soveitwarplanes site.  



scroll down, note this link


Itv has discussion,  looking at the Cyrillic, the plane with Za Stalina on the port side says it 'Za Kommunism ' 

Looks like he flew several planes, there is reference to Hurricane down the page.

the one in a museum, at the bottom,


I think claimed to be Safonov's had what look like 'Za Rodinu' ? (for the motherland, a common slogan) on the starboard side,  but I've not run the page through translate


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The Russian page about Safonov has been very useful to me.

Although the translation from Russian into Spanish with the Google translator is a bit difficult to understand, I have been able to reach several conclusions.

1 the plane with white No. 11 is not from Sofonov, but from Kovalenko, the confusion is due to Safonov being photographed next to that plane.

2 the airplane with number 11, had on the right side the text "for communism", although I do not think there are photos of that side, as described in a 1941 magazine

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