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  1. Massimo Tessitori

    What kind of Yak-9 is this?

    The Yaks are Yak-9M, rearward cockpit version. then there is a twoseater Yak-9, then flying Su-2s with the ww2 camouflage. In my opinion, nothing to do with Korea, they were inventory images. Regards Massimo
  2. Massimo Tessitori

    USS Missouri

    I'm not an expert of ships, but I'm building a quick model with the kit of Meng of the battleship USS Missouri, 1/700. The instructions sheet says that the decks should be painted all in 'deck blue 20 B' (this is the color of the sticks and of the plastic of the deck); I've looked for photos of the real thing, but I see that only the rear half of the main deck looks painted in a sort of dark grey, while the front part looks in a dark wood brown. Besides the sides of the hull are described as 'sea blue 5 S', with a tiny part in 'haze grey 5 H', the same medium grey of the upper structure sides. Now I've seen drawings showing the sides of the hull with an undulated camouflage during the WW2, while the modern version looks to have the hull sides in uniform grey. Who can help me to decide what to do with the deck and the hull sides, please?
  3. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi all, we have uploaded two pages about SB in Spain: about the Republican ones: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/sb/tapani/spanish/spanishrepublican.htm A pair of samples: and about nationalist and postwar ones: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/sb/tapani/spanish/spanishnationalist.htm A pair of samples: Please, let me know if you see anything to improve in these pages. Regards Massimo
  4. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi all, there was some new post related to the thing of silver I-16 here: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php?topic=2414.msg21345#msg21345 Regards Massimo
  5. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi, Righidan has sent a scan of a photo from a book, an I-16 n.9 with the usual green/blue livery and the caption: On the other hand, the photo of the Soviet I-16 n.7 in Khalkhin-gol in 1939 shown on Tipy Broni is certainly a fake, because Soviet prewar planes had always the star on the fuselage and the number on the rudder, not vice versa as on that photo. Anyway, if it was a fake from a photo of a Spanish one, it demonstates at least that the original image included all the nose of the plane. So, the thing remains in doubt. If (if!) the Spanish photo is real, the band was certainly red. No need of black bands to hide a star that was never painted on the tail. Regards Massimo
  6. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi Artie, the information from Miranda looks well detailed. I've found a profile of n.7 as from the photo on a book on I-16 of Gordon and Dexter. Of course, a profile isn't a proof, it means that they had the photo and considered it as genuine. About the pattern of Zavod and 21, I don't know. Some prototypes, trainers and aerobatic planes are indeed in silver, but practically no I-16 fighter operative with units was silver. If you find photos of these planes in Manchuria, or any other related information, I am interested to see them. Regards Massimo
  7. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi, there was a post of Righidan on Sovietwarplanes forum. So, unfortunately this image doesn't prove anything. I suppose that the original photo was of some aerobatic team, maybe it is possible to find the unaltered one. Regards Massimo
  8. Massimo Tessitori

    1/72 La-5 by hook or by crook

    Hi, I would suggest trying to find the kit of Maquette, it was sold with many other brands too and I think that can be found on ebay. It will require a bit of surgery because the cowling becomes too wide (not in diameter, in width) on the front, one can remove some material from the junction line and bend the fuselage halves to match the diameter of the front. If you really need the rare early curved windshield, it can be found on a set of Falcon aside many other canopies. Regards Massimo
  9. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    I am not aware of grey primers, ALG-1 was yellow, but aluminum is likely enough because such paint was used to protect the fabric against the effects of uv rays. Strangely, the tubular gunsight of early type 5 is not visible, or it was deleted on the photo.
  10. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi all here is a photo of what could be a Spanish I-16 with mouse grey overall: https://lamemoriaviva.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/la-aviacion-republicana-rompe-su-silencio/ Nice idea for a model or profile. Regards Massimo
  11. Hi, unfortunately the repaintings of wartime fighter types after the war's end seem to follow not any rule. Both wartime grey-grey camouflage, solid grey (light, medium, dark) with light blue undersurfaces, solid green with light blue undersurfaces, solid grey overall (light, medium or dark) are plausible. My guess is for dark grey or green uppersurfaces with light blue undersurfaces. The thing of the light green is interesting, I never would have thought to this, and I have not any idea about what color it could be. About metallic Yak-3s, it seems that about 50 ones were built around 1946 with VK-107 engine, but there is not any operational image of them. It seems possible that they were employed in some flight school, and were certainly more durable than the usual wooden Yak-3s. Their look was much different from wartime Yak-3s, their fuselage resembled that of Yak-9P. Regards Massimo
  12. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Ciao Ghibli, I had a link to an old interesting discussion there, but now it looks broken. I remember what was written, more or less. Regards Massimo
  13. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi, Has anyone contacts with Isaac Montoya to ask about the order of overposition of the paints layer on this piece? Regards Massimo
  14. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi, Interesting, is there any photo known? Was it painted aluminum when captured? I think that the planes were grey or silver when arrived in Spain, and quickly repainted. Some camouflaged planes were painted sand with green dotting. If they had received them painted green, it would have been easier to paint sand dots over a green background. Regards Massimo
  15. Massimo Tessitori

    question on Spanish SB

    Hi Artie, thank you for the answers. Soviet SB were painted light grey overall in 1936-37, but they tended to peel off so they passed to aluminum paint to make the thing less noticeable. Then a yellow zinc chromate primer was introduced, peeling off stopped and SB started to come out of factory painted gloss light grey in late 1939; then they passed to grass green/light blue in spring 1940, and this was the factory painting, sometimes utilized for repainting of existing planes, till June 1941 when the black-green camo was introduced, but the production of SB has already been stopped. So I think that SB arrived in Spain with the Soviet grey or silver livery and were repainted there. Besides I think that the most part of SB were not factory new but already utilized by the VVS. All Spanish SB had two blades propellers, but nearly all Soviet SB seen at the time of Barbarossa had three blade propellers. Where had gone the early production planes? Exported, I think. This sounds interesting, but I-16s came out of factory with green uppersurfaces and light blue (or grey/silver undersurfaces for later models, according to the time). So, if they arrived painted grey, they had been repainted somewhere, in Russia or Spain. The thing of grey I-16s is interesting, do photos exist? There is a discussion with two pieces of an I-16 here:http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php?topic=1019.0 I don't know the version, but this shows more layers of paint, the underlying one being probably Soviet original. It would be interesting to look at the pieces to see how colors are stratified. So this plane has already been captured by nationalists, and his fuselage band or codes repainted brown? Is it known what its code was? I've read this on a Spanish forum years ago, just about SB. probably this http://www.network54.com/Forum/394728/ but now the link looks broken. You can find the photo of a fragment here: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/colors/spanish/color-table.html. This page is not linked to the main of the site because it is still too uncertain and fragmentary, Though I think that it has some interesting elements, although unsufficient. This photo from Isaac Montoya shows a piece of SB. I don't know from what part, I suppose from the leading edge of the tail. We see two shades of green, though they seem overposed and could not necessarily be indicative of a camouflage. The yellowish part was interpreted as ALG-1 primer, but could be some Spanish sand too. Color 2 was identified as light grey, but it is not clear if it is above or below the yellowish layer. Best regards Massimo