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  1. Other Soviet planes of the age are known to have a 0 before the second digit, as the known MiG-3 02 that was often described with red wing consoles.
  2. I see. Probably I made this too late, it was already close to the monthly limit.
  3. Hi, I've temporarily suspended the download of the PDF of Rodionov till next month for their excessive download traffic,, but the other pages, included those on Il-2, are still fully accessible. Regards Massimo
  4. Hi, this Type 59 looks atypical in some respects, for example the AA cupola is lying over some non standard thick plate, as if it was recovered from another tank with a part of the plate around it. There is a strange box on the rear of the turret, I could be wrong but it is new for me. What is the origin of the tank? Ex Iraq? Ex Israel?
  5. Hi Daniele, hi all, the download of files from the Sovietwarplanes site has nearly reached 30 Gb, that is the monthy limit. To prevent stopping at all the accessibility of the site, I had to temporarily stop the downloads up to the end of this month, them I will restore it. Sorry for the problem. By the way, I have big problems to access to the Sovietwarplanes forum, both to post and as administrator. This is due to some software problem. Please, let me know if any of you has problems to access and post there. If none has informatic abiities to help me, I'll have to abandon the present Sovietwarplanes forum and start a new one on a new account. Best regards Massimo
  6. Hi all, hi Corsairfoxforuncle, If you haven't yet started to paint the model, i would suggest some corrections: the side air intakes of the oil coolers should have an asymmetrical opening, that is the right one should be cut differently from the left one; the fairing in front of the first exhaust pipes should be much longer (on wartime production MiG-3s, consistent with the long fairings of the mg barrels) and cover all the first pipe except 1-2 mm at its end; always on wartime production MiG-3s, the slots behind the outlet of the oil coolers on the sides should be deleted; all the panel lines on the outer wing consoles should be deleted because they were made in wood covered by fabric so they were perfectly smooth; of course, the ailerons and flaps lines should be preserved; the bulge under the nose should be rounded, not flat on its front. Best regards Massimo
  7. Hi Daniele, thank you for your work on this most noticeable page. I wouldn't have imagined that so many photos of this prototype were available. My work has been just to upload it, no much patience needed. Regards Massimo
  8. Nice to see I-185 kits. But the plane was made in 5 prototypes, all widely different. I hope that this is an accurate reproduction of one of them and not a mix of characteristics of these different planes.
  9. Hi all, the photo with black-green camouflage has to be of 1942 or early 1943, Tu-2 was already on production then stopped because of a wrong decision. The winter photo should be after the summer 1943, with green-dark grey-brown camouflage. It is very unlikely that the camo of the plane of the photo was grey-grey, because the prevalence of the lighter color visible in the photo is much less than 50% that would be expected in a two shades camouflage. On bw photos, dark green and dark grey are forthemost undistinguishable and they together could cover 2/3 of the total upper and side surface, that could be compatible with the photos. About the prevalence of the light paint on the uppersurfaces of the planes of 1944/45, this is still a mystery for me. Massimo
  10. Sorry to say, the T-62 of Tamiya is a too bad kit to deserve any aftermark improvement. It is not only simplicistic, but oversized and somewhat with bad shape. My suggestion is to build as it is to have fun. All those aftermarket would cost more than a new kit of Zvezda or Trumpeter that are far superior just out of the box.
  11. Very nice and well made model. I am very interested into Chinese planes.
  12. Hi, try to have a look here: https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/colors/1945-1950-newtypes/1945-1950-newtypes.html
  13. Seems more a light repainting on a dark background.
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