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Eastern Express Airbus A310-200


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3 hours ago, Ka-Efka said:

Main Deck Cargo Door. And, yes Polaris is essential an MRTT like the GAF ones. 

10+23 is a Pax A313. 

As the MDCD contour is supplied as a decal I suppose the fuselage is the Pax one. But, as written above, I'll find out. 

There were MRTT with tail boom. Don't know how many right now. At least one was used by Airbus Spain afair


Could we change the Topic of the thread? 

We're well past the -200 🙂

Super thanks for the information.

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I received the Canadian version of the A-310 awhile ago. I am not impressed with the kit overall. I would buy the Revell kit or better yet the Authentic Airliners kit is a superb kit.


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On 6/15/2022 at 12:59 PM, Homebee said:

I guess this is an EADS/ Airbus boxing iso a Spanish AF one.

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New AMP boxings:

- ref. 144009 - Airbus A310-300 Pratt & Whitney - Delta Air Lines & FedEx

Source: https://modelsua.com/airbus-a310-300-pratt-and-whitney-delta-air-lines-and-fedex-1-144-amp-144009





- ref. 144010 - Airbus A310-300 Pratt & Whitney - Pan American

Source: https://modelsua.com/airbus-a310-300-pratt-and-whitney-pan-american-1-144-amp-144010






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