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1/18 Batpod with Catwoman

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Up for inspection is Moebius's 1/18 Batpod with Catwoman figure.


This has been built mostly OOB, this was a build i was looking forward too immensely. Having obtained some reference photos to use of the real thing it soon became apparent that Moebius had dropped the ball, despite having the licence.

Heres a list of the inaccuracies found;


1) At the front of the engine is a distinct circular air intake filter, not on the kit you have a pivot tube stickin up!

2) The engine cover/seat fairing is too short on the model, missing a number of fairings off. It actually sits at least a further 6 inches down on the real thing. 

3) The steering piston is mounted on an angled offset bracket on the real thing, Moebius have built it on a vertical inline bracket?

4) The air bottle above the steering cylinder has the air gauge on the wrong way round, facing in, not out?

5) There is missing a mounting behind the cannon air cylinders on the front wheel, both sides.

6) The arm protection fairings are missing flutes and some surface detail.


On to the build, this does build up nicely if great care is taken especially with alignment of the front wheel assembly. I did have to cut down the front axle to allow an equal gap either side of the front wheel and cannon fairings.

A nice resin figure of Catwoman is included, this was painted in humbrol enamels. The gloves and boots were painted in gloss black which was too shiny, so i gave them a coat of satin cote to reduce the shine but keep the subtle difference between the satin black body suit.

The face was a mix of humbrol flesh and satin white to match Anne Hathaway's pale appearance. The hair was a brown mix with toothpick applied streaking.

The Batpod was painted in black satin, with silver fairings coated with satin cote to seal the fragile silver finish. With painted chrome for the piston rods, the wheels were rubbed with sandpaper to get the slightly used look.


I decided to just build OOB as i had already made a start, a more accurate version i may attempt in the distant future.


Onto photos of the finished build.







despite the inaccuracies it is a nice kit, i have the 1/25 version to build.


All the best Chris

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Gents i cant disagree, Catwoman was a joy to paint, getting the skin tone and the leather tone right. It took a few coats to get the suits seat right, thats my excuse anyway :yikes::Tasty:



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Your model has had great results and added a new dimension to my life. Living in your neck of the woods, I returned home the other day to let my Fiancée know that a fellow local modeller had done a great job modelling a female clad in tight leather, which prompted me to ask her-in-doors if she would have any issues with me buying her a pair of black leather trousers or being persuaded to wear them - admittedly, I never expected her to even bother acknowledge my conversation, however, much to my delight, she was actually listening and she went upstairs and produced a pair of these magical delights that I did not know she owned - fantastic result - my life just got a whole load better, all thanks to your Catwoman.

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Gimme shelter , you are truly a lover of models or a model lover you decide. 

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Very nicely done

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