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  1. Beefy

    Milton Keynes Show

    I totally agree with Kallisti but I would like to here from those clubs that limit free attendance to visiting club members what their reasoning was behind it.
  2. Beefy

    Yeovil Show Saturday 24th

    Enjoyed the show immensely and it was a pleasant change to have some different traders attending. than the usual lot you get at other shows attended. Big pat on the back to the organisers for being a successful show. It was fantastic to bump into Merlin 101 as it's been over twenty years since we lost contact, the man who got me back into modelling.
  3. The weathering and dirt effects on the tracks are truly magnificent. This is going to be one heck of a gorgeous model when finished. you've got just over 3 weeks if it's to be ready for Cosford model show.
  4. That is truly impressive.
  5. I have a spare set of the clear parts from the Trumpeter Wyvern S4 that you could have, just send me a pm with your name and address and I'll will get them in the post to you over the weekend.
  6. Beefy

    1/18 Batpod with Catwoman

    Gimme shelter , you are truly a lover of models or a model lover you decide.
  7. Amazingly impressive dear chap. Definitely coming along nicely, glad you've got your mojo back after Telford. Can't wait to see the finished model.
  8. Beefy

    Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I agree with Gunpowder17, i liked the film because it was a feel good film, loved the special effects and the actions sequences. I came out having seen a thoroughly enjoyable film. People who haven't experienced the original trilogy in the cinema,,when it was first released, will have a different perspective. In my opinion nothing will ever replace the first trilogy but that is because that is what i grew up with. When they released the prequels to the first star wars it was long winded in a way because we knew the ending it was a case of waiting to see how Darth Vader turned to the dark side. I'm glad that brought out all the films are they as good no, but those who first experience of Star Wars was The Phantom Menace loved the films and the sequels. We who you could class as purists probably don't. Enjoyment is the eye of the watcher.
  9. Beefy

    Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Between 18-12-0217 and 05-01-2018, lucky people, wish my work break was that long bliss.
  10. Just been to see Star Wars The Last Jedi and thought it was superb, it is nearly three hours long but enthralling and captivating. It answered a few questions but also created a lot more, really looking forward to the next one and hopefully all will be revealed. Lots of homage to previous episodes, the true and only Star War Episodes IV - VI. I can highly recommend going to see it. It is another example of a film that should be seen at least once on the big screen. Would i go and see it again, at a drop of a hat I would.
  11. Beefy

    2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Hi, Blackbird models do a 72nd scale set of mosquito two stage engines currently out of stock though, please see below the link for their web site http://www.blackbirdmodels.co.uk/mosquito-two-stage-engines-72-1290-p.asp Can also be brought from Aviation Megastore but also out of stock https://www.aviationmegastore.com/mosquito-two-stage-merlin-engines-bma72004-blackbird-models-bma72004-aircraft-engines/product/?action=prodinfo&art=133499
  12. Hi Gimme Shelter, Love the idea of a second hand hearse. Nicely pimped up, resprayed red with our club logo on the sides and bonnet . A warning sign of If you can read this sign you are too close. BACK OFF! Models on board. Or a second hand ambulance, that comes with a lift on the back, even easier to load and off load.
  13. Beefy

    Westland PV-1 1/72 Maquette

    This might help reference the build https://modelingmadness.com/review/preww2/gb/burstwal.htm http://www.arcair.com/Fea1/801-900/Fea870-Wallace-Singh/00.shtm http://wingsofintent.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/everest-expedition-westland-pv-3-pv-6.html Radial Engine http://www.cmrmodels.co.uk/Radial-engines+wheels72/REW72002.html Hope this helps. Good luck with your build
  14. That's where his friends come to the fore, if you have followed his build on the Imperial Star Destroyer and also saw it on display at Telford it took two of us to transport it from the car to the Club Display. The specially designed and also made box by Gimme Shelter was so large it took up most of the boot, with the rear seats down , of the MG ZR that we used to transport it. Leaving very little room for John and our suitcases. Also the journey took longer than planned as there was no way that i the driver of said vehicle was prepared to risk excessive braking, so that any risk of damaging the model was kept to a minimum. Never been so glad to get to the end of a journey in my life, the relief was immense when the box was opened to check for damage and there was none.
  15. Beefy

    I'm not an expert so ..... a Mossie question!

    Tamiya all the way Wondeland Models have one for £16.19 plus p&p https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/tamiya-172-dehavilland-mosquito-mk-iv/ Review here for you on the forementioned model https://modelingmadness.com/scott/allies/gb/1-72/fb6.htm