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Simple Photo Setup


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This is my simple photo setup.  Darker blue cloth is a small table in front of a window.  Smaller blue square is on top of a biscuit tin for small subjects.   Removing the biscuit tin and square allows me to shoot larger subjects but I haven't had to do much of that so far. The white square bounces light from the window back on to the subject.  Very useful for darker subjects or on cloudy days to fill in shadows.




Top image is without the bounce, bottom with.  Camera is an old Samsung that has a feature that lets me shoot double images, like this, or quadruple ones.  Unavailable now so I take pretty good care of mine.







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1 hour ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

I thought you bought the same monster lights I did (Or was it Bootneck?  :hmmm:)


I think that was Mike.  I went for the five normal-sized lights, but a bit of bounceback never hurt anyone :)

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