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The Flying Dustbin (part 2)


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The Flying Dustbin

Some of you may recall my starting this during the Achtung Panzer group build back last year. Like so many of my projects, it stalled for reasons I can’t now remember. So I thought I might resurrect it here.

First, a recap:

The PSC Churchill AVRE

16804557812_69be6d2108_c.jpgPSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16618076358_88489cc66a_c.jpgPSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

The boxing enables a variety of versions to be built (with more or less accuracy)
16618084248_cfc4f2ddf0_c.jpgPSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

Less than fifteen minutes was all it took to get to this point. If you are a war gamer, I imagine these easy build kits are a godsend

16618279180_e12b781a8e_c.jpgPSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16185734603_8274cb973c_c.jpgPSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

At this stage everything was only dry fitted, since I wanted to lift this from its slightly toy like origins.

Changes I considered were:

- replace co driver hatch with sliding mortar loading hatch
- drill out mortar barrel and add lugs, or replace with tube
- add avre fittings to side skirts

If you have any other recommendations then let’s hear them! The tracks are poor, and I contemplated getting a Dragon boxing to use for detail spares, rather like the IBG carrier supplied detail parts for my PSC Universal Carriers. Since a full run of track is not needed, it might be possible to replace the more visible sections with Dragon track. However, in the end I decided to live with the kit parts. Mud and dirt can cover a multitude of sins!

PS I know I fitted the commander's hatch the wrong way round!

I believe they call this next bit “modelling”, but I prefer bodging!

16623382009_9ef0dddc0d_c.jpgChurchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16808402902_0c53ed4712_c.jpgChurchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16623382659_cb7ed9b8f1_c.jpgChurchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr

Cameras are cruel, the added armour plate on the side hatch looked square in real life. Ended up cutting another. Basic plate work complete, the next task was to fabricate the brackets.

16627973540_11445b9f29_c.jpgPlates by jongwinnett, on Flickr

16794949366_e095e0e38d_c.jpgBrackets by jongwinnett, on Flickr

Brackets and sliding hatch finished

16637934658_ddfccf53e1_c.jpgUntitled by jongwinnett, on Flickr

They look a bit messy, but a coat of paint will hide many sins...

16825681995_d615062ca8_c.jpgUntitled by jongwinnett, on Flickr

The barrel of the mortar was opened up as much as I dared, the plastic is soft and will break apart if I go much further. A metal tube would be a good bet, but I think this looks acceptable (just).

16638294090_301967165e_c.jpgDry run by jongwinnett, on Flickr

This was where it stalled. It was fun, although the black brackets took several attempts!

It’s pretty much finished in terms of additions. At the time I wrote that I want to open up the second hatch space in the turret, look again at the inside returns at the front of the track runs, and add some hatch handles and some stuff around the rear plate, and a few other wee bits like that. Let’s see if I can finish it this time!

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Have realised that I had completely forgotten the turret stowage bin - need to dig the parts out of the loft!

That aside, some progress tonight – added plates to front return rollers, and filled the turret seams:

27146160400_a097b33b4e_c.jpgDustbin by jongwinnett, on Flickr

Then a coat of primer:

27351041191_0b57151549_c.jpgDustbin by jongwinnett, on Flickr

26815631983_cdb61eec83_c.jpgDustbin by jongwinnett, on Flickr

27324237872_64777be22d_c.jpgDustbin by jongwinnett, on Flickr

I am rather pleased with how the scratchbuilt bits look with the primer on. :blush:

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Superb scratch parts!

I've got some of the PSC Churchills and Cromwells in 15mm and they're smashing little kits.

Look forward to seeing this progress 👍



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Kind , but I think they must have been fitted to only some (bridging?)

I doubt that mine is "better" than Dragons but I do have the satisfaction of having done it myself!

I had hoped to post a photo with paint, but the colour I had seen recommended on the box , Vallejo Russian Uniform , looks like no British tank I have ever seen, although it does look like you could use it for spring grass!

Plan A had been Humbrol 163 and then a flat coat, think we might be revisiting plan A shortly!

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Lets hope I can finish it then!

As this rather over exposed shot shows, the green is 'orrid.

27370344631_728560d40f_c.jpgUntitled by jongwinnett, on Flickr

Meanwhile I am fitting the turret stowage box, and scratching a better loaders hatch for the turret roof. (Presumably not actually occupied by a loader on an AVRE?) just havent taken a photo so far.

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The stowage bin lid looked too sloped to my eyes, so I've raised the rear edge a touch and added some side fillets. These will be squared off once the glue has hardened. You can also see the replacement hatch covers, not great, but again paint will be my friend. Which numptie added them the wrong way round to start with? :whistle:

27344231142_0613290dcb_c.jpgDustbin lid by jongwinnett, on Flickr

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Whilst the glue was drying I made a start on the next wheelie tracked thing, if the AVRE is the dustbin, this must be the dustbin truck!

27371592341_0c4430118d_c.jpgM5 Half track by jongwinnett, on Flickr

26835983343_960af9f1f1_c.jpgM5 Half track by jongwinnett, on Flickr

27344245732_917a28270b_c.jpgM5 Half track by jongwinnett, on Flickr

This first one (you get three in a box) is pretty much a proving test, but I did immediately notice some issues. There’s no seats or steering wheel in the cab (the designer intends you to use a crew which effectively disguise this) and the bottom edge of the rear hull is open. I boxed it in with some 10thou plastikard.

27344244922_a8400c39ff_c.jpgM5 Half track by jongwinnett, on Flickr

27409267916_7c5810e930_c.jpgM5 Half track by jongwinnett, on Flickr

26835981493_02a83e2926_c.jpgM5 Half track by jongwinnett, on Flickr

26834158274_05a572b15d_c.jpgM5 Half track by jongwinnett, on Flickr

Some of the detail may be a bit crude, but to my eye it captures the basic shapes well. However, I have done minimal research on the M5 so far, so may yet change my mind.

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