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New problem: I need to bond styrene to PE (or possibly both to metal pins)


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A new problem: I now need to connect styrene to a moderately waxy plastic (probably PE polyethylene or possibly PP polypropylene - I'm not 100% sure).

All my experiments with plastic friendly epoxy glues & CA so far all say "won't work with PP or PE" !

One option would be to insert a couple of metal pins. But even then, aside of going for a good tight push fit, so far I cant find anything to actually bond to PE or PP.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

P.S. What about this: Starloc's "The 100% UNIVERSAL BONDING PACK"


The whole site looks extremely dodgy (!) and could well be a scam. But anyone here tried any of their stuff?

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You might try a contact glue- on this side of the pond we have Walthers' Goo that is used a lot by model railroaders (it has sort of a rubbery texture and can be a bit stringy when applied) or PlioBond is a similar brand that can be found in just about any hardware store or home centre, but I don't know what the UK equivalent is. You might try Hannant's https://www.hannants.co.uk for the Walthers' Goo.

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