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  1. Hello Can you recommend a good quality, hand held miniature drill? I need to buy a small high speed drill for engraving/grinding/cutting and drilling minute holes - i.e. between say 0.5 to 3 mm. I have and old 12v Richmond that does 13,000 RPM. But there bearing are shot. Unfortunately Richmond appear to have gone out of business/don't make them any more (??) Any suggestions for something of good/better quality. Needs to be variable speed and have a chuck that can be removed so as to handle exceedingly small drills. Having good torque rather than just a very high top speed would be helpful. Good robust bearings would definitely be an advantage. Must do at least say 20,000 RMP. Also at some point I may want to put it on a stand rather than just use by hand. Minicraft MB150 Hobby Drill (c.£25+VAT) http://www.rapidonline.com/Tools-Equipment/Minicraft-MB150-Hobby-Drill-no-Accessories-85-8000 Proxxon Precision Drill FBS 240/E (£59.79 - somewhat expensive) http://www.ema-models.co.uk/index.php/power-tools/proxxon-hand-held-tools/precision-drill-fbs-240-e.html Wait,here is a list of bands: http://www.rapidonline.com/Miniature-Power-Tools - Draper - Dremel - Maxicraft - Minicraft - Proxxon - Rotacraft - Sealy - Weller Any strong views? Thanks
  2. Hello A new problem: I now need to connect styrene to a moderately waxy plastic (probably PE polyethylene or possibly PP polypropylene - I'm not 100% sure). All my experiments with plastic friendly epoxy glues & CA so far all say "won't work with PP or PE" ! One option would be to insert a couple of metal pins. But even then, aside of going for a good tight push fit, so far I cant find anything to actually bond to PE or PP. Any suggestions? Many thanks P.S. What about this: Starloc's "The 100% UNIVERSAL BONDING PACK" Which claims to bond: "TEFLON, PTFE, DELRIN, PVC, POLYETHYLENE, POLYPROPYLENE, SILICONE" http://www.shop4glue.com/universal-glue-bond-adhesive-repair-pack-metal-all-plastics-ptfe-polyethylene-polypropylene-silicone-81-p.asp The whole site looks extremely dodgy (!) and could well be a scam. But anyone here tried any of their stuff?
  3. > Make sure it's polished I have sanded it down with Wikes Specialist Finishing Paper ("320G Super Fine"). Do you think that will suffice / what else did you have in mind?
  4. On a whim I bought some "WD-40" branded "Specialist Anti Friction Dry PTFE lubricant" which I found in my local car accessories shop. Bizarrely it does not appear to be remotely dry! I have tried leaving some to evaporate for a few hours and there is definitely still some grease/oil stuff left behind. More: http://wd40specialist.com/products/dry-lube/ On the can itself it says it is safe on "thermoplastics" I am slightly concerned about what the propellant carrier fluid is and whether it will dissolve my styrene-cement bonds. To take no chances I also bought some powered graphite but: 1. It doesn't appear to offer quite as much lubrication 2. All the black crud will look really messy on my (white) styrene model So I am reluctant to use it at this point. "Plastic parts silicone grease" sounds more sensible though. Hmm...
  5. Hello Please can you recommend the best lubricant for a styrene-styrene slide. Background I have a styrene model that involves quite a lot of force going through a pair of styrene-on-styrene slides. I am looking for a light lubricant. Doesn't need to be water resistant. To perform at room temperature. Aging not critical. Must allow fairly fast movements. My thinking so far: - I understand that mineral oil dissolves styrene so not good. - Someone say that silicone oil is safe on styrene, so maybe a light 100% synthetic silicone oil or grease? - What about dry lubrication? e.g. dry teflon sprays or possibly graphite (though how to apply - the surfaces are currently pretty smooth so wont take much off rubbing with a pencil) Talc powder? Soap? Something specialist: molybdenum disulfide / Tungsten disulfide?? Problem: how do you stop any dry lube powder blowing away eventually? ( in wind etc). - WD-40 / 3-in-1 may contain mineral oils?? - Other suggestions: NyOil II or Labelle #108 "plastic-safe" oil ? Thanks J
  6. Hello Any recommendations for a small-ish high quality "square" to help me cut accurate right angles (e.g. when cutting / scoring small pieces of styrene sheet) - Ideally I would like a "speed square" - something that lines up easily against the site of your cutting board / work surface. - It must have easy to read metric measurement markings. - I need to be accurate to a fraction of a millimeter. Background I need something to help me cut 90 degree angles. I am told a "speed square" is a helpful device as it lets you quickly align with the side of your bench/working surface. It would be helpful if it had measurements on it too. I have one of these but the finish is extremely rough & bumpy absolutely awful. "Swanson NA202 250mm Metric Speed Square" http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Swanson-NA202-250mm-Metric-Speed-Square-with-Instruction-Book-/181712888336? I have tried sanding it down which has improved it but the markings are so large and deep that it makes everything too inaccurate. So far I cant find any model supply websites i.e. What to buy and where to get it? So far (via alternativesite.net) I have tried: (I rather like the look of this thin beam square, except no markings http://www.micromark.com/thin-beam-square,8426.html) http://www.allcomponents.co.uk ==> no result for squares of any sort http://www.ashfordmodel.co.uk ==> No squares of any sort http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk ==> only "Engineers Squares" but they have no measurement markings on them. http://www.craft-products.com ==> no squares... (But this "Mini Mitre Block" looks interesting if I could work out how to use it! http://www.craft-products.com/pb102-mini-mitre-block- is using a saw more accurate than scoring and snapping styrene?) http://www.eileensemporium.com ==> "engineers squares" & "set squares" but they have no measurement markings on them http://www.ema-models.co.uk ==> only "Engineers Squares" but they have no measurement markings on them. http://www.finescale.org.uk/ ==> no result for squares of any sort http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/ ==> seems to be kids stuff only http://www.homebase.co.uk ==> limited. No speed squares. http://www.micromark.com ==> USA based not UK. Everything in inches. http://www.modelshop.co.uk ==> no squares with markings http://www.nairnshire-modelling-supplies.co.uk ==> No squares of any sort http://www.scalelink.co.uk ==> no result for squares of any sort http://www.westbourne-model.co.uk ==> no squares, including no speed squares http://www.wizardmodels.co.uk ==> no result for squares of any sort https://www.wonderlandmodels.com ==> Engineers square with no markings. Hard site to search I have been trying to avoid amazon because there is so much of low quality build, and repetition of the exact same stuff designed for other uses... which I dont want! Likewise eBay with the added problem of quality & legal concerns. Any suggestions/tips for precision, small scale working (esp with styrene/ABS sheet)?
  7. ship69

    Which Liquid Cement would you recommend?

    > I use both MEK and Tamiya Super Thin, and yes MEK is much faster. So MEK evaporates faster, yes (?) - but does it also a stronger bond more easily than Tamiya Extra Thin?
  8. Nope, sadly not even the mighty Amazon can beat Tuesday 10th Nov ("10th -12th" in fact) :^(
  9. https://www.hannants.co.uk/ only have EMA cement Darn it - I think I've blown it re. getting MEK for this weekend. In fact the soonest I can see on eBay is Tuesday. :^(
  10. Yes, I am trialing Dev' Plastic Welder". Results so far 1. Incredibly hard to work with - tends to squirt out way too much! 2. Sets rather too fast. Starts to thicken within about 4 minutes... 3. Sets hard as a brick within about 30 minutes (much harder than Super Glue corp's Plastic Fusion, 2 samples of which have been utterly hopeless) I'll need to wait 24 hours to see how strong the bond really is. (I've leaned my lesson on that!) Meanwhile any idea where I can get some MEK on expedited delivery (to UK mainland)? I cant find any at either ModelsRgo.co.uk or ScaleModelShop.co.uk ...
  11. Gads! Can anyone suggest where I might get some MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone / 2-butanone) on expedited delivery (to UK mainland)? I cant find any at either ModelsRgo.co.uk or ScaleModelShop.co.uk ... And I don't mean "MEK-PAK" which apparently contains Trichloroethane not MEK! This is because someone said it was the "absolute strongest" cement. ALSO it may work better on ABS for if I upgrade to ABS instead of styrene.. [??]
  12. ship69

    Which Liquid Cement would you recommend?

    Damn! I just bought some "Slater's MEK-PAK" thinking it was going to be made from MEK. However I just read on a forum that it contains Trichloroethane and not MEK ! Is this true? And if so, where can I buy some genuine MEK? thanks OP
  13. I've done a little more research on Devcon's website. Their "5 Minute epoxy" only works on "fabrics, ceramics, glass, wood, and concrete" http://www.devcon.com/prodfiles/pdfs/fam_tds_175.pdf However like Super Glue corp, they also do a "Plastic Welder". Devcon's works on: > " PVC, fiberglass, ABS, FRT, PBT, PPO, PCBB, Metton, Lomod, Valox, Noryl, GTX, Minlon, > epoxy, RIM urethane, wood, poorly prepared surfaces, and where outdoor weathering or solvent exposure is anticipated" http://www.devcon.com/prodfiles/pdfs/fam_tds_182.pdf I can't see (poly)styrene in that list, but ABS is a thermo plastic, and at least has stryrene in it... Anyhow I've just order some. More later...
  14. Does the reward system include recommending their site to newbie model-makers on forums ? It should! Fwiw, the modern way would be to give you a discount/reward code to give to folks like me, and then BOTH of use get a reward. :^)