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Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39A with Discovery STS-133

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Hello everyone,

I want to share my newest project with you guys here. Inspired by the build of roma847 and some others I came up with the idea to build the Space Shuttle Discovery.


The mission:

Building MLP, Crawler, Space Shuttle and a Launch Tower, representing Discovery during STS-133 preparation.

The ingredients:

  • Space Shuttle with Booster from Revell
  • MLP from Educraft (just as template)
  • Crawler from Educraft (just as template)
  • Launch Tower... Not sure yet!

I haven't decided yet how to build the Launch Tower. Only decission made so far is to not use the one from Revell, due to the scale issues mentioned all over the internet. And of course because MLP and Crawler would look pretty strange next to the Revell Tower. :banghead:

Mission started:

This shows you where I am at the moment. I bought a second Space Shuttle on Ebay to avoid opening the Revell Launch Tower one.


The box was faded a lot, but the inside was in perfect condition.


So I started right away with the Booster Rockets. most of the raised panel lines have been removed, as they are not present on the latest Shuttle missions.


The Mailman brought me this on the 6th of december... A paperrole with the MLP and the Crawler model.

This is the MLP.


and this will be the crawler sometime in the future...


I made some copies of the original paper drawings, so that I can cut out everything without destroying the original ones. Sounds a bit crazy, I know, and my wife told me already. But hey, you never know if you do not need the original drawings a bit later. :chair:

And like I mentioned, the drawings will just be used as templates. My goal is to build it with plastic sheet, a lot of plastic sheet. So first thing was to order some, which has arrived already, but no pictures made from it (a lot of white plastic, so not very exciting). Next I started with the Blast Chamber of the MLP, to just start with something.


Because I needed to wait a bit for the delivery of all the plastic sheets I also started with the Space Shuttle.

So I opened the gap between those two "rudders" (not sure if this is the correct english word) :shutup:


Next step was to locate all the gaps. There are a lot of gaps, and not small ones. This is a view from the top...


Looks the same on the bottom... You can basically look thru those wings! :weep:


Solution??? PUTTY, a lot of it... :fight: Space Shuttle started the fight, I finished it! :police:


Next step will be a lot of sanding, as you might can imagine.

In the meantime plastic sheet has arrived and I started with the MLP construction. At the moment there are only two huge plates with three holes in each of it, so not really something to show. Hope to be able to continue some of the work during Christmas break.

I will try to post frequent updates, but as I am pretty busy with a lot of things, it could be that it take some time for updates. So sit back and relaxe. :coolio:

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Hello Everyone,

Next steps have been made.

The base plate has been done and I used some plastic pieces as spacers to align later on the walls for the blast chambers..

I used a set square to make sure everything is correctly setup in 90°...

In the front is a little step, so I started to prepare everything for that. But there are also two vent holes, which I want to build prior to glue everything together.

Also I checked how the top plate is aligning with the rest, and so far it looks pretty good. So maybe, between Christmas Tree and Christmas Market I will be able to finish the base construction.

And I could not resist to see how it will look in the future. So I placed the booster rockets on the MLP. SWEET!!! :)

Hope I can post an update soon. But if not, I wish all of you merry christmas and a happy new year.

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Hi Alex,

nice to meet you here with your interesting project. :post1:

Now the beginning is still made and looks ever fairly decent. zustimm.gif

In order to stabilize I would install a transverse wall between the back wall (Side 3) and the SRB Holes, so that the cover plate later can not bulge, but maybe you have even intended too. cool.gif

And the test fittings occasionally are also important to prevent nasty surprises. schlaumeier.gif

And now I wish you well before Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Edited by roma847
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this is the last update before christmas. Top and Bottom are glued together. I added a support structure below the top plate, and like you can see in the picture, it is working. :winkgrin:

I also was able to add all the frame parts on Side 3 of the MLP. Looks good in my opinion and I hope you like it too.

Took me longer than expected, but that is ok. Should not be a short term project and will be interrupted by some other things I guess.

So it is time to wish all of you merry christmas. :yahoo:

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Hello Alex,

then it's all right, that should be enough, because in the back part the flat Blast deck come still on it, and for gluing the surface should be flat too. happy.gif

The angular profiles at the four corners probably come later still there, right? gruebel.gif


Source: NASA

So then again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! x39.gif

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Hey Alex,

We need an update. Hope your build is going good.

I have also made copies of some patterns for use later on in the crawler build. A good idea. I'm always impressed with you 144 guys. I can't even see things that small, LOL. Manfred's 144 build is an inspiration to us all. I've learned a lot from watching his build. Check out his build post at nasaspaceflight.com, mass more detail to use.

Keep up the good work, and let us know how yours is going.

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Currently my job is taking a lot of my time. And if I make it home in time, my kids are surprised that daddy is back home. :banghead: So no progress at the moment. Looking forward to the weekend, as I might have some spare time.

So you will get some pictures, hopefully.

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OK, time for an update...

@roma847: Yes, the anguar profiles will be coming, right before the sides will be finished (and when delivery is coming) :evil_laugh:

And here is my small little update...

I found some time to cut all the stabilizers for side 4.


And glued them all in place.


Next will be the horizontal stabilizers for this side... :banghead:

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This comes along nicely so far, keep it up. zustimm.gif Hopefully in your order is also the missing narrower profile, right? happy.gif

By the way, just in advance a short note to some decorative details, but have time for a while. The template of Side-2 of David Maier's Paper Kit where you're going to come, there are a few errors/inaccuracies. This is not the Side-2 of the MLP-2 but by MLP-1, what at first irritated me during detailed studies for my MLP-2.

Especially the two thinner pipes located there above the LOX lines are running differently for MLP-1, MLP-2 and MLP-3 and have two or three kinks (red arrow). :coolio:


Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (NasaPhotographer) (STS-116)

While the triple kink (red arrow) at MLP-1 is on the right side of the mount support interface, at MLP-2 and also MLP-3 the double kink is located on the left side of the support.


Source: NASA (STS-115)

And because MLP-3 was in action during STS-133, you should be aware that later ...

So you might look around in time for reference photos of MLP-3 when it comes out on such details. schlaumeier.gif

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