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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone.... Shall we give this one a third try ? If yes Im proposing the “Classic mode’s of Transportation” group build take two. This would cover anything transport (vehicles, trains, ships, and aircraft) related. Starting from 12 November 1918, 24 hours after the Armistice went into effect. It will end 24 hours prior to September 1st 1939. Any mode of transport used, designed, or operated in this time frame. This would include World War One transportation or aircraft still being used in this timeframe. Also includes anything that was into the advanced testing phase or in use as of August of 1939. This build does include civilian aircraft and all modes of transport types as well. Want to build a Spirit of St.Louis or maybe Amelia Earhart’s aircraft those both count. All civilian airliners (think Boeing Clipper) used in this era would count. The aircraft used by explorers such as Admiral Byrd also qualify. Not to mention any civilian types that were pressed into military service in places like Spain, Ethiopia, and China among other locations. I have decide to add other modes of travel so the options are now expanded to. Automotive, Aviation, Tractors, Railroad, Ships, and Armor of the period. Please ask if you have questions, I will research it and let you know if it qualifies. One offs and odd examples greatly encouraged to be built. If there is an written example, blueprint, or a prototype of something I will pretty much allow it. If anyone is interested in co-hosting please say so. 1. corsairfoxfouruncle (Host) 2. @Marklo 3. @JOCKNEY 4. @fightersweep 5. @TonyW 6. @Wez 7. @Redstaff 8. @Bertie McBoatface 9. @2996 Victor 10. @nimrod54 11. @dnl42 12. @galgos 12a. @Trevor L 14. @alt-92 15. @Pin 16. @Robert Stuart 17. @Old Man 18. @Ngantek 19. @TEMPESTMK5 20 @John Masters 21. @CliffB 22. @Toryu 23. @Ray S 24. @Bobby No Mac 25. @zebra 26. @vppelt68 27. @Mjwomack 28. @Col. (CO-HOST) 29. @TimJ 🏴‍☠️30. @Jb65rams 31. @LorenSharp 32. @malpaso 33. @psdavidson 34. @Colin W 35. @JosephLalor 36. @AdrianMF 37. @stevej60 38. @marvinneko 39. @Cammer625 40. @klr 41. @Whirly 42. @Quailane 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. ♦️♦️ Please remember to vote in November ♦️♦️
  2. 'Nuff said in the title, I suppose . Oh, just to make it clear, not the mighty cars, but the even mightier multi-role combat aircraft built by "Société Européenne de Production de l'avion Ecole de Combat et d'Appui Tactique" or SEPECAT, for short. I prefer the latter! Nope, not that, but all things Jaguar: Military aircraft, cars, tank destroyers... whatever was called a Jaguar V-P vppelt68 (host, of course) theplasticsurgeon Marklo Wings unlevel TEMPESTMK5 John Masters Wez Jabba JOCKNEY Redstaff Sam Colin W gingerbob reini trickyrich stevehnz CliffB RMP2 ...
  3. Finally, I was able to finish model this year after around 6 years. Actually, it is 2 of them, Skyraider and Skyray. A-4M, Hobby Boss, VMA-311 F4D-1, Tamiya, VMF-114
  4. I didn't think I'd completed anything in the early part of the year but I was mistaken, as my diary revealed. First the Canadian Ram Tank (all armour is 1/35) from Bronco. A British Mk.IV Tank finished as a Beutepanzer in the service of the Freikorps. This is a Takom kit. I switched to figures with this 'Android Gunner' modified with battle damage. Ebay bargain from China, brand unknown. She's about 120mm high. There was another Mk.IV which was finished in January bur returned for a guest appearance later in the year in a diorama built for the Whippet. This is Takom again. The Takom Grant CDL was the last to be finished in January. In February I started but later abandoned an Airfix M7 Priest and a Takom St Charmond. Not much wrong with either of them but there were family distractions which interrupted modelmaking for a long time. In July I joined Britmodeller and got going again. My first WIP and first build in half a year was the Takom Whippet Tank which made it onto a simple diorama with the earlier Mk.IV. In the Phantom GB I knocked out a 1/72 Hasegawa F-4G And then returned to my usual aircraft scale of 1:48 for an Italeri F-4J. A bust was next. This is a 3D print but I can't remember where I bought the file or who the sculptor was. It's about 120mm tall. Next came the Renault Taxi De La Marne in 1/35 from ICM. This was my French Fancy GB entry. This was a bit of a laugh. It's an Airfix Spitfire starter kit painted as if Baron Von Richthoven flew for the RAF in 1940. It took a weekend to do this one. My fourth WWI British tank of 2021 was this Meng full interior kit, blown apart by artillery fire and under inspection by some British infantry from MasterBox. This one was in progress for four months. And that was my year. It's been interesting compiling it here. I had been dwelling on my failures and was pleasantly surprised that so many kits had actually reached a satisfactory conclusion. One a month on average. I think I can improve on that in 2022! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is it immodest to describe your plans for the coming year here? I've seen it done a couple of times and I found it very interesting and not at all showey-offey so I'm going to nail my colours to the mast and follow suit. I'm hoping that will give me that little extra incentive to get to work on the can't be bothered days. First to be finished should be this, converted to the factory prototype version as a starter to a long series of Valentines and derivatives. It's already well along. As opportunities come up between other builds, I'll try to do a few more of the series. These are the ones on hand at the moment. The Canadian built Mk.VI will be a suitable candidate for the Canadian GB but long before that one, I'm taking this... ...into the F/A-18 GB starting in January. Also starting in January is the Bomber GB which I'd like to enter with this one. Two big aircraft at the same time worries me slightly, but I do like having two projects in hand to keep me fresh. In March we hit Big and British and a 1/32 Lancaster is both of those in spades. Just the nose though. I think that will be about as intensive as a 1/35 tank with interior. And just by coincidence, at more or less the same time I'm committed to psychiatric care to both this full interior M3 in the M3/4 GB AND the Achilles! What was I thinking? Then there's the Canadian GB starting in July with the Vally as already mentioned. and the final GB of my year is the Armoured Cars and Half-tracks GB. Isn't that the most beautiful vehicle you ever saw? You can keep your E-Type Jags and Mustangs, I want one of those for popping down to Sainsburys. That last GB runs until February 2023 but I'd certainly hope to be finished in '22. So that's the GB and Big Valley projects declared. In the copious free time between those kits I aim to fit in some random WIPs of my own. I bought that beautiful great thing for the non-running Leopard GB (Two votes short. Shucks!) but also because I was feeling rather inadequate at the time. 🤣 It was a Christmas present which I opened today and it's huge, like a crane. It will dominate my display cabinet, and pretty much my entire flat... ...especially as I'm planning to sit it on this other behemoth. I've never done anything like that before so I'm very excited, as the actress said. Finally there's a tribute to the lads which it would be cool to finish in early November. I say finally, but there might be a few little spaces in the schedule, maybe a weekend at a time for figure painting. I have a Ripley bust (but I'm taking tablets for that). She reminds me of the ex-wife, believe it or not. Well, actually the film reminds me of the ex. I think the rat from the 'hood, inna hood, is just charming. And then there's another ex - the Mother out of Law. Seriously, the resemblance has been remarked on by all. Can that lot be done in a year and a week? Now I see it on screen, I seriously wonder. I certainly wouldn't put money on it. However, I read something this morning on the Christmas Blitzenbuild pages where some crazyman is doing a 1/72 Victor in 24 hours! Go and see the carnage, do! @bianfuxia, by name, he wrote: Somebody said that it couldn’t be done But he with a chuckle replied That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried. I love that verse, it sounds like Kipling to me and I've always liked to kipple so ... Yes I'm going to give it my best shot and finish those 18 models before the end of 2022. Maybe they will look rushed, which would disappoint me, but maybe, I'll find that the more I push myself, the better I get? There are yearbooks here today with much more than this on display and of much higher quality than my standard. Maybe Stalin was right and it's true that "quantity has a quality all of its own"? It will be interesting finding out, won't it?
  5. Hello one Hello all... Ive been granted permission to advertise for my group build. This covers all types of Racing vehicle’s, show offs, custom designed, and warbird types. This would include aircraft, cars, locomotives, and boats. It also allows for making your own Racer or modifying an existing teams markings. It would also allow for Airliners in one off showy markings. It will need votes along with many other great choices starting November 1st. Every member of the Forum is allowed to vote for up to nine builds for next year. The top nine from the list of almost 20 possible will go forward next year. If anyone is interested please follow the link or visit the group build area to see whats available. Just a Heads up for any Australian’s or New Zealander’s. The ANZAC Group build isn't strictly military, it allows for anything from either country. From the day they were first colonized through to Today. Dennis
  6. Hello! My name is Juergen, I live in Hamburg, Germany. My English is not so perfect but I try my best in this forum. I'm a 60 year old plastic model fan, and I build only civil airplanes and sometimes something different. My collection of finished plastic models, grown during my 30-year modelling work, is a lot of more than hundred models. My favorite scales for airplanes are 1/72 and 1/144, but also 1/48 sport and private airplanes will come. Also some dioramas I already made succesful. It will need some time to understand all english terms in this forum, so at first I will read, later I would like to write and to show you some of my models.
  7. Hi Everyone, Here are my efforts so far in 2013. According to the number of photos I uploaded I have completed 11 models this year which is quite shocking for me. I know its not the end of 2013 yet, but I am still hoping that I might get 1 or 2 more done before the end of the year. I have HMS Astute, a Red Arrows Hawk and USS Ronald Reagan underway so hopefully once I get my workshop back to normal this weekend, I can make some progress on them. Anyway onto the photos. HMS Illustrious R06 - Completion date 13/01/13 HMS Daring D32 - Completion date 14/07/13 Dragon Iron Man Mk VII - Completion Date 13/10/13 Revell McLaren Mercedes F1 Car - Completion Date 12/10/13 Airfix RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat - Completion Date 13/08/13 Airfix Vulcan XH558 - Completion Date - 02/09/13 Revell SR-71A Blackbird - Completion Date - 03/09/13 Airfix Royal Navy SAR Sea King HAR.5 - Completion Date - 28/07/13 Airfix RAF Benevolent Fund Hawk - Completion Date - Unknown Revell B-1B Lancer - Completion Date - Unknown Revell Typhoon class SSBN - Completion Date Unknown HMS Astute, Royal Navy SSN - 1:350 scale - Completion date 26/12/2013. All comments gratefully received. Hopefully add a couple more kits to this thread before the end of the year. Thanks for looking, Rick
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