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  1. I can't help you by your question, but I've got another one: I want to build a Dash-8-100 from Hobbycraft, too. And always when the aircraft stands on the ground or even when it is taxiing, the elevator rudder is down. So I would like to have a photograph or drawing, what shows the tailplane rudder in that position, but as a top view. I know, it's difficult because of the height of the T-type tailplane, but maybe somebody has a helping picture. Thank you!
  2. Last year I built the Airfix Bassett. It was a nice work to do this. If somebody somewhen makes a 1/48 kit, I would build it, too, why not. But the Bassett was not so successfull, and before there are kits for a Cessna 310 or a Piper Seneca or a Beech Baron in that scale, I don't think that there will appear a Bassett on the market. My Bassett Model is the second prototype with a very nice looking colour scheme. http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=56428.0 Sorry - only in german! On a model show somebody gave me a very old "Flying Revue", Vol. 19, No 8, April 1964. And on the front page the Bassett. At home again my fingers coudn't keep still to start the Airfix kit. Regards Juergen
  3. A very wonderful model! I've also got this vacu kit and I am thinking to build it somewhen, but I don't know anything about the decals, so I ask you from where the decals on your model came from? Regards Juergen
  4. A few years ago I could "catch" a 1/72nd scale vacuform kit of the Stinson A. http://www.airliners.net/photo/American-Airlines-Stinson-LLC/Stinson-A-Tri-Motor/1263327 I would like to build this ugly/beautiful model, but I think there are no decals available. (American Airlines prefered) Has somebody an idea how to get decals for this wonderful airplane?
  5. Thanks for this interesting thread about the Fairchild 91. I've got this kit in my stack, too, and I am looking for civil decals for the model, but I can't find anything. I believe there had been 2 airplanes at Panair do Brasil. Has somebody an idea?
  6. Thank you for the welcome posts! And Thanks for your interest for the church. Actual I don't have any fancy to continue with this model, because now it's on to make the accomodation with a lot of benches an something else. But somewhen, I promise, I will go on with it. (because the model takes a lot of space on my modelling table). @HansReggelsen: In Hamburg sagt man "Moin" and "tschüs". ;-)
  7. Sice months I am looking for decals for the Douglas DC-3 "DST" (Douglas Sleeper Transport), in the colours of American Airlines or others. Do somebody know a maker of those decals? I Built a DC-3, a Lisunov Li-2, a DC-2 is WIP, and so only the DST, what easily can be converted from an italeri DC-3 is still missed in my Douglas "family".
  8. Hello Lee! My name is Juergen, I'm from from Hamburg. I'm a brand new member in this forum. You made this steamer wonderful! Even with lights! Very long time ago I made this model, too, but it doesn't exist anymore. But I have one quetion to you: The box art picture is so wonderful and I would like to have a print of it in A4 size. would it be possible for you to make a jpg from the picture what you send too me? The same (empty) cardbox I found on the attic of my parent's house but the colours changed and the picture is damaged. My e-mail address I will send to you by P.N. But I've got another question: The last of your pictures in this thread, where does it come from? It looks very nice, too. Bye bye from Juergen
  9. ...and I forgot to show you something absolutely different: A church in a small town in north germany, scratch in 1/87: http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=36535.0
  10. I want to show you some of my most difficult-to-build-models here with links: At first Douglas DC-4 (Mach 2) in 1:72: http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=43037.0 and http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=49134.0 or DHC-3 Otter on floats (Diorama): http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=51391.msg778298#msg778298 Some of my models you can see here: http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=55666.15 (Scroll down to "Gilmore, my nickname is the same as here) Best wishes from Juergen
  11. Hello! My name is Juergen, I live in Hamburg, Germany. My English is not so perfect but I try my best in this forum. I'm a 60 year old plastic model fan, and I build only civil airplanes and sometimes something different. My collection of finished plastic models, grown during my 30-year modelling work, is a lot of more than hundred models. My favorite scales for airplanes are 1/72 and 1/144, but also 1/48 sport and private airplanes will come. Also some dioramas I already made succesful. It will need some time to understand all english terms in this forum, so at first I will read, later I would like to write and to show you some of my models.
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