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Found 7 results

  1. An F-4S, Bureau Number 155541, of VF-21 on the Nellis AFB transient ramp, December 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. I'm a little confused of the F-4S "Tactical Schemes" used on US Navy aircraft's. Did they differ or where they the same colours from top to bottom? I've found different information regarding this. FS-35327, FS-36230 and FS-36375 (JPSmodell "Tactical Scheme). FS-36118, FS-3270 and FS-36375 (Esci F-4S) FS-36375, FS-36495 and FS-36622 (Superscale decals 72-441) It seems strange with FS 36375 (Light Ghost Grey?) on top and in the next paintinstruction find FS-36375 on the bortom. I don't knew how much the US Navy and the Air Force share paints and experiences. But the paints sugested for the EsciErtl RF-4C (9121) was FS-36118 Gunship Grey and FS-36270 Neutral Grey (?). What is accurate? I have one F-4S intended for VF-74 and one RF-4C... https://www.aviationgraphic.com/aviation-lithographs/2547-f-4s-phantom-ii-vf-74-be-devilers-1982-mb-54p.html Cheers / André
  3. Both the US Navy and US Air Force experimented with camouflage schemes created by aviation artist Keith Ferris, but none of these schemes saw widespread operational service. Lt Commander Chuck "Heater" Heatley of the Naval fighter Weapons School proposed a modification to the Ferris scheme. At first adding a false canopy on the bottom of the the aircraft. Later, simplifying the pattern from the "splinter" pattern associated with the Ferris schemes, running the various shades of grey across the entire aircraft. Despite the Navy findings that the "Heater-Ferris" scheme was not only effective in making visual detection more difficult, but also determining the attitude and direction of the aircraft, only two fighter units adopted the scheme: VF-302 (Stallions) applied the scheme first, then VF-301 (Devil's Disciples) applied the scheme in a mirror image of their sister squadron. VF-301 began applying the scheme in late 1982 and kept it until they turned in their Phantoms for F-14As in 1984. I've only seen a few images of VF-302 in Heater-Ferris, but I did get some 'happy snaps' of VF-301 in 1983... 153904 ND106 155749 ND110 - MiG Killer 155856 ND111 155878 ND100 155893 ND107. Note the progression of the greys is reversed on this airframe. It was later changed to match the rest of the squadron, starting with dark grey at the nose progressing to light are at the tail: And a US Navy image by Bruce Trombecky. 155542 ND103 and 153874 ND104 According to US Navy sources, the colors are: FS35164, FS35237, FS36307, and the ever popular FS36375. Other aircraft in VF-301 around this time: 153814 (ND101), 153824 (ND102), 153884 (ND105), and 155873 (ND112). Hasegawa released this kit about six years ago. I've got one in the stash. What am I waiting for? Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. F-4S with USN Reserve squadron, VF-302 out of NAS Miramar. At Nellis AFB for Green Flag 81-3. 152307 ND214 153823 ND202 153857 ND206 155527 ND205 155864 ND204 155900 ND201 Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. HI, Finally getting caught up with my to do list and wanted to get the completed build posted here. The kit was sent to me by ZM prior to the US NATS for a build and it is a fantastic kit. Alll but a couple of the F-4S mods were added to the J kit to make the new Phantom mark. The big change is an entirely new wing that is set up for not only the slats, but includes the belly strap and strengthening plates that the "S" carried. The even got the outer slat shape correct where as others have simply used the USAF profile slat. The other detail they got right is the inner slat lip that extends past the bottom of the wing when retracted. A neat feature is that the slats come in the extended position and ZM included parts to position the elevator and extend the nose gear to make a carrier launch scene if desired. For those wanting retracted slats that are the std position for resting aircraft, you simply remove the linkages from the appropriate parts, attache the inner slat, to the wing, and position the outer slats accordingly. I used the some photo etch parts and did some scratch building. F-4S VF-301 MIG Killer in Ferris Colors Accessories Used: Eduard PE Sets Master Models Metal Pitot tubes and AOA Sensor HWG Seat Belts Scratch Built items are: Main Gear retraction rods and small door linkages Slatted Elevator space opened up Scratch built Canopy sills, Breaker bar, and details Cockpit Side Sills modeling the Canopy Locking linkages Pilot Landing gear position lever and Tail Hook Lever Seat Ejection Pull Loops Detailed Exhaust Nozzles Sparrow Missile guidance sensor added to right nose under AC Intake Vents under rear fuselage opened and Drain added Here is the build link to see what was done: Now for the pics: Thx,
  6. Don't know if this has been covered before but I'm sure someone will point me in the right direction. I picked up a bargain QF-4S Hasegawa Bloodhounds boxing, with the engraved panel lines, and looking at options. I would prefer to do a Hi-Viz F-4J instead of a Low-Viz F-4S and wondered about the conversion. Other than the minor surgery the big one is the slatted wing (Sprue M) and wondered if anyone has converted a slatted wing to non slatted. If its straightforward I'l give it a go. Cheers
  7. McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II “Vandy 75” 1:48 Hasegawa The history of the F-4 Phantom is too well known to re-write it here, suffice it to say that it has proven itself to be one of the best aircraft of its type built to date. The Hasegawa kit is probably equally as well known was still regarded as the best 1/48 scale kit available up until perhaps when Academy released their B and C versions. The original Hasegawa F-4 was released around 1980 and has seen many re-releases of the various versions from that date, along with new or additional parts they included new decals and the moulds were refreshed with engraved details to replace the raised details. This version of the Phantom the F-4S comes with commemorative decals for the 75th anniversary of Air Test and Evaluation squadron VX-4. The thing with the Hasegawa Phantom kits is that you know exactly what you’re going to get. The moulds are obviously holding up well as there is no sign of flash or imperfections, on the review sample at least, the details are still nice and crisp. It’s not perfect by any means but a good looking model is quite easy to achieve. Plus there is more aftermarket for these kits than you can throw a stick at, so the world is your lobster in deciding how detailed you want to make your kit. What you do get in this release is the strengthening panels for under the wing and around the main wheel bays. These are provided in what looks like etched nickel and are pretty easy to fit. For those that haven’t built one construction begins with the two pilots, each with separate heads, complete with bone dome, masks and oxygen hose. The pilot has a separate right arm, whilst the navigator has a separate left arm. The ejection seats are assembled from the singe piece squab/backrest/headrest, the two seat sides; primary ejection gun and headbox cover with firing handles moulded integrally. The twin seat tub is fitted with the rear bulkhead, navigators’ instrument panel with separate radar joystick, mid bulkhead, pilots joystick, rudder pedals and instrument panel. The instrument panels and side consoles need to be carefully painted as there are no decals included. The nosewheel bay is then glued to the bottom of the completed cockpit tub and affixed to one side of the fuselage followed by the separate sidewalls. The fuselage halves are then joined together and the two piece air intakes are attached. The blank wall that Hasegawa provide at the rear of the intakes needs to be painted black, or the modeller could produce a photo/decal to reproduce the intake and fan face before fitting the kit parts. Alternatively some homemade or aftermarket intake blanks could be use to hide the shortcoming. With the intakes in place the two ECM fins are fitted to each side. The single piece lower wing isn’t fitted with the outer wing panels; these are moulded with the upper wing sections, thus ensuring the correct dihedral on these panels. With the upper wings fixed to the lower section the wing fence on the leading edge at the fold join needs to be removed and a new part fitted further back along the join. The outer wing slats are also fitted at this time. The completed wing can then be joined to the fuselage assembly, followed by the single piece exhausts, horizontal tailplanes, fin top, two part nosecone, rear canopy fairing, the ejector seats and the pilots. Turning the model over onto its back the nose wheel, consisting of the oleo, separate scissor link, twin nose wheels and retraction jacks are assembled and fitted to the nosewheel bay. The main door retraction mechanism, main door, nose door with aerial attached are then fitted, as are the openings for the two nose intakes. Once the etched strengthening straps have been carefully removed from the fret the can be fitted into their appropriate positions forward of the main wheel bays and airbrakes. Each main undercarriage assembly is made up of two wheel halves, oleo, retraction jack and main bay door; these are then fitted into place. The small outer doors are then attached, followed by the inner doors and their linkages. The airbrakes can be posed either extended or retracted with the addition of the actuator jack if extended. The catapult stop hooks and their mounting plates are then fitted to the forward inner wing. To complete the fuselage the intake splitter plates and cockpit glazing parts are attached, the modeller can pose the canopies open or closed as desired. The model also comes with three two piece drop tanks, one for the centreline station and two for the outer wing stations. The inner wing pylons are fitted with twin launch rails and attached to the inner wing station. The kit does come with four Sidewinder and four Sparrow missiles should the modeller wish to fit them. Decals The decal sheet is smaller than normal due to the fact that there aren’t any stencils, probably due to this particular scheme. The gold 75th anniversary markings look great on the sheet with good density and opacity and in register. There is very little carrier film visible with the sole exceptions being the air intake warnings, but being affixed on gloss paint this shouldn’t cause too many problems with silvering. It certainly a lovely looking scheme. Conclusion Yes it’s another Hasegawa Phantom re-release. But in 1:48 this is still the one to get if you want an F-4S. I have built a few in my time modelling and have always enjoyed the build so maybe it’s time for me to do another? If you haven’t built one then now’s the time as you can’t have a model collection without at least one Phantom in it. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of UK distributors for
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