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Found 14 results

  1. Dropped in at George AFB to coordinate use of the Superior Valley bombing range in June, 1991. George was the home of the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing and the continental US home of F-4G Wild Weasels. At this time, the 35TFW consisted of: the 20th Tac Fighter Training Squadron ("Silver Lobos", F-4E), the 21st Tac Fighter Training Squadron ("Cheetahs", F-4E), and the 561st, 562nd, and 563rd Tac Fighter Squadrons (F-4E/G). The 20TFTS contained the 1st German Air Force Training Squadron, providing F-4E/F transition training for Luftwaffe crews. F-4E 66-0334, 20TFTS F-4E 67-0319, 20TFTS F-4E 67-0377, 163TFS Indiana Air National Guard out of Hulman Field (Terre Haute IN) F-4E 68-0361, 163TFS Indiana Air National Guard out of Hulman Field (Terre Haute IN). These jets were flown solo to George to bring back the crew that delivered 68-0516. F-4E 68-0467, 20TFTS F-4E 68-0516, 20TFTS, recently transferred from the 163TFS Indiana Air National Guard F-4G 69-0261, 562TFS F-4G 69-0265, 561TFS F-4G 69-0281, 561TFS F-4G 69-0303, recently transferred from Clark AFB to the 35TFW. F-4G 69-0305, 562TFS F-4G 69-7201, 561TFS F-4G 69-7204, 562TFS F-4G 69-7214, 562TFS F-4G 69-7216, 561TFS F-4E 69-7585, 20TFTS F-4G 69-7288 and 69-7572, 562TFS. Colorful markings still obliterated from their deployment to Desert Storm. F-4E 73-1183, 21TFTS F-4E 74-1656, 562TFS F-4E 74-1664, 562TFS F-4E 75-0631, 20TFTS F-4E 75-0635, 20TFTS F-4E 75-0636, 20TFTS Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  2. F-4G Phantoms of the 563rd Tac Fighter Squadron, 37th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB. Red Flag 84-2, Nellis AFB, February 1984. 69-0237 69-0246 69-0265, that's one of the ground crew napping on the aircraft spine... 69-0304 69-7232 69-7581 Thanks for Looking, Sven
  3. Hi all, any Phantom experts out there who would know what colour I should paint the inside walls of the intakes on my 52nd TFW Wild Weasel please? It will be in Euro I colours, mid-80s. The Hasegawa instructions state they should be dark grey in one side and green inside the other, but this doesn't sound right to me, I think they would be white like the inside of RAF Phantom intakes and the inside of the undercarriage doors. Can't find any photos they're always too dark/in shadow. Thanks!
  4. F-4G Wild Weasels of the 562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 35th Tactical Fighter Wing out of George AFB at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 90-5. 69-0243 69-0246 69-7256 69-7258 And a pair of 'Killer' Es 72-1477 74-1664 Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. Visited George AFB in March and May 1990. Here are some images of the 562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron F-4E/Gs, of the 35th Tac Fighter Wing. The F-4Es are the "Killer" half of Hunter/Killer tactics, the F-4E serving as a weapons truck and taking targeting information from the F-4G. The F-4G did the "Killer" mission as well, but detecting threats with its on-board sensors, the "Hunter", was its primary mission. Pairing the G with an E conserved F-4Gs which were relatively small fleet in the USAF. Catching the Weasels at their home base was always a hit-or-miss thing. As the only Weasel wing in the States, they were constantly deploying to Red Flag, Green Flag, or supporting other exercises throughout the US. Sometimes when I post images of the George Weasels, some question the parent unit designation. For clarification, the George Weasels were assigned to the 35TFW before April 1981. At the end of March 1981, the 37TFW was activated at George, absorbing the 561st, 562nd, and 563rd. In October 1989, the 37th gave up the Weasels and moved to Tonopah as the F-117 Wing, while the George Weasels reverted to the 35TFW. 69-0272 69-0305 69-7204 74-1045 74-1652 Thanks for looking, Sven
  6. F-4G Phantoms of the 563rd Tac Fighter Squadron, 37th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB. Red Flag 84-3, Nellis AFB, April 1984. 69-7237 69-7254 69-7298 69-7300 Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. F-4G Weasels of the 561st Tac Fighter Squadron, 37th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB. At Nellis AFB for the Green Flag 81-3 large-force exercise, April 1983. 69-7257 69-7272 69-7293 69-7561 Thanks for looking, Sven
  8. F-4G Weasels of the 563rd Tac Fighter Squadron, 37th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB. At Nellis AFB for the Green Flag 81-3 large-force exercise, April 1983. 69-0238 69-0261 69-7209 69-7216 69-7587 Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. F-4G Wild Weasels of the 562nd Tac Fighter Squadron, 37th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB. Red Flag 83-2, Nellis AFB, January 1983. 69-7218 69-7235 69-7251 69-7258 Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. Weasels of the 39th Tac Fighter Squadron, 35th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB. Red Flag 81-1, Nellis AFB, November 1980. 69-7235 69-7251 69-7254 69-7257 69-7289 Thanks for looking, Sven
  11. I have three weeks off from work, so what better way to spend those weeks than building a pair of F-4's. I will be building a very early F-4E, with the original gun fairing, non slatted wings, and not even formation lights, and a mid 80's F-4G in Euro 1 camo. Both are the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, which is, as you can see on the pic below, very modular. As of now, I could fit the wings of the E (white plastic) on the fuselage of the G, and it wouldn't matter. The E will be done as one based at Torrejon in Spain circa 1971, back when they didn't have a single tail code for the Wing yet, but each squadron had their own (TJ, TK and TL). The 401st TFW seems to be a bit forgotten, and their F-4E's even more so, since they only flew them for about 3 years before recieving short nosed ones. Luckily Wolfpak issued a sheet with an example from the 613th TFS in 1971. I ordered this sheet a couple days ago, but I think I already might change the subject a bit. The sheet is for F-4E 69-0275, which looked like this: https://www.sberg-movements.nl/afbeeldingen/1971/7473.jpg As you can see, the AF letters and the FY 69 are in black on the tail. Wolfpak did them in white. The other thing is my other build, which is F-4G 69-0280. This one also flew with the 613th TFS at Torrejon in 1971, as can be seen on this pic, taken at the same day as the previous one at Soesterberg AB here in NL: https://www.sberg-movements.nl/afbeeldingen/1971/4017.jpg This one does have the white AF and 69 on the tail. Now, I did look around in the stash a bit, and provided the size of the numbers matches the Wolfpak ones, I think I can do it as 280 instead. Which brings us to the other build. F-4G 69-0280. This one will be done in its final scheme of Euro 1, and in markings of the 23rd TFS of the 52nd TFW based at Spangdahlem in Germany. This one will also get Wolfpak decals. Ironically, this one crashed during a dog fight against an aggressor during a training mission at Zaragoza in Spain in 1984. So 69-0280 started its career in Spain, and ended it there as well. The pic below was taken by Scott R. Wilson just 5 days before its crash. So, like I said, these kits are very modular in design, which does make it easy to build multiple versions at once. The white plastic is from the Thunderbirds boxing of the F-4E, which is perfect for an early one. Only aftermarket used will be the decals, from Wolfpak as mentioned, and whatever else I need from various sheets I have.
  12. The model I've always wanted to do. It's nice, it's old, but I always like the Phantom Italeri. I am pleased with the end result. Here's the picture.
  13. Tactical Air Warfare Center Detachment 5 was stationed at George AFB operating three F-4G Wild Weasels alongside the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing and, later, the 35th TFW. The Det 5 mission was operational testing and tactics development for the Wild Weasels. S/n 69-7235, the test team flagship, 1992 Note the pod in the right forward missile well. In 1990 with shading on the tail characters and a 'deep' ALQ-131 in the left forward missile well. S/n 69-7206, 1992 In 1990, here with the AGM-88 carriage adapter and the pod under the intake appears to be grey and black rather than white and black 69-0277, 1992, without tail codes No clue what that fixture is in the rear cockpit, it covers the area behind the seat and extends forward to the front canopy frame Two days later and the fixture in the rear cockpit is gone In 1990, with tail codes Checkers on the fin tip fairing Det 5 emblem on left intake TAWC shield on the right intake and the pod. This one has the Set 5 Weasel on it instead of the checkerboard The Det 5 weasel Another pod. To my eyes this one does not look as blunt as the one with the weasel motif. The pod nose one showing the slant of the pylon and off-set of the carriage assembly allowing clearance from the nose gear door. I'm guessing the forward fairing houses the umbilicals. AGM-88 training round Thanks for looking Sven
  14. Hi, Here's my latest completion, the venerable Hasegawa kit dressed up with an Aries resin cockpit, Master Model turned brass pitot and Xtradecals. Special thanks for Windy here who supplied the HARM (I only used 1 in the end Matt). Anyway hope it's of interest. ff
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