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  1. Pip

    About us;

    I would also highly recommend https://www.air-craft.net The website has everyting you need and Martin could not be more helpful. All orders arrive very quickly and are perfectly packed and the postage cost are great, no extra costs for additional items when ordering my paints. Give them a try Pip
  2. Madmonk & HOUSTON, Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I will use the Tyre suggestion when I build the next one :-) Kind regards Pip
  3. Hi all, Here is my first attempt at the four wheeled kind :-) having posted my first two builds on here of the flying kind my daughter bought me this for Christmas and I have only just finished it due to being back at work. Any pointers would be great as I have only just started this new hobby and I am really enjoying it. Only had one main issue which was I applied the decals onto the tyres before fitting the wheels....whoops! most of the decals detached themselves from the tyres when fitting the wheel hubs :-( we learn from our mistakes. Thanks for looking and for any advice. Pi
  4. Thanks for the great advice, and to everyone else for their's :-) Thanks for the great advice, and to everyone else for their's :-)
  5. Hi All, Please could you point me in the right direction for airbrushing my first camouflage design. So far I have only attempted plain colour designs but have now got a "Battle Of Britain" collection and am not really sure where to start. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. Cheers Pip
  6. Pip

    Revell Spare Parts

    Thanks for your advice, they have contacted me and will send the part from Germany. Cheers Pip
  7. Hi All, Could anyone suggest where I could request a re-placement part from Revell.... I have tried their site and after many emails I never get a reply.... I need a canopy for a RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter kit number 04469 part number 52 (the wife stood on it) or am I going to have to buy another kit just to replace the stood on canopy :-( maybe I have just got the wrong link for their parts requests? Any ideas. Kind regards Pip
  8. Your comments are really great and now its time for you all to decide which build I do next..... Revell RAH-66 COMANCHE or Airfix BOEING AH-64 Longbow Apache, will do my best but pre-build comments would be fab.
  9. Thank you for your comments of encouragement Luis....... :-)
  10. Thanks for that great advice for canopy painting, not sure the wife will be happy when she discovers that there is a tile missing in the shower...only joking. I will try the thin strips and I have bought some Maskol recently, thanks again and Happy New Year :-)
  11. Thanks for your comments... have been looking at Micromesh on that internet bidding site and will get some, thanks for you advice & Happy New Year :-)
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