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  1. Stunning! the weathering around the water line is Where did you get the metal mounts for the base if you don't mind me asking?
  2. I'll be honest I kinda like the rough finish of the base, like it and bunch of sea water were just lifted out of the ocean.
  3. @davecov Out of interest Is the air wing, phalanx and 30mm guns scratch build too?
  4. Yep I ended up going through 3 sets! I was reasonably happy with it in the end though, some bits could definitely be tidier but there is always next time. It also took me 6 Lynxes to get the undercarriage fitted, those pesky wheels just love to fly off the tweezers! Luckily they did come in a pack of 6 but it would have been nice to have some left overs. Oh and a 30mm gun went awol so I had to order double of those
  5. It has taken some time but I have finally taken some decent photos of my 1/350 1994 build of HMS Westminster. This is the Trumpeter 1/350 kit with White Ensign photo etch, a Trumpeter Lynx, 30mm cannons and main gun barrel from Veteran Models, some 1/700 battleship anchor chain, lots of 0.1mm wire, and decals from Hawk Graphics. This is a gift for my dad who was the XO in 1994 so getting the build as accurate as possible was really important to me: a big thank you to all the guys over in the WIP thread that helped me out with the details.
  6. Took Westie down to Folkestone for the Euro Miniature Expo and scored a silver much to my surprise and delight. Having not entered a vehicle before I wasn't really expecting much, a bronze at most, so this was a really nice pat on the back. I also took home the Carson Van Osten award for storytelling, which on a non water line model ship I think is quite something. Given how much research and love went into getting the fit just right this really means a lot and I'm stoked to have taken it home. So just another big thank you to everyone that helped out really, cheers gu
  7. Looking good Jase Apparently the trumpeter 45's bow shape is off, did you do anything to compensate for this? And where did you source your brass gun barrel from?
  8. She's done! First things first, a huge thank you to everyone that helped me on this project, especially to @Chewbacca, @Terry1954, @Ex-FAAWAFU and of course @Paul E. I really can't thank you guys enough. The build would not have been any where near as historically accurate with out your input so thank you so much. Secondly an apology for not posting more WIP updates, December was mad and I just kind of fell out of the habit of posting updates. I don't really have any WIP shots of the process but I will endeavour to do some close ups shots and explanations of all the changes I made and de
  9. Does anyone know if the hanger door rolls up in a roll? Or slides up flat against the ceiling?
  10. I've heard it is quite a tight fit with a Merlin, but the T23s were designed with the merlin in mind (although there were delays). So there must be plenty of space left over with just a single lynx but not quite enough to carry two lynx, the new Type 45 destroyers can carry a single merlin or two lynx. I'm not sure what decides whether ships are deployed with a Lynx or Merlin and which is better at what roles. @Ex-FAAWAFU might be able to speak to this though.
  11. Yes it can operate the Merlin, and in fact this Trumpeter kit comes with a Merlin, I had to buy some lynx separately. I'm not sure which ships typical carry a lynx and which carry a merlin. There was only a single batch for the type 23 (although there were subtle differences between later and earlier ships), and there was some refit required to enable them to carry the Merlin.
  12. Couple of Lynx nearly done, just transfers and some gloss varnish for the windows to do. Still not sure which I will use.
  13. Anchor Chains done: They are quite a bit over scale but look a tonne better than the photo etch in my opinion, and I wasn't about to go down the sennit route (although think I will next time).
  14. Radar Trackers finished: Added some platform supports, maintenance crane and tent as per Paul's Somerset build.
  15. Thank you Terry, appreciate your support. Especially as this feel like it is starting to drag on, but got to get her done for Christmas so no rest for the wicked. The replacement 30mm guns arrived, its a little after market set from Veteran Models and the level of detail is truly impressive. It also includes a "Kryton" 4.5 current which I'm not interested in, but I used its barrel since it is so much crisper than the plastic kit barrel. These photos (iPhone through a 3x magnify glass) don't do it justice at all. If you are thinking of getting these the 3d renders on the box are pretty much
  16. I’ve lost my 30mm guns not sure when or where. I‘ve found an after marker kit with them and the kryton turret but can’t find any U.K. sellers. Wanted to post in buy and sell wanted but I need 100 posts and I’m only at 47. Would any one be so kind as to start a topic in there for me. Not sure what my chances of finding some are
  17. Do you happen to know if the drive shaft is in the red anti corrosion paint or in the same metal as the props?
  18. Went to look up colour of propeller - the instructions say gold, but I imagined it would actually be brass? looks somewhere in-between the two to me, anyway - the only pictures I could find are of this Type 23 in the maritime museum: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/207931.html And this one of HMS Iron Duke in dry dock, some time after 2000. The kit features a "hook" design where as these look more like a "petal", wondering if anyone knows if maybe this is a later design? and the kit is accurate for an earlier build? If not I might give make an accurate one a
  19. It seems the Type 31 is being designed as good enough for things that we currently need frigates for, small regional conflicts, shipping proection, anti terrorism etc. The Type 26 is good enough for hypothetical large scale future conflicts. Do you shell out for a limited number of 26s in preparation for such a conflict and limit your self in the now? Or do you get a larger number of 31s for now but leave your self vulnerable to actors with submarines? Hedging bets and having a mixture seems smart to me. Especially since even in a larger conflict having more hulls, (albeit some with limited ca
  20. Thanks PF If you haven't already seen it be sure to check out Paul's Somerset build. Which has been a huge inspiration and reference source for this build.
  21. Those anchor chains look great, can't wait to see them on deck. I'm very tempted to give the method a go for my Westminster.
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