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  1. Frank,


    No problem with putting these in the walkaround section. 


    I just make sure I've got the copyright statement on them as I've had a couple of images published without credit. I haven't gotten to the point of putting the copyright over the subject of the image, yet.


    I'm still cleaning slides for the sister ship, 161398, with a spin recovery chute. Will probably put them up in a couple of days.



    1. bentwaters81tfw


      Thanks Sven. I'll let Julien know as he controls the Walkarounds, and will only put up copywrited images with permission. 




  2. do you know the year this kit was made please m8 .. cheers 

    1. bentwaters81tfw


      No, but you are looking at 40 years ago when FROG boxed Hasegawa material

      I have the 109E3, plus a Neptune and Voodoos in 1/72 in FROG boxings. The Neptune I built in 1975. Looking at that site I see there were 8 Hasegawa boxings of the 190A in 1/32. Usual trick of one kit and different decals.

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  3. Aarghhh I'm being followed. I'd better watch my back. :yikes:

    1. bentwaters81tfw


      At least you don't have to worry about fumes in your iron lung - unless you fart.

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  4. Aarghhh I'm being followed. I'd better watch my back. :yikes:

  5. Is £570 about right for a new clutch in the car

    1. bentwaters81tfw


      That price isn't too bad. Mine would cost about £800 fitted, and my car isn't worth that much anyway.

      But if you scrapped the car, what would you get for the money? A set of decent tyres is about £500 quid.

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