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  1. Thanks @V Line. Maybe I need to put 3 pipes in. Or not bother. I have not seen a kit that shows these features yet. I have yet to find a shot that looks directly up the rear of the radiator housing. The front central strut is definitely going in since it is easily seen. Regards, Lindsey
  2. Hi guys, Hope all is well with you, that the paint and glue are flowing freely, the tools remain sharp and the PE doesn't keep 'Tiddlywinking' away to those unknown crevices! Just a couple of queries re: Struts and hoses on Mk1 Hurricanes radiator housing and carb intake. Maybe one for @Troy Smith I am building another Mk1 Hurricane (Eduard 'Hurristory') and am going for L.W. Stevens N2359 YB-J (Popeye) since I want an early Panel Wing BoB Hurricane. I have the 5 spokes sorted (Kit only has 4 spokes). I was looking at the 'Finnish' Hurricane and a few things caught my attention. On the rear of the radiator I see a hose/pipe (circled in red below). I have yet to see this in any other image. Did all Hurricanes have this or just Mk1's? Also, on the intake, I see a vertical strut (circled red below), on this and images of other Hurricanes. I presume all Hurricanes had this? Easy to replicate with a bit of stretched sprue. Also, in the Carburetor Intake, I see a parallel strut or closable valve (circled red). Any idea if this one or the other and if it is fitted to all Mk1's? Thanks in advance, Lindsey
  3. Hi guys, I've been a little quiet on the posting front of late. It seems I like building models more than photographing & commenting on them! I have however, been into the forum gleaning much useful info from knowledgeable members . Since my last posting, the BoB shelf is now inhabited with this, Grumpy Unwins Mk1b 'Canon Spitfire' a Boulton Paul Defiant and I am in the 'last throws' of finishing one of Josef Frantiseks Panel wing Hurricanes with another early Mk1 Panel wing under construction Anyway, here we go with my 1:72 scale build of Spitfire P9386 or 'Brian Lane's' Spitfire as it it seems to be called. I wonder why? It seems from what information I have gleaned that he only flew it twice. This is the Tamiya Mk1 Spitfire (60748). It is all OoB except for the Print Scale main decals and Techmod technical stencils where these were applied. Thanks go out to @Troy Smith, @wmcgill, @Graham Boak, @Mark Postlethwaite, @fishplanebeer, @Fukuryu among others for their help Of the Tamiya, Airfix and KP Mk1a kits (that offer no open canopy option), the Tamiya kit is the best option for an open canopy build with the canopy fairly easy to cut and make to fit over the rear section of the canopy. I cut out the cockpit access door too and have this displayed open. I was pretty happy with this effort at the end of the build but since building the others above in following weeks, it looks a tad shoddy in places to me now. A nice complaint maybe. I must be improving since my return to scale modelling? Still, it looks lovely on the BoB shelf. The instrument panel had to be painted since there is no decal for the same in the kit. From this angle one can also see the 'Undercarriage down indicator' on the port wing. These were painted white with a little touch of red on the inner side to give a semblance of some red lettering (as per Brian Lane's description in his book 'Spitfire'. The Port wheel, stanchion and cover where painted 'night' as per the famous photograph which it would seem were a 'carry over' from the Sky S/Night underside colour scheme when the order to paint the undersides completely Sky Type 'S' (thanks to @Troy Smith for that heads up). Anybody noticed the white spinner yet? I'd say there have already been a few people yelling at the screen that it is not yellow! Personally, judging by the famous photograph, I don't think it was yellow. The tone of the yellow on the fuselage does not seem to match the spinner where the angle to the sun is similar. It is closer to the white in the roundel and tail . The aircraft arrived to 19th Squadron late on the 3rd September. Brian Lane was promoted to Squadron commander on the 5th September. I have gone for white in honour of Brian Lane. I am presuming it may have been painted white in recognition of his promotion just after this date. It also may have been painted Sky Type 'S'. We may never know! I took a photo on the SLR at around 60mm focal length with camera set to B&W out of interest. I used an Angle Poise Lamp that has warm white LED's for the sun in a position that I estimated was similar to the sun in the original shot. I would have to tweek the positions in another shot since the shadows aren't perfect. All good fun . There seems to be less of a contrast between the yellow on my fuselage roundel and the white spinner but there is still a difference! The model is based on the original image Happy modelling to all. Lindsey
  4. Hi guys, I am in half a mind to not add aerial mast wires at all! I have trolled through an awful lot of period images and have only found 2 (one maybe & one definite) that show the wires. Have found a good few images that one would think are a close enough shot and of high enough quality that should show the aerial wire. There seems to have been a connector block or something similar just forward of the rear mast on the 2 images that seem to show the wires. This is absent on the other good images. Do we know for sure that all Defiant's had aerial mast wires fitted? Regards, Lindsey.
  5. I put on my Roundels then the 'Walk Outboard' lines on either side of the roundel. I must like making work for myself but is has the benefit of the roundel pulling in better to the panel line Regards, Lindsey
  6. Hi guys, I am trying to get a default in my head for technical stencils related to factory applied markings, roundels, fin flashes etc. applied thereafter where they occur in the same position. My presumption is that tech stencils would have been applied over any factory painted markings at factory level and thereafter markings applied at base level would over-paint any stencils. Or were stencils ever applied at base level? As the under side scheme changed from black/silver to Sky S to Black/White I presume those schemes applied at base level over-painted the stencils but those same schemes coming from factory had stencils over other markings where the two appear in the same location. Thanks in advance, Lindsey
  7. Wow @AndyL That's a pretty definitive answer. Thanks. Gunner is painted! Poor bugger had his legs chopped off to fit into fuselage and allow turret to rotate (with the added benefit of fitting the lower turret part). He is a very big burly fella and would make a good Al Deere! Still, he wont have the worry defined in the period instructional film of making sure to place feet on the foot rests to avoid injury! Found the same period instructional film but with extra footage. I presume you have all seen this? A great view of the gun panel at 9:54 Regards, Lindsey
  8. Perfect. Thanks @AndyL. So be it for this Day Fighting Defiant. I did see an image of a Defiant with black or Night looking legs if I remember correctly? I will have to see if I can find it again. This well known image of fitters working on the Merlin shows pretty dark stanchion sliders (I only know motorcycle terminology for forks!). Though they are shiny looking. This is 1942 and well after the BoB. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fitters_working_on_the_Rolls-Royce_Merlin_engine_of_a_Boulton_Paul_Defiant_of_No._125_Squadron_RAF_at_Fairwood_Common,_Wales,_January_1942._CH4607.jpg Regards, Lindsey
  9. Any idea what colour the Parasuit was guys? Tan like harnesses or the yellowy colour of Mae West jackets? Regards, Lindsey
  10. Thanks for the info @AndyL. Great shot. I have yet to find a period photo or film clip that shows the antenna wires. They must have been finer than a Hurricanes or Spitfires with many shots of them showing the antenna wires. Just a quick one if you could indulge me. Undercarriage and wheel well colours for a daytime BoB Defiant. I'm going with aluminium wheels, aluminium paint for wheel well floor, inner colour on doors and Sky S for wheel well walls. Sound right? Undercarriage legs. Would they have been aluminium paint or would any of the black/white paint of the earlier scheme have carried over on the legs? Thanks in advance Lindsey
  11. Thanks @AndyL At present I am just building the provided 264 Sqd, L7013 PS-U Defiant for the BoB shelf since I have no other decal options. But if there is a more interesting option for the BoB shelf and available decals I could build that either. I want the shelf to be informative to the uninitiated and definitive stories of bravery, adversity etc. make it more informative of what those brave lads went through. I tried to source the now out of production Eduard cockpit PE set but no luck. I was originally only going to build one Defiant going by the perceived reputation but on reading more of the history of this much maligned aircraft, there may be others built. It performed it's designed task well but was not used to it's full potential by the RAF and Sqd Ldr Richardson of 141 Sqd has a lot to answer for its bad reputation! Not even responding to both requests of contact from 264 Sqd Ldr Hall to explain how to use the Defiant and tactics, after their spectacular success over Dunkirk. He has a good few lives on his conscience! Do you know of any particularly interesting individual Defiant's that fought in the BoB and if there are decals available? The individual stories are really what brings it home to people. I may well build one of the Defiant night fighters later (as I did as a young kid). They look sinister but at present there are a good few BoB Emils, Hurricanes, Bf109's & 110's, Do17, Ju88's & Ju87's looking down from the stash and wondering when 'a start' will be made on them! Regards, Lindsey
  12. Thanks very much @AndyL. Very helpful. Makes sense to lower undercarriage. The aerial cable would be up at the exit hatch under the fuselage and would have been pushed to one side presumably or maybe a 'weak link' at rear aerial mast broke and freed cable? The gunner hardly had control of the landing gear and presumably had to have a live and coherent pilot to make the abandon aircraft call or to ask same to lower undercarriage. It throws up some scary scenarios that may well have occurred during the Defiant's operation! Regards, Lindsey
  13. Hi Guys and Happy New Year to you all. Am in early stages of BP Defiant build, (Airfix Kit A02069 1:72) for the BoB shelf. I've been searching for a while now and drawn a blank on a few things about the aircraft I am wondering about: 1. Does anyone know where the rear Sutton Harness cables ran after passing through the armour plate. I presume there were cables or was it a solid fixing on the plate? Hardly. 2. I have failed to find a shot of a defiant on the ground showing the lower antenna wires while the rear aerial was retracted for landing. I presume the middle wire, the one running from the main wire to fuselage, pulled up automatically into the fuselage? It was hardly left flapping about. 3. Would a Defiant of July 1940 had the IFF equipment fitted and hence, had the IFF wires running from Fuselage to leading edge of tail plane tips? I would not have thought so given it was early in the Battle of Britain? Many illustrations and kit instructions show them. Thanks in advance, Lindsey
  14. Only just reading this now. I have been mired down of late with Mk1 spits. Great post @Troy Smith! I have 4 panel wing Hurricanes in the stash and will no doubt be referring to this post. Thanks, Lindsey
  15. Thanks Adam, forgot to go into the actual image in Pintrest. I had no problem last posted model. Age sneaking up unawares on me is a nuisance! Regards, Lindsey
  16. I don't see the images here only links (my broadband is abysmal)! Can you guys see them? Regards Lindsey
  17. After my 35 years absence from modelling, a second aircraft has landed on the BoB shelf to join the fabric wing Hurricane L1592 (5 weeks ago actually, I find the modelling more compelling than the photography of same!). It's Al Deere in P9398, the Spitfire in which he had the famous 'head on' collision with Oberfeldwebel Johann Illner with both surviving the incident. A common build, sorry guys but it is a nice one for the BoB shelf. Build is OoB except for decals. Questionable Print Scale (so no starboard view) and Tech Mod technical stencils which are excellent. I found the kit lovely in areas and annoying in others. The next AF Spit from this molding will have the raised, upper wing, fixings for the .303 MG access panels instantly cut off and a slight recess drilled! I found the dihedral an issue and it had to be adapted to give the 6 degrees which is as important to the beauty of the aircraft as are it's elliptical wing surfaces. The huge WW1 trenches in front of the ailerons and flaps were filled and scribed as well as possible with my limited but growing experience. The panels lines are huge on this kit and in future I might fill and scribe them if I build again. A Tamiya 1:72 is near completion and I would rate them equally I think? (I just bought another for stash). Also a KP Mk1b is under construction. Me no like this much (comments then when this is posted for viewing). After an email conversation with Eduard about tiny 1:44 scale resin Hurricane wheels for their lovely Hurristory 1:72 (you know the ones!), a Mk1 from them is on the way but no time scale. It is coming and it should be a delight when it lands. The Pilot is from the Hurricane kit to replace the Orc that came with the kit (see my Avatar). A bit of blue paper towel and he is ready for the 'off' in the sunny summer that 1940 provided. Big thanks to all you guys, present & lost to us, for the information provided in helping me with this build Regards, Lindsey
  18. Where technical stencils occur in the same locations as decals, roundels, squadron codes etc. were these stencils underneath, over the decals or both? I presume the technical stencils were applied in the factory and over painted. Or were technical stencils ever applied at the squadron? Thanks in advance, Lindsey
  19. Thanks Graham. Yes. They certainly were on the 'B' & 'C' wing. That fits in with Edgar's 'the other side of the rib'. Inboard it is. Now, time to find a picture of 'old-style metal muzzle covers' I think a small piece of thick decal not sunk into ports with decal softener, painted in camouflage colour's should suffice. Thanks Lindsey
  20. Yeh Colin. I was just trying to find where to place new rectangular shell ejection ports for one of the 30 'Canon' (Hispano only) Spitfires. Edgar said that the triangular ports by the wheel well were incorrect. I may just use a bit of 'guestimation' and place them one side of the canon or other. Might flip a coin for left or right. I would presume the inboard side Thanks, Lindsey
  21. Oh No! Sorry guys. RIP Edgar. He is flying well above 20,000ft now with Hispano's n Browning's freezing up like billyo! Still, the view is stunning. Regards, Lindsey
  22. An old thread I know. Do these still get a response rather than starting a new thread? I am building the KP Mk1b 'Canon' Spitfire. It will 'Grumpy' Unwin's. @Edgar re: the Canon Shell Ejection holes. I gather I fill in the triangular whole near the wheel well and cut a new rectangular hole nearer to the Canon on the other side of the wing rib (presumably between ribs 8 & 9). Was this on the inboard side or outboard side of the Canon do you know? Regards, Lindsey
  23. Very helpful guys. They are sending on replacements. And.......from the 'Horses Mouth' a Mk1 Spitfire kit is in their plans but no time scale yet. It should be the definitive kit we all hope for Regards, Lindsey
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