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  1. No I have no imagery I am just going by the stencil instructions of TechMod and Eduard (1:48) plus museum aircraft for Mk1a's. Regards, Lindsey
  2. No @Dave Swindell, It is not the W/T markings. Just a single M. See them on the flaps below 'DTD 517 S'. Above rear wheel (both sides) Also on the access panels on lower rear stabilizers. There are others elsewhere. Regards, Lindsey
  3. These are just a single capital letter 'M'. They occur singly (no associated serial) on the fuselage just above the tail wheel, on the rudder, flaps, ailerons (lower surface) and elevators (lower surface). I see them on many actual spitfires in museums at present. Period photography has not been close enough or high enough resolution for me to see them on actual BoB Spitfires. Regards, Lindsey
  4. Wow, applying other Techmod Stencil's to Kiwi II. Even the smallest can be clearly read with my 10x magnifying glass and they have the correct 'stencil' typeface! I completely understand where you are coming from @FinnAndersen but I think they look great. I know most will not notice them but I know they are there! Any tiny pixie wandering around the display cabinet is going to be seriously impressed. Plus I kind of enjoy the light stress of applying something the size of a good pinhead. Orientation & position is everything! I can see them with my standard reading glasses and while they cannot be read, they 'look right' when in the right places Mind you, looking through a 10x magnifying glass shows up every imperfection and the tiniest dust specs caught in paint on the model surface. The glass will only be used for tiny stencils forthwith! Out of interest guys, what does the 'M' stencil designate or mean on an RAF aircraft of the period? Regards, Lindsey
  5. Found info on Decal sheet. 3 Kiwi's and X4236 hit by bomb blast with the other 2 Spitfires on take off. Kiwi 1 - N3180 KL-B. After receiving damage from the Do. 215, crash landed on beach at Dunkirk Kiwi 11 - P9398 KL-B. Collided head on with Bf109. Kiwi 111 - R6981 KL-B. Damaged by 109's over Dunkirk, made it back to England but had to bail out over Kent. Non Kiwi - X4236 KL-B. The aircraft hit by bomb blast along with the 2 other Spits while scrambling to take off. Thanks Chuck. Lindsey
  6. That is my reading of the 3 aircraft from what I have read too Colin. and N1380 (Dunkirk) as Kiwi (1). Lindsey
  7. Yes. That is the one the kit states to use (as presumably a DH blade). They are not the best props on a kit I have seen and the KP detailing is a little fine for my liking and may have to be improved but it will be built and opinions formed thereafter. Now I will know a Jablo Rotol too for future ref. Thanks guys. Regards, Lindsey
  8. I was thinking of N3180 as I have these decals too but it fell outside BoB dates falling victim during Dunkirk and I like the story of P9398 and the Bf109 collision. Interesting story for the 'Little Book' to be housed around the BoB shelf. Still, I may be being too pernickety here and it will give a 'lead in' to the BoB. I could steel the Rotol from the KP kit though the blades look wrong to me. They are very wide at the root. Are these 'Jablo' Blades (top set) for a Mk2? They dont look like the Magnesium blades. Regards, Lindsey
  9. Hmm, this kit must not be based on the KP Mk1b tooling I have. It contains many parts not for use on a 1b. Desert filter, 3 prop & spinner types (including Rotol), alternative exhausts, extra wing bulges etc. Regards, Lindsey
  10. That's already my choice for the Tamiya Spit @fishplanebeer coming behind the Airfix Kiwi 2. I already have the decals. Great minds think alike Colin! Regards, Lindsey
  11. Thanks for the info @fishplanebeer. And there is another unknown! Some sources reckon both sides for the Kiwi emblem with a handed version for each side. The image from @wmcgill shows a starboard emblem (unless the image got reversed along the line). It seems we just don't know and virtually all the fellows that were there at the time are gone from us now . We just can't ask them. Regards, Lindsey
  12. I think you are right guys. Thanks for the help I will leave this Dehavilland Prop with them on (It's over varnished with Matt Enamel now ) and looks impressive. I will omit them on rest of RAF BoB build but use them on the Luftwaffe aircraft. Regards, Lindsey
  13. Hi Guys, Included in 1:72 technical stencils I have for Spitfire & Hurricane are stencils for propeller blades. Dehavilland, Rotol etc. I have applied some to a Spitfire Dehavilland Props blades to see if it can be done. They are mighty small and getting the orientation right is fiddly! They look nice. I am wondering however, should they be there at all? I have yet to see a period image that shows them. You guys may know having seen many more images and read far more than me on the subject. Any help appreciated, Regards, Lindsey
  14. Thanks for the info wmcgill. Very interesting. Now I am even more confused though. You have thrown another Spitfire into the equation! Now I have N3180, P9390, P9398 & R6981 I think I will just build what is my interpretation of Kiwi 2 or build a completely different Spitfire flown by a less well known pilot. Regards, Lindsey
  15. Damned confusing. I have R6981 as Kiwi 3! I could be wrong. Got this info from Scalemail newsletter. Excerpt below. I have read of Pilot Officer A. Evershed being shot down so which blooming Spitfire was he in? Scalemail February ‘18 5 Interesting news from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight....... OC BBMF, Squadron Leader Andy Millikin, has decided on the new colour scheme to be applied to BBMF Spitfire Mk IIa P7350 during its forthcoming ‘major’ servicing to be carried out by the Spitfire Company (Biggin Hill) Ltd over the next six months. In keeping with its amazing ‘pedigree’ as the only surviving airworthy Battle of Britain Spitfire, P7350 will wear the Battle of Britain colour scheme of R6981, ‘KL-B’ “KIWI III”, a 54 Squadron Spitfire flown by the high-scoring fighter ace Al Deere, who was a New Zealander serving in the RAF. Al Deere’s first three 54 Squadron Spitfires – N3180, P9398 and R6981 – all wore the code letters ‘KL-B’ and were all named “KIWI”, with his logo and the name painted on both sides of the aircraft under the windscreen quarter light. Deere came to grief in all three “KIWI”s one way or another. In his first “KIWI” he was shot down and forced landed on a beach near Dunkirk during the evacuation. In “KIWI II” he had a head-on collision with a ME Bf109 and crash-landed in Kent on 9th July 1940, the day before the Bat- tle of Britain officially began. Spitfire R6981 “KIWI III” then became his personal aircraft until he baled out of it over Kent on 15th Au- gust 1940, after being hit in combat with Bf109s. Subsequently he ceased to name his aircraft “KIWI”, after fellow 54 Squadron pilot George Gribble suggested it was not bringing him much luck! Regards, Lindsey
  16. Hi guys, Sorry to annoy again but I have trawled everywhere, here and elsewhere. For the ongoing BoB shelf build I think the above would be a better shelf member for the Airfix 1:72 build than than P9495 DW-K, 610 sqd as supplied. I have Print Scale decals that will cover Alan Deeres's Kiwi 2 (though there is a glaring mistake in one of the fuselage decals!). It will suit my little book that will accompany shelf with details/history with the aircraft & pilot being so famous. I am presuming this spitfire had a Dehavilland prop or is this another one of those 'unknowns'? I know Kiwi 1 (N3183) had a Rotol Prop but am presuming Kiwi 2 had a Dehavilland Prop. Just wanted to check before I go to paint. If my presumption is incorrect another kit with Rotol Prop will have to cover this Spitfire. Also, there is a very thin light line, halfway between the blades and nose, on the spinner of this and another spitfire shown on the decal sheet instructions. Was this present and if so, what colour? Thanks in advance, Lindsey
  17. You are not a simpleton @thorfinn but instead, have a powerful inner child like myself! It's great. Many in life have have lost theirs! Rgds, L
  18. It can't be just me? At least 3 to 10 times during a build I fly the aircraft over the workbench in my hands like a kid. Only during the build. It has too much to break when completed! Pitot tubes, antenna's and wires, props..... The Spitfire is the most tempting with it's 6 degree Dihedral and beautiful wing shape. They often have no tail plane yet but still look great and there is sometimes the sound of an engine comes out of my mouth Despite being 56 years old and 'Father Time' trying for some 40 years to 'Knock the Child out of me', he has never succeeded and never will now! Give up mate! Regards, Lindsey
  19. Aaaw Gawd. No pressure then! Thanks @fishplanebeer Colin. I feel I am getting somewhere. The detail I think is down to you guys to a great extent. Airfix Mk1a Spitfire (A68206) well underway and I think will I will build the Tamiya Mk1a straight after then the KP Mk1b (it will be Grumpy Unwin's R6776). Thence to the BP Defiant & Arma Hobby panel wing Mk1 Hurricane. It makes sense to me I think to stick to RAF while I have something of a 'feel' for them. Then comes the radical paint jobs Luftwaffe aircraft! God, it seems every one of the same group have different paint jobs! I thought the Germans were sticklers for regulation? Not when they arrived at the airfield it seems! I am finding it hard to see me managing them all without having to spend more hard earned loot on an airbrush! Damn Lidl! I have a Ju88, Do 17Z-2, Ju87b, 2 Bf110's (both Eduard - Yummy) and 6 Emil's (2 Special Hobby & 2 Eduard - yummy)! I have yet to source a He111 though I have suitable BoB decals on the way. Regards, Lindsey
  20. A regular build I am sure and oft seen here so nothing new and too interesting guys After 35 years absence, this is the first aircraft to inhabit the upcoming BoB shelf/s in display cabinet. Many things have changed, when I was a young fella we had never heard of such things as panel & pin washes, weathering, detailing etc. Still, I am loving the 'learning curve' though God, it takes far longer now than when I was a young fella! I knocked them out at the rate of one or more a week then! It is all Out of the Box (OoB) except for the aftermarket 5 spokes. The aircraft has recently landed and the Ground Crew have not yet attended. It was built as open cockpit since I needed the handsome pilot to replace the Orc (see my Avatar) of the upcoming Airfix Spitfire Mk1a! The weathering has been kept light since as has been stated by your good selves, most BoB aircraft just didn't survive for very long. There are many bits I am not happy with but I am sure we all feel the same of every model we build. A perfect model is unattainable, at 1:72 even more so I feel. It has been slow progress and the poor thing too often handled, being used as mule to a fair extent and being the first built in so long a time, whilst trying to learn new skills. Hence the slight, odd visit by a very drunk 'Rosy the Riveter'! You can play 'Where's Wally' there guys if you know the kit Big thanks go out to @fishplanebeer (Colin), @Black Knight, @noelh, @vildebeest, @Fukuryu & @Werdna for all their help along the way and special thanks to @Troy Smith for my now much improved knowledge of Mk1 Hurry's and Mk1a Spitfires and the wealth of knowledge and images supplied Anyway, here goes: I scratch built some wing tip lights from clear sprue. Much nicer than just a drop of paint. I placed the Gas Detection Patch where Airfix show it and everybody else puts it but I would have thought it should be inboard of the port upper wing roundel? For interest, the elevators were down as seen on many images (Mk1's anyway) and the rudder turned (pilot may have been desperate for the bathroom?) Sutton Harness is made from brown envelope paper. It is far more 3d than decals. There is also a scratch built mirror and gun sight The aftermarket 5 spokes as replacement for the incorrect (and too large a diameter) 4 spokes. I can't stop myself drilling out the exhausts! They don't look right without a hole and a dot of Matt black isn't very convincing or 3D to my mind Thanks for all the help guys from what is a great forum Regards, Lindsey
  21. Thanks Chuck1945. I presume these were long gone by June 1940? Regards, Lindsey
  22. Why does the Tamiya Mk1 have the outer two 0.303's peeping out of the ports to differing extents on each wing? Is it because they think they are in BF110 noses? Lindsey
  23. Thanks Colin I found an image of one of the Spifire's that I can just see under the port wing & no roundel! That's good, I have no underwing roundels! lol Regards, Lindsey
  24. Thanks Colin I will do a bit of research. Another quicky, would it be valid to put a gas detection patch on Hurricane Mk1 L1592 (Fabric Wing RAF Kenley, August 1940-'one for Troy') and the Spitfire starter P9495? And other early BoB? There seems to be many debates and threads here also and many timelines depending on aircraft type. From what I gather, these were standard paper patches but were not necessarily applied to all aircraft, even within a squadron. They were phased out from fighter aircraft around mid 1940. I suppose having one on port wing is valid or not for each aircraft from early BoB and I am probably making work for making myself here! Thanks Lindsey
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