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The Crusty one

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  1. The Crusty one

    1/72 RS Models F-5A Lightning

    Lovely build fella Like Mr T I'm have the P.322 boxing that I'm having a huge fight with ... thoroughly enjoying it though just hope it comes out to the same standard as yours!
  2. The Crusty one

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Guilty as charged General Sah, trying desperately to forget the 'Somme bath incident' terrible business all round! Thank you for your kind words my friend, taking it all one day at a time at the moment but I'm getting there slowly, these are times when true friends stand out and I can honestly say without friends strength and support this would all be a lot more difficult
  3. The Crusty one

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Lovely looking Wimpy there General Sah!!
  4. The Crusty one

    I need help

    Don't beat yourself up mate, to my way of thinking trying to match some of the builds on here is like trying to knock down a brick wall with your head.. I'm happy enough with my modelling skills and how they have developed over the last few years. Take a few steps back get a cheap kit(or one of the binned ones) and use it to practise on..small improvements will shine through believe me,try different paint,try thinning them down try anything and everything... there's no harm done if things dont work out as planned just try something different
  5. The Crusty one


    Mr T muscles his way to 20...and I have to ask... how do you know? Beardie (again) gets a 1(a) subsection purely because we haven't created a posh section yet!! TheBaron gets 1(b) because I don't have the foggiest what he's on about but it sounds marvellous!!
  6. The Crusty one


    See Cngaero these golden rules are educational as well as informative!
  7. The Crusty one


    Black Knight hacks his way to 18 Bonhoff gets 8(a) titled protect your man vegetables at all times ladies will have to create their own(subsection that is.. not man vegetables!)
  8. The Crusty one


    Beardie latest contribution hits number 12 IanHx pops in a sly 13 Gorby raises health concerns at 14 Scratchbuilder undermines modelling making in general but redeams himself later in the post so sits at 15 And a double whammy by BIG X grabs 16 and 17
  9. The Crusty one


    Ray S gets number 8 with a classic Circloy ..sub rules are indeed permitted so you will be placed in 7 (a) Amo Aero sits nicely at number 9 Scimitar dives in at number 10 Thomas2542 pearl of wisdom at number 11
  10. The Crusty one


    That's 5,6 and 7 respectively cheers chaps
  11. The Crusty one


    Is that personal experience speaking there IanHx? Slots in nicely at number 4!
  12. The Crusty one


    BIG X nails number 3!
  13. The Crusty one


    Cheers Beardie that is rule number 2 ...who's got number 3?
  14. The Crusty one


    It wasn't there when I wrote and sent it!
  15. The Crusty one


    MirrorOk I'm starting a thread on the golden rules of model making,you know the things you tell yourself you should or should not do on the NEXT kit you make coz you have either created a masterpiece or had a nightmare So When constructing a kit with what appears to be identical mirror image parts i.e undercarriage internals or twin engine booms DO NOT cut the parts from the sprues assuming everything fits.. consult the instructions and part numbers and do one side at a time and definitely do not glue parts together whilst thinking that doesn't appear to fit correctly but hey ho it will do!!