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  1. Looks fantastic mate the one small criticism I have is the cannons don't leave a gun smoke trail across the wing otherwise spot on
  2. Lovely build fella Like Mr T I'm have the P.322 boxing that I'm having a huge fight with ... thoroughly enjoying it though just hope it comes out to the same standard as yours!
  3. Guilty as charged General Sah, trying desperately to forget the 'Somme bath incident' terrible business all round! Thank you for your kind words my friend, taking it all one day at a time at the moment but I'm getting there slowly, these are times when true friends stand out and I can honestly say without friends strength and support this would all be a lot more difficult
  4. Don't beat yourself up mate, to my way of thinking trying to match some of the builds on here is like trying to knock down a brick wall with your head.. I'm happy enough with my modelling skills and how they have developed over the last few years. Take a few steps back get a cheap kit(or one of the binned ones) and use it to practise on..small improvements will shine through believe me,try different paint,try thinning them down try anything and everything... there's no harm done if things dont work out as planned just try something different
  5. He's at it again!!!...I can't afford that much popcorn and need a more comfortable chair...
  6. Disturbed'Imortalised' unbelievable vocal Talent
  7. Buckcherry.. the down and dirty rock n roll has helped me through a tough time lately.. especially one song and I cannot reproduce the full title ...'say F___ it'
  8. Sorted ...cleverclogs!!
  9. Waffle...me?? Never!! Cheers mate
  10. Well after a nasty Split from SWMBO just before Christmas I've had to make another account...I first signed is as Crustydude so Mike I would be obliged if you could delete that account as I cannot access it
  11. comfy chair....check popcorn....check copious amounts of Jack Daniels....check ok I'm sorted...carry on!!
  12. A level 3 Revell kit thats pushing it a bit Stu!!! hope it kickstarts the modelling juices for you
  13. wow just..wow mate.......that mug looks amazing!!The model looks pretty damn fine too!
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