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  1. Evening all Anybody else having trouble with Flickr been trying to upload pictures from my laptop all day, I can get onto my photostream but when I hit the upload icon it takes me to a screen with two circles in the middle and a stupid phrase like ' milking butterflies' or 'hearding pandas' I'm not very tech minded so any help would be greatly appreciated Tim
  2. Ahhh good times ...how very different now there seems to be a tool for everything.. different paint and glue for every nut and bolt . nice to be able to keep it simple every now and then cheers mate
  3. Thank you ..it did indeed mate always seems to help actually finishing a kit... instead of it dragging along for ages and due to the lockdown plenty of time to thin the stash a bit
  4. Thank you for pointing that out not really an issue for me at this stage like I say quick build to fire up the juices and the kit cost me £8 so not a lot lost.... appreciate your input though
  5. Ooooh distinct possibility of that at some stage anyway mate
  6. Evening all just a quick build nothing special ...getting the modelling juices flowing during isolation, hope you like IMG_20200410_155855165 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20200410_155900982 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20200410_160203719 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20200410_160218949 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr thanks for looking Tim
  7. Good evening fellow distancers Troubled times indeed, I hope everyone is safe and well and social distancing isn't causing too much stress. With so much free time ive decided to attempt a project ive been thinking about for a while now …… a homage to our hobby..... but how and what? well the first kit I made (like so many of us) was an Airfix Spitfire so lets start with that, Humbrol enamel paints ,one paint brush, an old stanley knife blade(if you were lucky) and glue to melt the plastic together.... hopefully this will bring back some memories! so a rummage though all my mo
  8. Great to see you back mate always an absolute pleasure watching your work
  9. Evening all More progress on my simple easy going stress free builds Spitfire.....engine bulkhead fitted and fuselage buttoned up, im going to leave the engine mounts frame in but im not fitting the engine itself a dry fit shows I wouldnt get the top engine panel on if I did IMG_20200223_153614127 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr Cockpit fitted IMG_20200223_165018482 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20200223_165101222 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20200223_165036700 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr And suddenly it
  10. Afternoon all Work is progressing at a stately pace I.P installed in the Firefly IMG_20200221_131405890 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr IMG_20200221_131425158 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr Time to button up the fuselage up ….im going to do this in sections to try and get the best alignment, starting at the tail.... IMG_20200221_132127441 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr And onto the Spit....Cockpit isn't bad seat is awful though IMG_20200220_153108442 by Tim Dyson, on Flickr so I replaced it with an etch from
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