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  1. After while it seems to me boring so I add another details to this diorama
  2. Hi, Hasegawa kit with photo etched parts from Eduard .
  3. That is true ... but for us "modellers" it is fascinating and more intresting that T-34, KV & IS tanks in german panzer you can see big progress even it dont make sence but in these days who knows what was right and what was wrong.
  4. Turret was on place, they just to had turn it to side and transmission was free to pull it out ... most complicated was disconnected radio and all electro installation because it was on top of transmission. Anyway when you compare it with Sherman tanks when replacing transmission was work for few hours, in panther it tooks day or two. Tiger 2 was close to Panther tanks just with more armor and bigger gun. Expensive to build and even harder to keep it running. Sorry for my english, i hope ot make sence
  5. Hi, My first armored vehicle in 1/72 scale, it was pleasure to build this ... pure imagination.
  6. Thanks a lot to you and all other guys Backstory and inspiration was in this video:
  7. Hi, Great idea with the leafs, I just buy some leaf cutter from amazon and i test it so it is real leafs not paper ... but I will try to fix it with oils Grass is mainly foliage, updated with realf grass, weeds and woods from my garden.
  8. Hello, I tried to build this kit from Zvezda during one weekend but it is not posible for me, so it was prolonged for two weekends. And here is result, no perfect. As inspiration I used onevideos from youtbe where group of guys started a ISU152 after very long time and they did it! It looks like this so it should be forgotten somewhere in the middle of village for 20-30 years ... anyway -> check pics
  9. Hello, Here is my another model kit build in past but I add a simply diorama and I make a new photos, also I tried to make some vintage photos of this tank somewhere in field ... maybe Kursk? It is kit made by Tamiya in 1/48 scale. And here is bonus: I hope you will like it
  10. Next part, turret with gun:
  11. Probably you are right, and it is not historical as it should be ... but ... Iam kind of modeler who doesn't care about these kind of small details, sometimes I do it how i feel it and how it look better of more atractive for me
  12. Hello guys ... and girls There is another part, Maybach engine:
  13. Thank you I took some time, for better result Iam using a oil paints, it take some to wait between steps because it dry few days. And about photos ... one of my very good friends teach me how to take these pretty pictures.
  14. Thanks a lot guys it is always pleasure to hear a kindly words.
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