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  1. Hello, I finished one double build same two models in two schemes. I hope you will like. My gallery of GT cars are growing Cheers!
  2. Hard to say, if you look close it is different from decals, it was mix of tamiyas red,navy blue, yellow, white and clear red , paint retarder and thinner sounds like chemistry magic.
  3. Thx guys, i like it as it is. I know it is not exactly like oeiginal but still it is only model kit i check extra decal set and I dont want to spend extra 15$ for 8$ kit in sale, it was weekend project, just from build fron box.
  4. Hello, my first finished model of this year my third car completed and this time i tried to make it looks little bit dirty. Hope you will like like it cheers!
  5. https://www.scalemates.com/cs/kits/stalingrad-s-3087-panther-crew-in-action-normandy-1944--1163855 this one.
  6. Hi, it is polished steel on the wheel rings ....
  7. Hi, After two years here it is ... early version of Panther with full interior. It is not copy of some vehlicle so it is not historical model. It was a lot of work and hope the result look fine. In future I will also add a 5 figures into interior.
  8. Tracks and wheels ready, and the whole model starting looks like tank
  9. Hi, yes paint and clear coat both acrylic, polished with tooth paste and then clear coat again. Finished with car vox
  10. Hello, there are new photos with black background
  11. Hi, After a lot of tanks and airplanes I have a need to do something else, so tried my first car model It was a gift from last Xmass, and after two weeks here is result. Kit is from Hasegawa 1/24 and because my wallet is emtpy I used favourite strategy, dont buy anything , use what you already have. It will be just in my showroom, a lot of mistakes … for example blue is 3 year old Tamiya X4 mixed with dfrop of white, it was hard to mix ( it was used for Mustang P-51 blue nose) this paint was almost dead but I tried it and it works.
  12. It is white / yellow , toned to light brown in shades ... it is bad light while taking pictures .... I want to make the real good photos when it will be finished
  13. Hello, small progress with washes ... preparing for weathering of wheels and tracks ... little scared about it.
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