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  1. Hi, so I started a new industry again and this time I finished the Saturn V rocket. It's not exactly according to the model, but rather my own version more pleasing to the eye. The model is very old, which corresponds to the quality of the kit, but somehow I struggled with it. The size of the model is 115cm. It's a little bigger than I expected, the originally intended for the car collection :D. In the end, it turned out to be a nice decoration and a lamp to illuminate the living room, especially at night, it's nice Maybe it will be liked.
  2. Thanks a lot for kind words, both kits are from hasegawa
  3. Hi, There is my last two model from last two weeks when I was able to start and finish these two kits hope you will like it.
  4. Hi Keith, It is from AK xtreme metal - aluminium
  5. Hi, 1/24 scale kit from Hasegawa , hope you will like it!
  6. Hi and thanks for compliments ... build was ok, no problem, mengs new models are fine i think it is little bit worse then Takom but it is still very good kit.
  7. Hello, I finished one double build same two models in two schemes. I hope you will like. My gallery of GT cars are growing Cheers!
  8. Hard to say, if you look close it is different from decals, it was mix of tamiyas red,navy blue, yellow, white and clear red , paint retarder and thinner sounds like chemistry magic.
  9. Thx guys, i like it as it is. I know it is not exactly like oeiginal but still it is only model kit i check extra decal set and I dont want to spend extra 15$ for 8$ kit in sale, it was weekend project, just from build fron box.
  10. Hello, my first finished model of this year my third car completed and this time i tried to make it looks little bit dirty. Hope you will like like it cheers!
  11. https://www.scalemates.com/cs/kits/stalingrad-s-3087-panther-crew-in-action-normandy-1944--1163855 this one.
  12. Hi, it is polished steel on the wheel rings ....
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