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  1. Sunna

    Which paints to use?

    Can I ask, how are you guys adding photos? On another forum I belong to there is an attach files option but I can't see anything like that on here.
  2. Sunna

    Which paints to use?

    Thanks guys. On the subject of realistic weathering. I had a disagreement with a guy on Facebook about maritime rusting. I pointed out that rust appears above the waterline where it is oxidising. Rust WILL appear under water but at a much, much slower rate. He said he had seen a ship with heavy rust under the water line. I said it must have been on the water line but he was adamant. I have seen many ships and structures that are subject to the rigours of the sea and know just how destructive rust can be but it needs oxygen to form. Structures that are permanently under water will eventually st
  3. Sunna

    Which paints to use?

    Thanks guys, I do intend using the Tamiya acrylics it's just that I have heard so much about Vellejo that I thought maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. Every Youtube video I watch someone seems to be using some other product and my head is getting swamped. It has been a few years since I have done any model building and I am wanting to make sure I have the right tools before getting started again. I wish I had access to all the tutorials when I was young. I had no idea how people could get models looking so realistic.
  4. Superb job mate. Thats is some detailed work on such a small figure!
  5. Hi guys, I have been away from modelling kits for quite a few years. I now have a few kits that I want to start. I have quite an extensive selection of Tamiya paints but I have seen so many other paints being recommended that I am wondering if these are the best I could use. I intend working on armour at first but will be tackling a couple of U boat models and possibly some figures at some point. Has anyone got any recommendations?
  6. I have just received the above glasses and they are superb. What a difference. I have borrowed my wife's reading glasses and they helped with close up details but I couldn't focus on things further away. Clearly I need my own prescription. The magnifier is better because I can look through the lens or look past and see things with my bare eyes in focus. My problem seems to be seeing small things close up. I can see quite well at arms length. This set of magnifying glasses are going to be a Godsend and possibly a game changer for my model making!
  7. Yeah, I have worked on this platform a few times now and as you say, it is a real rust bucket. Fair enough if you don't want to weather a model. It's just that this installation is so very rusty. if you want realism, you need to look at this.
  8. Yeah, it's S92's that are used exclusively throughout the UK Northern sector of the North Sea.
  9. Yes, lots are being decommissioned. You can see from this example how rusty they get.
  10. Great job mate but honestly, the rust is much, much more prevalent on the real thing. You wouldn't believe how rusty some of these platforms are. only the reasonably new ones show anything close to nice clean paintwork and North Cormorant is not one of the newer ones. The decks in particular are rusty, the legs, cellar deck etc very rusty. All of the superstructure has rust. I am not taking anything away from any of your builds but you should feel free to enjoy yourself weathering. This is one area where you can't over do it.
  11. I have worked on the North Cormorant on a number of occasions and I can categorically state that it is much more weathered than this excellent model. You need to up the rusting by about 1000%!
  12. Very nice! Just the right mix of dirty and scuffed with use.
  13. My magnifier arrived today and I was disappointed to see that it was cracked. It is also made of plastic. I expected some kind of thin glass. I started looking at other ways to gain magnification hands free. Has anyone any experience of this product? If not can anyone recommend what is a good way to go? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magnifier-Bysameyee-Lighted-Magnifying-Headband/dp/B07R66CDY1/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=YOCTOSUN+LED+Head+Magnifier+Rechargeable&qid=1596811326&sr=8-2-spons&tag=wearableworldlabsuk-21&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVh
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