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  1. That is a great work. Love the paint job, and delicate weathering. I wish I could reach such level of mastery one day!
  2. Thank you Darryl. Using NATO black was one of the initial ideas, now I am convinced that this will be a good option.
  3. Thank you for the warm wellcome and for the tips. I have been observing the formum for some time now, and in deed seems like a bunch of great people can be meet here. Cheers!
  4. Splendid work M3! Could you please share some hints on how do you reproduce foundry marks and numbers? I have, two Italeri kits in my stash. Despite the moulds age these are still decent kits, but lack of this detail is bugging me for some time now. Second question, how did you brighten the black on cammo?
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