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  1. Just bought a Multipack Modellers customisable Sanding sheets, although I like the idea of them I'm not too sure with some which grade is which. I notice each sheet has different coloured backs to them, are they graded by coloured backs or or is it just to look pretty? I find it difficult at times to tell the difference for example between 800 & 1200 grades due to feelings in fingertips these days. I've looked on the Ultimate's website but no info there.
  2. You could try Waze, a popular free app, works on android. I had a garmin sat nav years back and although it was good I tried Waze on my android phone, it worked a treat and live updates from other road users advising road works, crashes, speed cameras and a host of other things, also answers your phone via bluetooth. Its faster than gmaps. Worth a try before you go spending £150+ .
  3. Eventually got rid of it all, sprayed fine with water afterwards, hopefully paint should be ok too.
  4. Just started painting using my first ever airbrush (Ultra 2-1), I was short of a white gloss paint for my current project, slowly changing brands suitable for airbrushing. I had a small amount of Revell Aqua left which I used for hairy sticks and there was enough left to do what I needed via the airbrush or so I thought. I used some Tamiya x20-A thinner to thin the revell aqua down, poured it into the cup started spraying which stopped after 2 or 3 seconds, the paint had blocked the nozzle which was full of gunge. Ended up having to strip the airbrush to clean up. I doubt I will be using Revell Aqua for airbrushing again.
  5. Hi Jeff Welcome to BM, You've come to the right place for tips etc. I've only been here 3-4 months started modelling after 60 year break, oh how things have moved on since the 1950s. I found beer and girls in the 60s then never had the time nor money for models. I've learned lots, spent lots since my time here, I'm sure you will too
  6. FrankJ

    New member!

    Welcome to the forum Tock, I'm sure you'll find similar interests here on BM also your past experience will be useful to newbies like me, I've learned a lot in my short time here, my credit card has found it a strain tho'
  7. Went into my local model shop for one tamiya paint colour and some thinners for my current ship build and came away with a Italeri 1/48 F14a Tomcat and other paints which I didn't intend to buy. I shouldn't really go in on pension day. My very young grandson is moving house next month and he wants me to build some planes to hang in his new bedroom. His mum & dad can pay for the rest I guess my ship build will need to wait .
  8. Thanks Stef, eventually got it firm, I think I was afraid to twist it too hard in case I broke the plastic clips. As soon as the flexi hose went on it was pulling the sleeve off. I might still get a bit gaffer tape or something to seal round it and stop it from moving.
  9. Just bought this Spray Booth Spray Booth from Amazon UK, assembled fan & led's work fine. I'm not to sure on the plastic sleeve part that clips onto the exhaust fan at the rear, no screw holes for screws just clips. I can clip it on which seems to clip onto the grill but it is not very firm in place, a gentle nudge and it falls off. Should I remove the grill which might give the plastic sleeve a firmer grip? Or do I have to tape it on to secure it in place
  10. Thanks Paul, pm'd you with a question before ordering. Hope that's ok.
  11. Hi Paul Main builds will probably be ships/planes, maybe the odd model car. Currently about to start 1:700 hms penelope. Just finished tamiya 1/48 mk 1 spitfire which I think paint work could have been better hence the reason I'm considering a foray into airbrushing. Paint will always be Acrylics I think. Wife has a problem with smell from enamels.
  12. I'm about to take a leap of faith to purchase my first airbrush/compressor setup. I have a spray booth picked out (not ordered yet) Booth I have been considering a airbrush compressor kit of Amazon kk-moon or some other deal which comes with what I need to get started. It's a minefield so I turn to BM hoping to get advice before buying from regular airbrush users. I've never used one before so be gentle please. I'm hoping to to keep the hit on my credit card below £250.00, after spending on the spray booth I'll have £180 for airbrush & compressor with hoses etc I will mostly be using acrylic paint Vallejo model air. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. . oops posted in wrong place.
  14. Have succumbed to my wife's request to purchase 1/700 Flyhawk HMS Penelope Deluxe Kit that her father served on during WW2. Since I'm old beginner again I've only successfully built a 1/700 Titanic which I'm happy with, almost completed a 1/48 MK1 spitfire, just decals to add on not too sure what I think of that yet (I've seen better on BM pics), couple of small missing parts which have jumped into another dimension and cant be found (I think paintwork could have been better). I hope I've not bitten off more than I could chew with the Penelope.
  15. I'm pretty much a beginner too, completed my first build of Revell 1/700 Titanic, I was having a bit difficulty with rigging lines, either going saggy or being difficult to to handle. I went into my fishing bag and used some 6lb breaking strain fishing line, cut some lengths and painted the lines black (2 coats). Now it's looks taught, looks correct thickness for the model.
  16. I about to purchase the FlyHawk 1109S Flyhawk Hms Penelope 1940 1:700 Deluxe Edition, Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction where I can find the assembly manual for this build please. I'm looking to find the paint colours or codes required for this model. I'd rather buy any required paints (if I don't already have them) at the same time as buying the kit. Thanks
  17. Couple of my fine point paint brushes (Golden Maple name on stick) are losing the odd hairs and I think I may need to replace some soon. I use acrylic paint only. I did a search on the forum to see what brushes were being recommended and notice some folk saying they were using sable for acrylic paints. Correct me please if I'm wrong but I'm sure I read somewhere either on BM or elsewhere that sable brushes were not so good for acrylics and synthetic would be the better choice for acrylics paints. Which is your preferred brush to avoid brush strokes, sable or synthetic?
  18. FrankJ

    Gloss Varnishes

    Thanks for the quick reply, I will be using a hand brush to apply it, I'll experiment on other plastic to get the right consistency.
  19. FrankJ

    Gloss Varnishes

    Thanks Seawinder, can I ask, do varnishes need thinned or a flow enhancer which I have before use? Thanks
  20. FrankJ

    Gloss Varnishes

    Not sure if I'm in the correct area to be asking about varnishes. Waiting on a Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 1:48 arriving in next day or two which will be my first plane build since joining BM. I have the appropriate paints arriving with it, unfortunately I forgot to add a gloss varnish with the order. I will be up town tomorrow and will pop into Wonderland Edinburgh. I don't have much experience of model varnishes, I am a brush user, don't have a airbrush. I've been looking at ALCLAD 2 60ML AQUA GLOSS KLEAR KOTE VARNISH. I seen a review somewhere on BM but can't remember where. can anyone tell me how good Aclad2 is, from what I've read it seems best to gloss before adding the decals. Do I add a matt varnish after decals and paintwork is finished?
  21. Ooops!! clicked the buy now button on Amazon by accident after putting a Tamiya supermarine Spitfire MK 1 plus some paints I need and other bits & bobs into the basket for later perusal, quite shocked when I see the total amount I spent £82 quid I'm away to hide now cos I'm sure the missus will have something to say. It's not like I can take her out for a meal, lockdown and all that.
  22. Thanks for the replies folk. Noel, I had acrylic gloss (blue) on the wheels and used Humbrol acrylic gloss varnish expecting it to leave a glossy finish, it turned out a matt finish. I shook the can for about 2 minutes before use, paint had been stored indoors since purchasing 3 weeks ago. I did a test spray on a empty black sprue, turned a horrible grey ish matt finish. Perhaps someone messing around with caps in the shop. I'm reluctant to try it on the white shell of the car (also painted gloss white acrylic) and mess it up.
  23. As some of you may know I am still at the beginner stage of scale model building, I've built the Revell 1/700 Titanic with perseverence I got it completed and was happy with the build and parts on the sprues were ok. For the next kit I bought a Italeri 1/24 Ford Escort RS1800 MK2 to see how I would get on building a model car, I've found quite a few of the parts on the sprues were not very good mouldings/quality or having to file excess bits plastic off a lot of parts to get a half decent finish, a propshaft that was a few mm's short, all in all I don't think Italeri was as good a kit as the Revell was. Maybe it's just me or I got a unlucky package, too late to take it back cos I'm 3/4 way through it. Do you guy's have any favourite brands of model kits that you stick with, any brands you dislike? Got a spray can of Humbrol Acrylic gloss varnish, sprayed it on the car wheels (painted gloss blue), colour now looks like a matt finish instead of gloss. Learn me to do a sample spray first next time. Not been a lucky car for me.
  24. My second build, Italeri 1:24 Ford Escort RS1800 MkII, Probably a lot easier building the real thing. Dashboard a nightmare getting it positioned correctly I think the current position is wrong but it can stay like that, it was interfering the placement of the car body shell, the exhaust pipe slightly on the short side, roll cage could have been better moulded, perhaps all in one instead of individual pieces. Attachments to the boot area (trunk for our American friends) which seems pointless to me as they will not be seen when car is completed, not as if the boot (trunk) lid can be opened. Just about ready to set the rear axle in position which looks a bit easier... I hope. There was a time when I almost smashed my fist down on top of it with frustration, I went and had a cuppa instead I shall persevere. <rant over>
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