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  1. Late arriving to this post! If you get the urge to do some more, try this one! https://www.victoryminiatures.co.uk/index.php?id=models&pid=77
  2. Nicely painted! Going to paint the heraldry on the surcoat too? Personally, I would have taken the groundwork to the edge of the wooden base - Celluclay, plaster or similar with suitable rocks, foliage etc. Varnish or paint the remaining wood showing? Label to say who he is [was?] and you're done! BR Ian
  3. Crayons - Thanks for the 2 leads. MAiM seems the best option, might need a bit of work tho! BR Ian
  4. Wondering if anyone knows of any Civilian Figures - plastic, resin or metal in 1/16th scale [120mm]? Preferably WW2 era - pushing a bike even better! Havent found anything myself, and worried it mat have to be either scratchbuilt or heavily modified from an existing kit. Thanks in anticipation.... Ian
  5. Tock

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    My name is Ian and I live in Cornwall, UK. Previously spent 28 years in Toronto, Canada. My interests are mainly busts and large scale figures, but do appreciate any type of model that someone has put together! Not a rivet counter - if it looks good and you like it then its a job well done! Started off with Airfix 1/72 aircraft and armour. Decided the vehicles needed figures so progressed from there! As the eyesight got worse the figure got larger, which is why I now do busts! Also spent 20 odd years as a Napoleonic / US Civil War re-enactor!
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