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  1. I've had a flick through. There's just so much in there, I find myself skipping over bits and scan reading it. Amazing to think someone started this at the turn of the century and kept it going till the 70s. Where it was then dumped into a charity shop.
  2. Managed to re upload the photos, should be working now.
  3. Using a mobile. I just tap on the copy link button on Flickr and paste it into the thread, like I've always done
  4. Ehhh???? Why haven't my pics shown up? I did what I I've always done before?
  5. Hey all. Haven't had chance to do much modelling. With a baby on the way I've had to turn my handiwork elsewhere about the house. However I did rediscover this. I bout it from a charity shop for five quid, a bluey, £5 It's an old scrap book, marked autographs. Someone has filled it with newspaper clippings. Starting with, aircraft. So here's some articles they've stuck into the book. Food prices German u boats movements 1918 There are hundreds of loose cuttings and programmes about aircraft, airmen, opera, gardening, local church services, plays, theatre, world geography. Everything! Up to about 1970s.
  6. I have this kit under construction. For the aztec pattern, I sprayed the entire thing matt black, then some squirts of grey primer then went over it all with white from the airbrush. Worked sufficiently enough to not need the aztec template.
  7. I've just realised I've not checked if the canopy even remotely fits
  8. I've probably made my life harder by assembling everything. Plus the first time I've used tamiya putty. I went over the putty with a cotton bud soaked in acetone as I've seen suggested to smooth it out. The big overspill of grey putty is mixed with acetone and is as flat as the plastic. I have however, taken too much putty back off in some spots with the cotton bud. I'm not very good with filling stuff, but I've normally only ever used milliput. So this is new to me.
  9. So I deleted the correct duplicate file. Bonus!
  10. I've seen a few on here recently so decided I should do one too. This one I got cheap from a record shop in town that turned out to have 2 upstairs rooms full of kits. I must go back and visit him actually. Quick question. Does the pic with the plasticard on the instruments still show for you? I think I may have deleted the wrong pic from Flickr as I uploaded that pic twice by mistake.
  11. I noticed a few javelins popping up on here. I have the same kit many have done some great work on. So I will join in with my not so great attempt. Box Plastic Reading the other javelin thread I saw that these kits are a re hash of an old tooling. The strange silver plastic leaves traces of its flow in the tool. Which as someone who worked with resin for many years and now works with metal, its very interesting (well for me at least) Over the past few days I've fettled the parts and glued some bits together. Put those to one side while I tackle the cockpit. The rear instrument panel is hollow. So added a bit of card To the left, just out of focus is an ejection seat a friend gave me. I popped this is the corner of a centrefuge mold at work and spun up a handful. So I've got a basic pewter ejection seat for those kits that just come with a blank chair. Onwards. Just slapped some colours on. Without PE I'm not that good at cockpits. Dry fit the body. Remembered I had some range scrap from the last time my friends shooting range had a visitors day. I made sure to collect pockets full of bullets While gluing the body together I put too much pressure on the cockpit and it came loose, sinking into the body. I drilled a descrete hole and attached a pin made of trimmed sprue. When I looked at it I thought I really should support this tub. But, I forgot so a fix had to be found. Just put some filler on the wings. Will post picks in a bit. I'm off for a well earned refreshment and one of those tobacco sticks.
  12. FPDPenguin

    Unknown tank

    So it's also a bit of an excuse to scratch build some bits to make it look more like a modern kit
  13. FPDPenguin

    Unknown tank

    And so I did manage to put this in the wrong section. Sorry mods
  14. FPDPenguin

    Unknown tank

    Ha ha me too. Although I've got a hankering to have a go at, at least painting one. But thank-you
  15. FPDPenguin

    Unknown tank

    Hey everyone. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place but I was wondering if anyone could ID this tank. I found it at work and saved it from being melted down (it's pewter) I've hit it with some primer so the detail shows up a bit better. Was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of it type etc so I can give it a bit of colour. Thanks
  16. I have been waiting for these words of wisdom. My current pot of super glue is in a right state.
  17. Obviously in the interests of fairness, there are other auction and online sites, as well as other sellers. I'm in no way affiliated with tamiya tape knock off brands Screenshot of one of my purchases It does of course get here via the 'slow boat from China' but for 1.50 what do you expect?
  18. Pulled this old project out the weekend to have a tinker. Found some spare decals a friend sent me. I know the stars and bars is to small. But better than none. Still got to add a few bits, and the walkway lines. I might, the decals I have (left) for those are red. So no go. Maybe just paint them on, or sharpie
  19. Looks fantastic. I'm just about to get mine out the box and fettle some bits before going to bed. If you look on ebay you can get the tape in really thin widths, I use it for canopies and tight bits. It's only a quid or so cheaper than the 'real' stuff.
  20. I've just spotted that massive seam in the engine cowling. This was made as a paint mule really so I guess I'll end it here. Not really worth putting in the ready for inspection, section.
  21. This looks great. I've been staring at the same airfix kit in my stash for a few days now. Might have to get started on it. You can get masking tape that many refer to as tamiya tape. It comes in very thin widths and all the widths in between up to about half inch. It's usually yellow. I don't buy 'tamiya' tape, but instead buy the off brand refills for the tamiya tape dispenser.
  22. My oil paint set has some blues in there that I could maybe lighten the middles of panels? Would save a respray? Or is lighting dark colours as hard as it sounds?
  23. OK, how would you suggest getting a similar effect on the top surface as the bottom, considering its quite dark? Genuine question Edit: Also added some pastels to the bottom surface
  24. Had a bash at this here oil paint washes. Tried it out on a 1/72nd gloster meteor and it went pretty well. Although the rattle car silver has pitted a little. Anyway. First attempts I went pretty lightly so I can always build up more if need be. I'll probably still use my old techniques with chalk pastels too. As mentioned before, the top surface has dried a lot darker than I would have liked. Although the picture doesn't look as dark as it is in real life. It's also had a gloss coat. Could I respray a lighter colour over this without any troubles? Would be revell aqua color paint. The gloss coat is also revell aqua.
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